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Crisis Communication Webinar

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Learn how to better communicate during an outage.

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Crisis Communication Webinar

  1. 1. Crisis Communication Breakdown Lessons Learned at VictorOps Michael Merideth, VictorOps Blake Thorne, StatusPage.io
  2. 2. Crisis Communications at VictorOps One Goal: Keep Our Brand Promise
  3. 3. The Beginner’s Path
  4. 4. Our Process: A Work in Progress
  5. 5. Crisis Communication is Scary!
  6. 6. Not Communicating is Worse! “Nature abhors a vacuum” -Aristotle
  7. 7. Honesty Pays Dividends “I cannot tell a lie…” -Teddy Roosevelt
  8. 8. It Takes Buy-In At All Levels DevOps can’t just go it alone Every business function has something to contribute Messaging needs to be accurate, but also accessible
  9. 9. Agree on When, and How Often Generally: Communicate as soon as possible Some issues need to be contained before they become public Set a regular cadence for updates
  10. 10. Agree on What Gets Communicated Help your users make intelligent choices and you’ll like their decisions better Provide context and realistic ETAs Use Incident Templates to ease messaging
  11. 11. Agree on Who Manages the Message Speak with a single, consistent voice
  12. 12. Agree on Where the Message is Shared
  13. 13. VictorOps’ Cross-Functional CC Team
  14. 14. Crisis Communication Training and Certification Institute For Crisis Management: http://crisisconsultant.com/
  15. 15. Non-Disruptive Crisis Communication
  16. 16. The CC Process can Help During the Firefight Context InsightData
  17. 17. Applied DevOps: Retrospect on the CC Process •What went well? •What could have gone better? •Action items: •Continue doing… •Stop doing... •Start doing...
  18. 18. Applied DevOps: X-Functional Post- Mortems What was the technical impact? What was the business impact? What was the reputational impact?
  19. 19. Applied DevOps: The VO Toolset
  20. 20. Key Takeaways • Your failures will become public • Who controls when and how the information gets out: you, or someone else? • Having a plan makes crisis communication less of a burden on the people fighting the fire • Doing it right will build trust and loyalty with your users