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Getting started with Microsoft Search

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This is the slide deck of our webinar on Microsoft Search (formerly known as Bing for Business ) , where myself and Microsoft MVP Vijai Anand have discussed about what is Microsoft Search , how to get started with Microsoft Search in your Office 365 tenant ,how to configure it as an admin for your end users , how to use it and we also discussed about the value proposition of Microsoft Search along with the roadmap .This is a demo heavy session where we have managed to do a demo on all the features of Microsoft Search.

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Getting started with Microsoft Search

  1. 1. Introduction to Microsoft Search Intelligent search for the modern workplace By, Vignesh Ganesan Microsoft Teams ,Tech Specialist Microsoft India & Vijai Anand Ramalingam Technical Architect, Cognizant Microsoft MVP
  2. 2. About Myself
  3. 3. My co-speaker today
  4. 4.  Frustrations with the current search model  Understanding Microsoft Search (formerly known as Bing for Business).  Getting started with Microsoft Search  Demo  Admin setup  Licensing requirements  Security  Roadmap  Adoption Agenda:
  5. 5. Microsoft 365 A complete, intelligent, secure solution to empower employees Intelligent securityUnlocks creativity Built for teamwork Integrated for simplicity Office 365 • Windows 10 • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  6. 6. Can you send me the link to the PowerPoint you presented yesterday? I need to find the most current industry research data for this client proposal. Where did I put that spreadsheet for the sales call? Hang on, I think it’s on my hard drive…or was it OneDrive? Maybe it’s on SharePoint instead?” I can’t find our health insurance claim form. Where did I put that document I was working on? Where did I put that spreadsheet for the sales call? I need directions to Building 34 for tomorrow’s meeting. We all struggle finding information…
  7. 7. Why? Inundated by too much data and content Searching at work is frustrating Our expectations have changed
  8. 8. 44 76% Stored in multiple locations:  Company intranets  Cloud services  SharePoint  OneDrive  Line of business applications  On-premises servers How much is too much? 1 IDC The Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data and the Increasing Value of the Internet of Things 2 Deloitte Oveview of emerging technologies
  9. 9. We are faced with multiple, distinct search experiences:  Context and application-switching to find information  Each entry point has a different search UX  Results are partial, and inconsistent across applications and there are just too many results to dig through to find the right one. Why is searching at work frustrating?
  10. 10. We want searching at work to be as easy as searching the web. We want results that are relevant and personalized. We want answers to our questions, not just more links. Our expectations have changed…
  11. 11. As a result… of our time at work is spent just looking for information.20% That’s 1 day a week lost per employee! 1 McKinsey Global Institute The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies
  12. 12. Intelligent search for the modern workplace
  13. 13. Microsoft Search One capability. Every search experience. in Bing in Office.com in SharePoint in Edge in Windows in PowerPoint in Outlook in OneDrive in Stream in Yammer in Word in Teams in OneNote Microsoft Graph + Bing technology
  14. 14. Microsoft Search One capability. Every search experience. Microsoft Graph + Bing technology
  15. 15. Microsoft Search is now rolling out to customers … Microsoft Search announcement in SharePoint Start Page in SharePoint sites in OneDrive in Office.com in Outlook web in Word, Excel and PowerPoint desktop in Bing and coming to Windows in Summer 2019 Learn more at aka.ms/MicrosoftSearch/Blog/SPC19 Berit will provide illustration today (5/21)
  16. 16. Microsoft Search features Built on the Microsoft Graph and using Bing technology, Microsoft Search gives your employees the ability to easily find: Files: Contextual and relevant files on SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and more People: Someone’s role within the company, what they’ve been working on, org charts, and ways to contact them – even when you search by their nickname Groups: Office 365 groups by name or by members, then browse shared content Sites, answers and resources: Curated bookmarks help them navigate quickly to internal sites and tools, while Q&A’s give them quick answers without additional clicks Locations: Addresses, maps, and directions to company buildings Conversations: Relevant topics in Microsoft Teams and Yammer chats
  17. 17. • SharePoint Online • OneDrive for Business • Hybrid SharePoint (on-premises + SharePoint Online) • Microsoft Teams • Yammer • Exchange Online File Types : • Word • Excel • PowerPoint • OneNote • PDF Supported file types and sources:
  18. 18. World knowledge Work knowledge People knowledge Powered by Microsoft Graph
  19. 19. Microsoft Search for your organization Empowering the ecosystem Increases productivity from day oneTrustworthy Unified Administration Available everywhere Customized for your business Part of your O365 and M365 subscription
  20. 20. Available today: Microsoft Search in Bing public preview Microsoft Search in Office.com header Microsoft Search in online app pages SharePoint web & mobile Outlook search improvements
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. Find work results as simple as a search, including: Search for people and conversations within your company Search for files and groups across Microsoft connected services Search for bookmarks to internal sites and tools Search for building locations and direction within organization Search for Q&As for work-related questions Microsoft Search in Bing Finding what you need at work just got easier with Microsoft Search
  23. 23. Find files, people, and news from your organization Discover relevant content for you, as well as actions from your colleagues across web and mobile Microsoft Search in SharePoint Tap your organization’s knowledge
  24. 24. SharePoint Mobile App [GENERALAVAILABILITYOFNEWVERSION] Tap your organization’s knowledge on the go
  25. 25. Get started and create a new document, or easily return to your work after a meeting Find apps from your organization, content, people, and sites Discover relevant content for you, as well as actions from your colleagues Microsoft Search in Office.com Find and get back to your work faster
  26. 26. Delivers relevant results across all of Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Find actions, services, and content that help you complete your task Bring the power of Office and the web to you in the app, without needing to switch apps Microsoft Search in Office Apps Get your work done faster with the power of search
  27. 27. Stay in the know, and discover relevant people and important content when you need it most Gain an intuitive start page, bringing you closer to what is important right now Discover relevant, recommended content, where people and content find you Microsoft Search in Office Online Extending the power of search to Office Online
  28. 28. Find the right item faster with top relevant results, quick result suggestions, and proactive recommendations Increase search success with guided suggestions and better intent understanding (spelling correction, implied filtering, etc.) Search with confidence beyond email across your calendar, people, attachments, and links Microsoft Search in Outlook Search you can depend on in Outlook – on any platform
  29. 29. Get answers right from the search bar across local, organization, and web content Collective knowledge from your organization Search Windows and the web to find people, files, apps, and locations with the same experience Microsoft Search in Windows Your organization’s knowledge, right from your desktop
  30. 30. People suggestions and results give full access to Office 365 and LinkedIn profile Find experts through profile data and topics they work on Contextual task completion through people: share, chat, browse content, locate, and more People search in Microsoft Search Connect with experts and find content through people
  31. 31. Manage search service via a central console and monitor search usage and health via in-built analytics Take recommended actions to improve search experience, and manage security and privacy settings centrally Configure bookmarks, best bets, glossary, Q&As, and more Microsoft Search Administration Unify your search administration across Microsoft 365
  32. 32.  When a user searches, Microsoft Search processes the query and parses search intent from larger phrases, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn common superfluous phrases users add to their queries that don't impact their search intent  For example, when a user searches for "how to change my password" we extract the less important words from the query and trigger based on the relevant ones like "change password".  The search results that the user has permission to see are presented on the search results page. Microsoft Search uses intelligent ranking algorithms to order results based on relevance. How does Microsoft Search work?
  33. 33.  Secure by default  Authentication and Authorization with Azure Active Directory  Single sign-on  Communicates with the Trusted cloud from the browser  Permissions  Protects user queries from the public portion of Bing.  Logging .  Search history  Advertising  GDPR Compliant https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftsearch/security Security
  34. 34. Requirements: Your organization must have an Office 365 tenant with one of the following subscriptions: •Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium •Office 365 A1/A3/A5 •Office 365 Education E1/E3 •Office 365 Enterprise E1/E3/E3 developer/E5 •Office 365 F1 •Microsoft 365 Business •Microsoft 365 A3/A5 •Microsoft 365 F1/E3/E5 Both users and search administrators must be licensed with one of these subscriptions. Only users with active accounts can use Microsoft Search, and they must be signed in.
  35. 35. Roadmap: Microsoft Search SharePoint & OneDrive • Suggestions as-you-type • Personalized results • Improved people search • Instant Answers (Bookmarks, Q&A and Locations) • OneDrive will get the unified search box with zero-query suggestions • Modern Document Libraries, Lists with controls to up-scope to the site, hub, or the whole company Office Applications • Microsoft Search in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint desktop apps Web • Microsoft Search in Bing Admin • Manage bookmarks, Q&A and Locations in a central admin experience • Analytics for Microsoft Search in Bing Microsoft Search API in Graph (Beta) • Microsoft Search in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps • Out of the box connectors • Ingestion API for any content • Security trimming based on Azure AD • Redirect search to a custom page, use open-source PnP search web parts, or build your own using Graph and Search APIs • Classic sites can upgrade to modern search • Custom refiners, verticals, result types with modern display templates OneDrive searches across all files • Additional health and analytics Available Now* Later this yearIn Targeted Release
  36. 36. Conclusion Search meets you wherever you’re working Microsoft Search makes it’s easy to find what you’re looking for wherever you’re working, in the browser, on mobile devices, and the desk, across Microsoft 365 applications and services Get answers, locations, and insights to accelerate productivity Microsoft Search is more than just results with insights and answers to help get work done Search for people, files, and conversations within your organization Microsoft Search brings together people, content, and conversations for a single view of information across your organization and beyond
  37. 37. Microsoft Search Resource Center Microsoft Search Blog Getting Started Adoption Resources
  38. 38. Thank you.