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Internet marketing of The Coca-Cola Company

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A presentation about the Internet Marketing Strategy of The Coca-Cola Company.
Created by Venelina Darakeva in March 2013

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Internet marketing of The Coca-Cola Company

  1. 1. Online marketing strategy ofBy:Darakeva, VenelinaMarketing student in UNWE
  2. 2. • 1886 – John Pemberton invented the cola syrup and started to sell it in Jacob’s Pharmacy for 5 cents per glass.• 1887 – Frank Robinson, the bookkeeper of Mr. Pemberton, created the famous Coca-Cola logo by his own distinct script.• 1888 - Asa Candler bought the coca-cola’s recipe and established the multinational company and thus became the first president of The Coca- Cola Company.• 1899 – the first coca-cola in a bottle.• 1916 – the famous bottle of coca-cola is manufactured• 1923– Robert Woodruff became the director of The Coca-Cola Company• 1970 – Sprite and Fanta are invented.
  3. 3. History of The Coca Cola Company
  4. 4. Internet marketing of The Coca-Cola Company• Content Marketing 2020• “Creative excellence”• “Content excellence”• Social media• TV ads
  5. 5. The Coca Cola Company’s websites• Websites• Websites’ design• Websites’ functions• CMS• Conclusion
  6. 6. Coca-Cola’s websites
  7. 7. Web-sites in Bulgaria
  8. 8. Internet ads of The Coca-Cola Company• Banners• Video ads• PR• Social media’s ads
  9. 9. Banners• Advertising for new brands – Coca-Cola Cherry• Advertising for online games – Coca-Cola Zero• Advertising for social, cultural and sport events
  10. 10. Games and other promotional campaigns in internetGames for mobile phones• “Coca-Cola Tapas”• “Send happiness”• “Expedition 206”Online games• “Polar Bears“ game• Coca-Cola Zero Facial App
  11. 11. Happy App
  12. 12. Blog marketing of The Coca-Cola Company• The official blog section in Coca- Cola’s website• Coca-Cola’s conversation blog• Bloggers• Topics and discussions• Blogs’ content
  13. 13. Online customersWhat makes online coca-cola’s users differentthan the real ones?
  14. 14. Motivational factors• Needs• Perception• Memory• Brand’s capital• Interest and knowledge• Loyalty and individuality What are the characteristics and features of the average coca-cola’s online user?
  15. 15. Traffic• Traffic – what is it• How to generate traffic• SEO• Ads• Social medias• 8.6 million unique online users are identified for the last three months from The Coca-Cola Company
  16. 16. Marketing in social medias Coca-Cola’s ideas: • fish where the fish are • keep fans first Coca-Cola believes in: • Online Social Media Principles • Company Commitments • Code of Business Conduct Coca-Cola’s online speakers
  17. 17. Facebook• Who created the page?• Over 60 million likes• Other pages• Groups in Facebook• Facebook apps of The Coca-Cola Company
  18. 18. Twitter• The Coca-Cola Company in Twitter• Profiles• Tweets• Publications• The second promoted tweet in the history of Twitter
  19. 19. Linkedin • 199 600 followers • “Open Happiness” • Topics – B2B
  20. 20. Youtube• over 100 000 videos• 3 540 000 watches• Professional and non-professional videos• Fans’ videos• Coca-Cola’s videos
  21. 21. Google +• The Coca-Cola Company’s profile• Coca-Cola Hangouts• Brand pages• One of the first organisations on G+
  22. 22. • The Coca-Cola Company in Flickr• Group – 6808 members Flickr• Photos and images : + 24 000• Involvement and engagement of users
  23. 23. ConclusionWhy The Coca-Cola Company has chosen the Content marketing 5 reasons why Content 2020 is over Creative marketing? successful:Because the 30’s second TV ads isno longer the king of advertising. Content 2020 is successful, because TheThe social medias are the new Coca-Cola Company understands thechannel that helps people toconnect with each other. The value of connecting with others by:marketing has changed forever. 1. Create Liquid content 2. Linked the liquid content 3. Create Discussions 4. Dynamic Storytelling 5. Be Brave and Creative • 70/20/10
  24. 24. Content 2020 ads – Save the Polar Bears