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Carol's LOHAS panel

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Carol's LOHAS panel

  1. 1. Vibrant Women and LOHAS: Aspirational Trends value endorser: actualized l d simplicity seeker: evolving self-interested spender: the norm experiential indulgers: progressing other pleasers: least developed
  2. 2. vibrant women’s connections keep growing • Average active 30-day personal network for Vibrant Women is 48 • Most highly connected (1/3 of study) highly-connected have 99 personal contacts • Majority of Vibrant Women report that network is still growing • Fastest-growing population on Facebook: Women 55+ • First generation of women whose connections keep g p growing as they age g y g
  3. 3. vibrantnation.com survey Are you willing to spend more on environmentally friendly products even during an economic recession? 4% Sometimes Yes, always 37% Rarely 58% Never
  4. 4. vibrantnation.com survey •Nearly 80% of Boomer women say environment is top issue for them •Boomer women don’t care if “green” products come from big or small Boomer don t green company •Highly skeptical of the marketing motives behind companies going green •“Going green” is a multigenerational effort with equal number influencing their children/grandchildren & vice versa •About 50% volunteer/support environmental organizations •Those who support environmental organizations are active and involved
  5. 5. Vibrant Women Speak “LOHAS” I try to buy items with no packaging. A bottle of perfume for example is packed in several Our Bobble filter is equivalent to 3oo layers of plastic and card-why? l f l ti d d h ? water bottles. Imagine-that’s 300 It’s the bottle we want, not the plastic bottles that won’t go into the packaging. landfill. -LilTigg LilTigg -Janice Taylor, Our Lady of Weightloss y , y g
  6. 6. messages that work • We do more than talk green…we embody it b d • Your opinion matters • We respect you • We share your concerns • We ask for your support