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How to succesfully drive Office 365 adpotion in your organization ?

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Here's the PPT of my session on driving Office 365 adoption which was presented in SharePoint Saturday Hyderabad at March 2019.

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How to succesfully drive Office 365 adpotion in your organization ?

  1. 1. How to successfully drive Office 365 adoption in your organization ? Vignesh Ganesan Technology Solutions Professional -Microsoft learn unlearn relearn
  2. 2. Who’s this guy ? @sharepointnerd vignesh.ganesan.14 /Vignesh Ganesan vigganesan89@gmail.com Vignesh’s SharePoint Thoughts
  3. 3. “If there is anything perhaps that defines me the most, it is that I’m a learner” “Achieving our mission requires us to evolve our culture and it all starts with a growth mindset—a passion to learn and bring our best every day to make a bigger difference in the world.” ~Satya Nadella
  4. 4. Microsoft’s Mission Statement
  5. 5. achieve more
  6. 6. Change is inevitable Change is essential for growing organizations Change is scary
  7. 7. Why Do Projects Fail?
  8. 8. Did You Know…
  9. 9. Success Of Transformation
  10. 10. Lack of executive buy In
  11. 11. Understand your path
  12. 12. docs.microsoft.com/onedrive
  13. 13. Where we fail our stakeholders Not articulating the need for change Not giving a clear vision of the future Not giving employees the tools or capacity to change Not having an action plan Over focus on the technology
  14. 14. Understand your users Understanding resistance 15% percent are early adopters Flexible and roll with the changes. 15% are change resistant. Won’t change, or will make the change only when forced.
  15. 15. Keys to successful change management Understand the challenges Measurable Milestones Modifying Behavior Shaping Attitudes
  16. 16. Where we fail our stakeholders Not articulating the need for change
  17. 17. Not articulating the need for change
  18. 18. shock (“I can’t believe it!”) denial (“It will never work here!”) frustration (It’s management’s fault!”) depression (“I give up. The change is happening whether I like it or not.”) experimentation (“Well … maybe we could make it work.”) decision-making (“Let’s move forward.”) integration (“We’ve made the change. Now let’s get back to business.”). The Change Curve
  19. 19. Role based awareness supporting solutions
  20. 20. Where we fail our stakeholders Not giving a clear vision of the future
  21. 21. Not giving a clear vision of the future
  22. 22. Where we fail our stakeholders Not giving employees the tools or capacity to change
  23. 23. Not giving employees the tools or capacity to change • Give employees more than enough time to train • Provide insights and awareness via preparedness events • Recognize effective change initiatives don’t happen overnight
  24. 24. Training Video TrainingOffice Training Center Help Desk ReadinessQuick Start
  25. 25. Demonstration: Training Portal https://aka.ms/customlearningfaq
  26. 26. Where we fail our stakeholders Not having an action plan
  27. 27. Not having an action plan • What • Who • By when • What • Communication
  28. 28. Sample launch timeline http://aka.ms/adoptionguide
  29. 29. Change Champion
  30. 30. Change Champions Help show your team the advantages of OneDrive Answer questions and demonstrate features Answer questions and help get support involved Keep your team up-to-date on what’s coming and when Info Support EnthusiasmAnswers
  31. 31. Before Kickoff…
  32. 32. During Kickoff…
  33. 33. After Kickoff…
  34. 34. Where we fail our stakeholders Over focus on the technology
  35. 35. Don’t over focus on the technology
  36. 36. Ongoing, repeatable benefit included in your subscription Online resources and tools available to all customers End-to-end guidance from Microsoft engineering Delivered by Microsoft engineers or approved partners Available for Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 Getting from Point A to Point B with… Microsoft FastTrack Move to the cloud with confidence FastTrack.Microsoft.com Drive value Envision Onboard
  37. 37. OneDrive Launch Program FastTrack motion to assist customers with a OneDrive launch campaign and end user change management support Includes guidance and best practices covering: • Launch playbook and rollout plan • End user communication materials • Email templates, including role-based emails • Excitement video • Posters • End user training material • Quick start guide • “Make the switch” guides • Training videos • Champion and help desk training decks
  38. 38. Adoption Guide Microsoft 365 adoption guide outlining methodology and resources for implementing four success factors https://aka.ms/adoptionguide Posters, emails Customizable templates to generate internal awareness and excitement https://aka.ms/fasttrackresourcehub Office Training Center Public Office 365 training web site https://office.com/training Video training OneDrive training https://aka.ms/OneDrivevideotraining Quick start training Quick start guides https://aka.ms/odspquickstart Help desk troubleshooting guide Help desk readiness materials http://aka.ms/helpdeskready FastTrack web site Access success plan and other adoption resources http://fasttrack.microsoft.com Productivity Library Library of Microsoft 365 scenarios to help you get your deployment started http://aka.ms/productivitylibrary Tech Community Collaborate, share and learn from experts http://techcommunity.microsoft.com Microsoft Docs Home for Microsoft technical documentation, API reference, code examples, quick starts, and tutorials for developers and IT professionals http://docs.microsoft.com Microsoft Support Access FAQ and other support documentation for all Microsoft products https://support.microsoft.com FastTrack Migration Benefit Overview of the Microsoft FastTrack migration benefit https://technet.microsoft.com/EN- US/library/mt651702.aspx
  39. 39. Transforming Merck with Microsoft Teams Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Customize& extend with 3rd party apps, processes, and devices Work with confidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  40. 40. https://aka.ms/O365Roadmap Microsoft Teams Resource Cheat Sheet https://aka.ms/TeamsCommunity https://aka.ms/SuccessWithTeams https://aka.ms/CoffeeintheCloud Coffee in the Cloud on YouTube • Short how-to videos for IT Pro’s and Champions • Long form end user & administrator training Success with Teams Practical Guidance • Learn how to plan, deliver, adopt and manage Microsoft Teams • Skype for Business to Teams transition guidance Microsoft Technical Community • Product forums and blogs • Driving Adoption forum • O365 Champion’s Corner Office 365 Roadmap • All public feature delivery dates • Filter by product Sign Up
  41. 41. 1 2 3 4 Defined a vision and identified how Microsoft Teams will be used Obtained proactive support from senior leadership to encourage use of Microsoft Teams Provided training for end users Raised awareness through email, Intranet announcements, posters, teaser videos, newsletters
  42. 42. Modernizing Core Scenarios Enable • ‘Hallway conversations’ cause disconnect with group • Frustration about doc location and versioning • Confusion about accountability Calling & MeetingsProject Management Personal Productivity Empower Extend Simplified With Teams Challenges • Access Office and 3rd party apps making true hub for teamwork • Hold all conversations in team/channel driving transparency • Pin important apps and documents to drive visibility • Streamline doc versioning • Emails/attachments get lost • Calls go to voicemail • Colleagues are offline • Outdated local copies on desktop • Personal apps organize notes & tasks in one place • Send online and offline messages alleviating tracking people down • Persistent conversation with file attach reducing need to search multiple places or ending up with multiple versions • Little/no context pre-meeting • Remote participants feel left behind • Lack of visual connection • Post-meeting momentum is lost • Build momentum pre-meeting with conversation and content sharing • Connect with video, app sharing on any device to ensure alignment • Record for absent attendees • Capture notes and actions for easy follow-up
  43. 43. Not sure how to begin? To help identify business scenarios, consider using the framework below Using… (Specific application of the technology) As someone in… (Team) I’ll know this is successful when…. (Solutions success measure) I want to…. (Description of what I want to do) As someone in Sales Management I want to have a single version of the sales proposal that everyone has access to rather than managing multiple versions in email Using a SharePoint site to centrally store and share a single version of a sales proposal that my team can edit together using co-authoring in Word and PowerPoint I’ll know this is successful when my sales team creates proposals more easily, giving them more time to close deals
  44. 44. Designing Teams
  45. 45. The First 10 things to do in Teams 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. https://aka.ms/TeamsUserQuickStart 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  46. 46. Organizational vs Project approach Organization Team Name Channel Conversations Files Notes Tabs Connectors Channel Conversations Files Notes Tabs Connectors Channel Conversations Files Notes Tabs Connectors CHANNELS Conversations, Apps, and Tabs Northwest Sales District General Onboarding guidance Role information Training videos Account plans OneNote for strategic accounts Folders for account plans Help needed Conversations on help needed Deal review form Product updates and feedback Pricing guides Product brochures Reference links
  47. 47. Example Teams & Channels Cross organization & function teams are the best practice
  48. 48. Meeting users where they are… …and providing support where people collaborate Virtual Agents & Chatbots Personalized user interaction Quick functionality for self-help Log cases, incidents or requests Support Cases Provide case updates Manage cases and perform actions Internal Apps Intranet (Web) Mobile Apps Microsoft Teams Outlook Platform Services Teams collaboration platform ServiceNow’s NOW capabilities
  49. 49. Downloadable Resources
  50. 50. Custom learning for Office 365 Now Open to beta customers. Learn more at https://aka.ms/SPC18-MTS
  51. 51. Practical Guidance: SuccessWithTeams.com Planning Deployment Adoption Best Practices Industry Specific
  52. 52. Coffee in the Cloud @CITCTV https://aka.ms/CoffeeintheCloud Get more from Azure & Office 365 Business Solutions Best Practices & How-To’s For Admin’s and Champions
  53. 53. Manage your time & communications
  54. 54. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/NEW-Teams-Adoption-Hub-Enhanced-guidance-for-user-adoption/ba-p/291580 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/MicrosoftTeams/adopt-microsoft-teams-landing-page https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/adopt-tools-and-downloads https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/success/champions?rtc=1 https://teamworktools.azurewebsites.net/tft/index.html https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-SharePoint-Blog/Introducing-Microsoft-Training-Services/ba-p/195732 https://provisioning.sharepointpnp.com/home/details?packageId=3df8bd55-b872-4c9d-88e3-6b2f05344239