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  1. 1. January 25, 2013 kozaza.com
  2. 2. Home Sharing ServiceHanokStay at Korea Traditional Houses We Reinvent Airbnb Life Sharing Platform
  3. 3. web2.0 share bitsPARTICIPATE POWER OPEN TO THE SHARE Mobile Internet PEOPLE v2 .0 y2.0 LIFE2.0 go om on share atoms & life ec y2 .0 n2 .0 Sharing Economy p an io co m uc at home sharing e d
  4. 4. Accommodation in Korea•12 Million Visitors in 2012•Shortage of Hotel Rooms in Seoul•Increasing Popularity of Hotel Alternatives: HomeStays, TempleStays•Lots of Idle Rooms at Homes: 3.5M Households in Seoul
  5. 5. A Trusted Marketplace
  6. 6. Target Market Korea AsiaPrice Hotel Hanokstay Apartment/House Accomodation Travel Motel Pension Homestay Quality
  7. 7. kozaza Snapshot•Since January 19, 2012•Located at Bukchon Hanok Village•Service Launch on June 1, 2012.•8 Members•Over 1,000 Rooms (HanokStay: 75%)•Funding: Angel and Goverment Matching
  8. 8. Strategy•Focus•Local•Speed•Social, Video, Mobile
  9. 9. HanokStayExperience Korean Tradition and LifeStyle •Differentiation •Market •Pains •Global Hallyu Tour
  10. 10. Media Coverage
  11. 11. For-Profit For-Good즐겁게 세상을 이롭게 Fun Integrity Share Hack
  12. 12. Team‘THE GANG’ by Beat Presser
  13. 13. Life Sharing Platform with trust graphwe share homes
  14. 14. life2.0 trust graphweb2.0social graphkozaza, offline facebook
  15. 15. Thank You!