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VSD Paris 2018 - Présentation Finale

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This presentation from Veritas Vision Solution Day Paris highlights why Veritas is a great choice for your company.

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VSD Paris 2018 - Présentation Finale

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.1
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  14. 14. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.14 Sujet Intervenants 2.00 Bienvenue Jean-Pierre Boushira, VP Europe du Sud ,Veritas Avec Mark Nutt, SVP EMEA 2.25 Table ronde Cloud: d’une équation économique à un modèle orienté clients Daniel de Prezzo, Directeur de laTechnologie Europe du Sud,Veritas Avec Microsoft & VMware 2.50 Vision & Stratégie Cameron Bahar, SVP & Global CTO,Veritas 3.30 Gestion des nouveaux workloads James Karuttykaran, Directeur avant-vente Europe du Sud, Nutanix 3.50 Visite de l’espace partenaires et du village Veritas 4.40 Reprise des sessions 4.50 Table ronde Optimisez le cycle de vie de vos données Frédéric Fimes, Directeur Channel Europe du Sud,Veritas Avec AntemetA et SCC 5.20 Retours d’expériences Pierre La Rosa, Directeur Commercial Enterprise, Veritas Avec les témoignages de l’OCDE & Safran 5.40 Table ronde Intégrez l’intelligence artificielle dans la stratégie de votre entreprise? Frédéric Lemaire, Directeur Commercial Comptes Stratégiques, Veritas Avec Atos & Google Cloud 6.00 Fin et cocktail Agenda
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  17. 17. Table-ronde D’une équation économique à un modèle orienté client Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.17 Hervé Oliny Presales Manager Franck Poulain Sr Dr, OCPTechnology Animée par Daniel de Prezzo, Head ofTechnology, Europe du Sud
  18. 18. The data opportunity SVP & Global CTO Cameron Bahar
  19. 19. The data opportunity. Cameron Bahar | SVP & Global CTO
  20. 20. Data is doing amazing things. But, it can be complicated. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2018/05/21/how-much-data-do-we-create-every-day- the-mind-blowing-stats-everyone-should-read/#3f45a6c760ba • An estimated 163 ZB of global data will exist by 2025. • An estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily. • An estimated 50% of data is dark. It helps doctors improve outcomes for patients. It helps organizations bring products to market quicker. It helps businesses—both large and small—move in new directions. How will you manage it, protect it, and harvest its insight? Truth is, Veritas can help. Data is changing lives.
  21. 21. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Big DataStorage CostsRansomware Compliance Business Continuity Cybersecurity Ventures predicts ransomware damage will cost $11.5 billion in 2019. Cloud
  22. 22. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Storage CostsRansomware Compliance Business Continuity According to a 2017 survey, although 92 percent of organizations’ business strategies involve moving infrastructure or workloads to the cloud, more than one- third said the complexity of the migration was a serious challenge. Cloud Big Data
  23. 23. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Storage Costs Ransomware Compliance Business Continuity By 2020, IDC estimates the digital universe—all the data created by individuals, businesses and IoT—will reach 44 zettabytes, making demand for storage and its cost continue to soar. Big DataCloud
  24. 24. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Storage CostsRansomware Compliance Business Continuity By 2020, IDC estimates that as much as 37 percent of the digital universe will contain information that might be valuable if analyzed, and organizations that do so will realize an extra $430 billion in productivity gains compared to those that don’t. Big DataCloud
  25. 25. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Storage CostsRansomware Compliance Business Continuity Gartner estimates that more than 80 percent of enterprise data is unstructured and likely to contain personally identifiable information (PII) that must be portable and available for download if requested by its owners—a huge compliance requirement for regulations like the GDPR that many organizations may be unable to meet. Big DataCloud
  26. 26. Business depends on data, but there are challenges. Storage CostsRansomware Compliance Business Continuity According to a research report by the Ponemon Institiute, a data center outage costs around $9,000 per minute. Big DataCloud
  27. 27. And IT is having to adapt. Rapidly. The demands are real. • Be more agile. • Scale faster. • Be available. Always. • Prove your value. • Make data an asset. Data Sources: Gartner, IDC, Forrester and Internal Veritas Research Use open source software in mission-critical IT portfolios. IT staff will be “versatalists” by 2021. Data is dark, impeding the ability to drive insights and analytics. Companies plan to have Hadoop clusters running in production by end of 2018. Use multiple cloud services and platforms by 2020. Value generated by “AI” by 2021, saving 6.2B hours of worker productivity.
  28. 28. Seizing the opportunity. To overcome the challenges, you need more than backup. You need a modern, data management strategy. 360 Data Management Protect data everywhere. Optimize storage. Accelerate cloud. Enable compliance.
  29. 29. Protect data everywhere. Protect data no matter where it lives—in the cloud or in virtual or physical environments. Manage and restore all types of data, including structured, unstructured and dark. Flexibility to accommodate modern and emerging workloads. We are the #1 data protection company. The Veritas difference: Data protection.
  30. 30. SCALE SPEED EFFICIENCY OPENNESS SUPPORT NetBackup: Why it’s the best.
  31. 31. + SIMPLE + MODERN SCALE SPEED EFFICIENCY OPENNESS SUPPORT NetBackup: The best just got better.
  32. 32. Cloud Marketplaces Software Virtual Appliances Physical Appliances NetBackup: Any flavor.
  33. 33. The Veritas difference: Software-defined storage. Optimize data storage. Flexibility to deploy SDS solutions as software-only or software-defined turnkey appliance, eliminating vendor lock- in. Combine CapEx and OpEx savings characteristic of cloud storage with the low latency of an onsite solution. Deliver near primary-storage performance at or below the price of tape and cloud at 70% less than proprietary silos. We are the #1 software-defined storage management company.
  34. 34. ObjectFileBlock Software-defined storage from Veritas.
  35. 35. The solution • Veritas Access for long term retention with commodity hardware. The challenge • Reduce cost with community-based software (Openstack, Linux). • Ability to flex data retention to the cloud as needed. • High EMC Data Domain costs. Optimize data storage. The truth for our customers. The outcome • Reduced admin time. • Lower costs. • Data retention management with cloud.
  36. 36. The Veritas difference: Multi-cloud data management. Accelerate cloud. Back up to 59 cloud storage service providers. Visualize and manage data from over 27 cloud, on-premises and SaaS applications. Migrate to, from or between clouds, simply with flexibility and control. Protect workloads natively across top three cloud service providers. We are the #1 choice for data protection in multi-cloud environments.
  37. 37. Migrate with Confidence Protect Data Everywhere Avoid Business Outages Ensure Visibility Keep track of data everywhere Simple & Multi-tiered applications IaaS | SaaS | PaaS Data | Applications | Business services Cloud is a journey best taken with a guide.
  38. 38. The solution • Veritas resiliency platform and veritas services to provide new resiliency service. The challenge • Regulatory requirement to maintain DR capability with < 1 hour recovery time objective. • 10’s of complex, multi-platform it applications to monitor & migrate. Accelerate cloud. The truth for our customers. The outcome • Reduced complexity. • Minutes rather than hours for recovery. • Predictability to their SL.
  39. 39. The Veritas difference: Compliance. Enable compliance. Global visibility to identify personal, sensitive, business critical data. Powerful classification engine to identify relevant data quickly for compliance requests. Store only the data you need to for the duration required. Monitor user access behavior to protect data against unwanted activity. We are the #1 enterprise information archiving company.
  40. 40. The outcome • Enhanced ability to search email quickly and meet eDiscovery legal requirements. • Exposure to compliance and legal risk drastically reduced. The solution • Deployed Enterprise Vault.cloud for email searching, archiving and compliance. The challenge • Global IT infrastructure standard to support global business management. • Global-scale email archiving that complies with eDiscovery legal requirements. Enable compliance. The truth for our customers.
  41. 41. 360 Data Management portfolio. Data Protection * - Enterprise: NetBackup - SMB: Backup Exec - Cloud: CloudPoint | SaaS Backup IT Resiliency / Disaster Recovery - Resiliency Platform Software-Defined Storage * - Block: InfoScale - File: Access - Object: Cognitive Object Storage Digital Compliance - Information Map - Enterprise Vault - Data Insight - eDiscovery Platform* Indicates market leadership Shared Intelligence - Data Visibility - Data Classification - Predictive Insights
  42. 42. Trusted Helping 96% of the Fortune 100 seize the data opportunity. The truth. Only Veritas can do this. Proven 30 years as the market leader and innovator in data protection. Modern Providing a comprehensive approach to the data opportunity.
  43. 43. Veritas.com Get the latest information. Download, try our solutions. Hear from our customers. Vox community Engage with technical experts. Get timely blogs and podcasts. Get your voice heard. Vision Solution Days Connect with us in person. Hear from our leaders. Meet industry peers. Learn more about what you can do with Veritas.
  44. 44. Thank you! VERITAS PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL USE ONLY Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies. All rights reserved. Cameron Bahar
  45. 45. Protéger les données critiques des entreprises dans un monde hybride DirecteurTechnique Europe du Sud - Nutanix James Karuttykaran
  46. 46. | 49 "Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000" Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture
  47. 47. | 50
  48. 48. Industrial RevolutionThrough theAges Industry 1.0 Mechanical production Water, steam power Industry 2.0 Electricity Mass production Industry 4.0 IoT Intelligent production Industry 3.0 Electronics Automation
  49. 49. Nutanix:The Enterprise Cloud Company | 52 10000+customers Over 145 countries 6continents +90 Net Promoter Score Our mission : Make datacenter infrastructure and clouds invisible, elevating IT to focus on applications and services Founded in 2009 4000+ employees $1B software revenue
  50. 50. Start Modernizing Your Datacenter Single software OS delivering full IT stack Run Your Business Apps on an Enterprise Cloud Converge Private and Public Clouds One environment for all modern applications and services Unified operations for all clouds Greater agility with less complexity Bring Cloud-Native Infrastructure to Your App Developers Nutanix customer journey | 53
  51. 51. Phase 1 :The foundation - Simplifying IT operations with Nutanix Software-Driven Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) AHV | 54
  52. 52. Phase 1 :The foundation - Simplifying IT operations with Nutanix Title of Presentation | Confidential | 55
  53. 53. Phase 2 : MultipleWorkloads, 1 OS | 56 VDIBusiness Critical Applications Messaging, Collaboration + UC Remote and Branch Office Line of Business Apps Server Virtualization and Private Cloud Cloud Native Sales & Service Risk & Compliance Core Processing Emerging Digital Core booking Core banking
  54. 54. Phase 3 : Enabling hybrid cloud - Core Cloud | 57 Enterprise Cloud OS
  55. 55. Phase 3 : Enabling hybrid cloud - Distributed Cloud | 58 Enterprise Cloud OS Branch Office Retail Store DR
  56. 56. Phase 3 : Enabling hybrid cloud - Edge Cloud | 59 Enterprise Cloud OS Barges Terminals Rigs Humvees Cruise
  57. 57. Next phase : refining data to extract value #Devices Data Volume Private DCs 32 million nodes Top 3 providers 3.5 million nodes Top 3 Cloud Providers 3.5 million nodes Enterprise IoT devices: 3 billion 2017 2020 256 ZB IoT data 8.6 ZB Cloud data 600 ZB IoT data 15.3 ZB Cloud data
  58. 58. One OS, one click, any cloud | 61 Enterprise Cloud OS ONE OS ONE Click Enterprise Cloud OS ONE OS ONE Click ANY Cloud Information Map AccessData Insight Enterprise Vault eDiscovery Platform NetBackupBackup ExecResiliency Platform (VRP)
  59. 59. Access Appliance Protect Nutanix: Backups and LongTerm Retention NetBackup Appliance Software Defined NBU or Appliance Software Defined Acropolis or Appliance Software Defined Access or Appliance Local Nutanix Snapshots Immediate recovery of short term retained disk images Backups Rapid recovery of short-medium term retained data on a physically separate HW platform LongTerm Retention Recovery of medium-long term retained data on a separate HW optimized cost platform
  60. 60. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.63
  61. 61. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.64 Pause & visite du village et des stands Secteur Public/ Santé Industrie/ Retail Banque-Finance/ Assurance Telco/Services Protection des Données Software Defined Storage Gouvernance Appliance 3DTour Use Cases Technologies
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  63. 63. Table-ronde Optimisez le cycle de vie de la donnée Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.66 Raphaël Feddawi Responsable architecte avant-vente Animée par Frédéric Fimes, Directeur Channel Europe du Sud Sébastien Hurst DirecteurTechnique Infrastructure
  64. 64. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.67
  65. 65. Retours d’expérience Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.68 Frédéric Challal Head of the IT, Infrastructure Division OCDE Nicolas Munoz Projects Factory, DSIC SAFRAN Présentés par Pierre La Rosa, Directeur Commercial Entreprise
  66. 66. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.69
  67. 67. Table-ronde L’Intelligence Artificielle en entreprise: une stratégie, des ambitions Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.70 Marine Routeau Strategic Sales Cloud Solutions LionelTouati Partner Engineer Animée par Frédéric Lemaire, Directeur Commercial Comptes Stratégiques
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  70. 70. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.73 Une meilleure gestion des données est nécessaire 73 Gérer le cycle de vie de la donnée Se protéger contre la perte de données et les interruptions Réduire les risques Faciliter les recherchesMigration vers le Cloud
  71. 71. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.74 Notre expertise pour vos projets Protection contre la perte de données Physique &Virtuel Gouvernance de l’information Données inactives, eDiscovery, Suivi des accès & GDPR Archivage des données Fichiers, Messagerie & SharePoint Gestion de la disponibilité des applications Physique &Virtuel Gestion du plan de reprise Physique,Virtuel & Cloud Software Defined Storage Performance & Disponibilité 74
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