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  3.   The Government of India through the Drug and Cosmetic act 1940 and rules 1945 has made stringent provisions regarding import, Manufacturing, Sale and Distribution of Cosmetics.  These provisions mainly cover the licensing for the import, manufacturing of cosmetics and also the GMPs for the manufacturing of cosmetics.  These guidelines have also listed the 28 cosmetics whose import is allowed only on to the conformance to the Indian standards.
  4.   These guidelines have also covered the offences and penalties in case of contravention of the provisions of the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940.  Bureau of Indian standard sets the standard for cosmetic products listed under the schedule S of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945.  The Government of India in Feb 2007, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has bring amendment in Drug and Cosmetic Rule, 1945 according to which a cosmetic to be imported into the India has to be get registered under Rule 129D by licensing authority appointed by Central Government under Rule 21.
  5.   Usually Drug controller General of India is the Licensing Authority. There should be a single Application made for one or more cosmetic which are manufactured by same manufacturer.  The registration Certificate which is provided is valid for 3 years if it is not cancelled.  The application for the registration should be made either by manufacturer or his agent or importer in India.
  6.  Application form no 31A Fees 3500/- State regulatory authority • A person not having his own manufacturing facility can get cosmetic manufacture form a license cosmetic manufacture under loan license system. • Application for loan license is prescribed form no 31A along with the fees of 3500/- together with other documents should be submitted to the state regulatory authority.
  7.  • A qualified person can make sure use of approved facility of manufacturing provided by any other person obtain a loan license for manufacturing of drugs other than C, C1 and X.
  8.  Here are some offences and penalties which are important aspect of regulatory provision for cosmetic in India- • For Spurious, adulterated cosmetic imprisonment up to 3 years and fine. • For not keeping records for cosmetic properly imprisonment up to 3 years and fine up to 5000/- for manufacture and wholesaler.
  9.  CONTRAVENTION IN BRIEF PENALTY Import of spurious cosmetic or cosmetic containing any ingredient which harmful for use. Imprisonment for term of 3 years which may extends to 5 years with fine of five thousand rupees. Import of cosmetic whose import is prohibited under section 10-A. Imprisonment for term of 3 years which may extends to 5 years with fine of five thousand rupees. Repeated offence of above two. Imprisonment for term of 5 years and fine which may extend to 10 thousand rupees
  10.  CONTRAVENTION IN BRIEF PENALTY Sale/manufacture of cosmetic which is not of standard or misbranded cosmetic Imprisonment for term of 3 years which may extends to 5 years with fine of five thousand rupees.
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