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Hack4FinancialInclusion Final Report

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Summary report of Vibewire's #Hack4FinancialInclusion. Held 25-27 May 2018, this social impact hackathon was designed to tackle the social, technical, cultural and behavioural challenges of Financial Exclusion.

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Hack4FinancialInclusion Final Report

  1. 1. #Hack4FinancialInclusion Report, June 2018
  2. 2. Contents 1. Background 2. Financial Exclusion Problem 3. Problem statements 4. Teams and ideas 5. Winners 6. Next steps We believe young people should create, not inherit the future. Vibewire is the launchpad for young changemakers.
  3. 3. Background Vibewire in partnership with icare, NCOSS, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI), Minerva Collective and MnM Institute hosted #Hack4FinancialInclusion on 25-27 May 2018. Over 100 people participated in the hackathon including, coders, designers, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts from Jewish House, Frollo, Aunty’s House, Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy, NCRG (Northern Rivers Community Gateway) and TechTree. As well as people with lived experience of Financial Exclusion (past and present). More than 50% of participants had never been to a hackathon before - and only a small number of people had previously met. We were all swimming in uncharted waters. Over 36 hours, six teams formed and developed solutions that addressed the key themes and problem statements.
  4. 4. Why are we hacking Financial Inclusion? Financial inclusion improves financial capacity, capability, health and social well being, which in turn results in an individual’s ability to generate income, budget and manage finances allowing for an improved quality of life. Economic modelling by Strategic Project Partners shows that if 7% of Australians who are not financially included become included, it would lead to a reduction in government spending of $2.6 billion. Financial exclusion typically impacts individuals who are: ● Indigenous Australians ● Sole parents ● Aged ● Homeless ● Victims of domestic violence ● Disabled ● Mentally ill ● From culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Problem we are solving
  5. 5. Problem Statements NCOSS Challenge: Improving Financial Literacy - Especially for women and girls, who have generally less access to opportunities to improve financial literacy than men. icare Challenge: Injured workers returning to work - Improving quality of life for injured workers and enhancing their return to work prospects. Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy Challenge: Cycle of incarceration among Indigenous young people in juvenile justice - Lack of resources for financial literacy education programs that incorporate culture as a protective factor. leep Challenge: Digital inclusion of older people - Connecting people to others to teach them basic digital skills like texting etc.
  6. 6. Teams and Ideas Dot Squared Vinod Ralh Problem you are solving: Digital Inclusion of excluded groups e.g. older people, mentally ill etc. Dot Squared Open-platform making the invisible visible by measuring the essentials for life.
  7. 7. Teams and Ideas Bunji (1st Place) Ned Barnfield, Geoffrey Pidcock, Steve Ng and Engramar Bollas Problem you are solving: Indigenous Financial Exclusion Bunji A recommendation app which drives international tourists to local indigenous businesses with the aim of driving more money to these communities. View Presentation
  8. 8. Teams and Ideas Hustle Ninja Victor S., Rachel Chan and Satish Irudaya Problem you are solving: Improving Financial Literacy Hustle Ninja Gaming App which forges a fun path to financial freedom! View Presentation
  9. 9. Teams and Ideas Empowered Squared Laura Dang and Freya Whereat Problem you are solving: Improving quality of life for injured workers Empowered Squared Enabling injured workers to take control and agency over their personal documents and data. View Presentation
  10. 10. Teams and Ideas You Do You (2nd Place) Lyndelle De Guzman, Victoria Way and Gina Problem you are solving: Improving Financial Literacy for women and girls. You Do You A personalised education platform for women aged between 18 and 24 which aims to improve their financial literacy. View Presentation
  11. 11. Teams and Ideas $ecure (3rd Place) Harshita Rajashekara, Camilla Kennedy, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, Tommy Jackson Problem you are solving: Improving Financial Literacy for women and girls. $ecure A community app which restricts spending and encourages saving habits for young women aged 18-30. View presentation
  12. 12. NEXT STEPS FOR WINNERS INCUBATION WHAT DID THEY WIN Bunji 1st + $1,500 in cash + 3 months co-working space at Vibewire for up to 6 members (valued at $3000) You Do You 2nd + Academy Xi $1,500 (Part time or Full time course credit for the team to share or for one person) + Google Home Mini $ecure 3rd + $50 JBHIFI voucher X 5 + Google Chromecast
  13. 13. VIBEWIRE Next Steps: Working on a Social Impact Incubator Planning the next hackathon events - Homelessness 2, Employment, HacktheGAP etc.
  14. 14. Vibewire is Australia's first skills gym designed to prep young people (aged 20-35) on how to hustle in 2030. We run intensive skills workouts for you to exercise, challenge and push your enterprise, creative and technology skills working on real briefs and problems. We have incubated and supported over 100 creative, social and tech startups, and helped to launch the careers of over a thousand young change makers since 2000. Check us out on vibewire.org About Vibewire
  15. 15. We couldn’t #Hack4FinancialInclusion without the support of our sponsors and partners who have all gone above and beyond to help us reach deep into our communities to create connection and change:
  16. 16. CONNECT WITH US facebook.com/vibewire instagram.com/vibewire FOR MORE INFO vibewire.org meetup.com/Young-Entrepreneurs-Sydney