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#Mobile #Market Overview & Advices For Developers

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Mr Eduardo Mora, Head of Product in VietnamWorks, has justed conducted a presentation at the press conference "Mobile Developer at A Glance". He has shared his information about the market and trends of mobile developers in 2014. He also gave some useful advices for mobile developers basing on the demand of VietnamWorks' employers

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#Mobile #Market Overview & Advices For Developers

  1. 1. Mobile App Developers by Eduardo Mora Head of Product
  2. 2. How relevant Mobile Market is? 1. $25 billion market worldwide 2. 700,000 apps published in each of Apple Store and Google Play
  3. 3. Why Mobile Apps means revenue? 1. Paid app download 2. Mobile applications advertising 3. In-App purchase
  4. 4. Mobile Apps Trends? Create 1 app for 1 unique use case •Facebook (Slingshot, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook) •LinkedIn (iRecruiter, Job search, Connection, LinkedIn)
  5. 5. What is the current situation in Vietnam? 1. More than 1,000 vacancies open in IT 2. 20% requires Mobile App Development Skills
  6. 6. What skills? #ios # android #ResponsiveWebDesign #UX 1. Java is used mainly on the mobile application side to build native Android apps. 2. .Net (Back-end integration). 3. CSS in combination with JavaScript/jQuery and HTML5 CSS 4. JavaScript is more browser-level technology, so if you are building mobile Web 5. HTML5 (CSS and JavaScript) 6. Quality Control and Quality Assurance 7. UX (user experience concepts) 8. Since Release iOS7 “Objective-C” to build Apple Native applications
  7. 7. What should I do to be best? #knowledge #learn #share 1. Keep yourself updated • Follow the though leaders on twitter, blogs (dzone), mobile app developers 2. Standout from the crowd • Build your brand online, write content yourself • CV is not your most important tool 3. Participate in development comunities • Do you have code in GitHub? • Do you participate in “Stack Apps”?
  8. 8. http://blogs.vietnamworks.com