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Overview of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

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This is the PPT slide which was used on my webinar on overview of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

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Overview of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

  1. 1. Overview of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview By Vignesh Ganesan -MCSE ,MCSA,ITIL V3 Technical Manager –SharePoint & Office 365 & Jayanthi P , MCTS Developer –SharePoint & Office 365 DISCLAIMER: All features and contents are subjected to change in the future as this session is on the preview version of SharePoint Server 2019
  2. 2. Software innovation,likealmost everyother kindof innovation, requirestheabilityto collaborateandshareideaswith other people,andto sitdown andtalk withcustomersandgettheir feedbackandunderstandtheirneeds. – Bill Gates
  3. 3. Who’s this guy ? @sharepointnerd vignesh.ganesan.14 /Vignesh Ganesan vigganesan89@gmail.com Vignesh’s SharePoint Thoughts
  4. 4. My co-speaker today :  Jayanthi P  SharePoint & Office 365 Developer  Specialized on SQL Server, Asp. Net, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM & Power BI  Speaker and Author  C Sharp Corner MVP
  5. 5. Targeted Audiences: SharePoint Administrators SharePoint Developers Business Decision Makers Architects
  6. 6. Software & Hardware Requirements What’s new & what’s deprecated? Agenda Recap & Conclusion Migration Approach to SharePoint 2019 Architectural Changes Demo on the new features
  7. 7. Overview  Built on the foundational release of SharePoint 2016  Brings customers closer to the cloud and the cloud, closer to our customers  Similar to SharePoint 2016 , most of the features were cherry picked from Office 365 and implemented here  Based on SharePoint online learnings  Mostly mimics SharePoint 2016 features
  8. 8. SharePoint Server 2019 will deliver enhancements and new capabilities in three major areas Modern, familiar and intuitive user experiences based on our investments in SharePoint Online Robust scale, security and compliance capabilities to meet growing demands New ways to engage with content across browsers and devices
  9. 9. Converged codebase
  10. 10. Architecture Changes
  11. 11. Hardware requirements: SharePoint Servers and MinRole installations Installation scenario Deployment type and scale RAM Processor Hard disk space Single server role that uses SQL Server Development or evaluation installation of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview with the minimum recommended services for development environments. Use the Single- Server farm role that will let you choose which service applications to provision. For additional information on Single-Server farm role, see Overview of MinRole Server Roles in SharePoint Server 16 GB 64-bit, 4 cores 80 GB for system drive 100 GB for second drive Single server role that uses SQL Server Pilot or user acceptance test installation of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview running all available services for development environments. 24 GB 64-bit, 4 cores 80 GB for system drive 100 GB for second drive and additional drives Web server or application server in a three-tier farm Development or evaluation installation of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview with a minimum number of services 12 GB 64-bit, 4 cores 80 GB for system drive 80 GB for second drive Web server or application server in a three-tier farm Pilot, user acceptance test, or production deployment of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview running all available services. 16 GB 64-bit, 4 cores 80 GB for system drive 80 GB for second drive and additional drives Note : Please be mindful of your datacentre locations while building the farm . SP 2019 supports stretched farm architecture
  12. 12. Software Requirements Windows Servers Database Servers Different versions SharePoint 2019 Standard SharePoint 2019 Enterprise SharePoint 2019 Enterprise + Project Server
  13. 13. SharePoint 2019 Prerequisites
  14. 14. Same as 2016… • Durable Links • Excel Services Office Online  Native PDF Viewer without OOS  Supported operating systems:  The 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 R2  The 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2016 (Office Online Server April 2017 or later required)
  15. 15. SharePoint Workflow Manager • Dedicated version for SharePoint • GA can upgrade from WFM 1.0 • Supported for SharePoint 2013 ,2016 & 2019 Same installation instructions  Requires Workflow Manger 1.0 Client Note : SharePoint Workflow Manager includes all features and fixes found in Microsoft Workflow Manager 1.0, Cumulative Update 5 (CU5)  System Requirements Workflow Manager Supported Operating System Supported databases Hardware requirement Windows Server 2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher Minimum RAM- 2 gigabytes (GB) Minimum Processor- 2 GHz dual core processor Minimum hard disk space- 1 GB
  16. 16. Includes all roles from SP 2016 Feature Pack 1
  17. 17. MinRole
  18. 18. MinRole with High Availability
  19. 19. MinRole with High Availability  Adding the roles together
  20. 20. Boundaries and Limits • Maximum file path length limit has been increased from 260 characters to 400 characters. • Additional special characters (# and %) for files and folders • Max File size up to 15GB .
  21. 21. What’s new and updated in SP 2019 Preview ? Communication sites Fast site creation Increased storage file size in SharePoint document libraries Modern lists and libraries Modern sharing experiences Modern Site Pages, modern web parts and authoring Modern search experience Modern Team sites PDF Viewer SharePoint using modern Internet Information Services (IIS) APIs [IIS 7 +APIs] SharePoint home page From the SharePoint home page, you can create sites in different web applications Self-service site creation on the SharePoint home page now supports AAM zones SMTP authentication when sending emails Sync files with OneDrive sync client (NGSC) Use of # and % characters in file and folder names New PowerShell cmdlets for User Profile Sync, Content Database & SPApplication Credential key New SharePoint Health Analyzer rules Distributed Cache will now configure AppFabric Velocity Cache to use background garbage collection. File path limit of 400 characters Hybrid experiences improvements Recycle Bin restore improvements Sharing email template Suite Navigation and App Launcher improvements Telemetry privacy experience Visio Services accessibility Access Services 2013 now supports Send Email Supports new OneDrive/SharePoint mobile app Additional documentation links for Central Administration site
  22. 22. Deprecated and removed from SP 2019 Access Services 2010 Access Services 2013 Aggregated Newsfeed Custom Help Groove Sync Client InfoPath Services Lists Web Service Machine Translations (and Variations) PerformancePoint Services SharePoint Designer Site Mailbox Site Manager Code-Based Sandbox Solutions Digest Authentication Incoming email automatic mode Multi-Tenancy PowerPivot Gallery and Refresh Visio Services - Silverlight Based Rendering
  23. 23. Hybrid Features: Hybrid is just not meant to bring your business to the cloud but to bring cloud to your business  Hybrid Sites Hybrid Follow Hybrid Profiles Hybrid OneDrive for Business Cloud Hybrid Search Hybrid Taxonomy and content types Extensible Hybrid App launcher
  24. 24. Migration approach to SharePoint 2019
  25. 25. Planning the migration to SharePoint Server 2019:
  26. 26. • Experience for Teams and communication sites Site Creation Simple site creation • OneDrive personal sites • Modern Team sites • Communication sites Fast site creation
  27. 27. Modern Team sites Updated lists, libraries, pages and news Fast, mobile ready, and customizable experience
  28. 28. Modern Lists Add columns and rows with ease Format columns with JSON Simplified filtering experience Details pane gives you more information without leaving the list view
  29. 29. Modern Libraries Updated, responsive UI Aligned with UI fabric of OneDrive Modern sharing experience Optimized for light weight structure and process
  30. 30. Mobile  Beautiful sites on every device  Get SharePoint on the go with the SharePoint Mobile App  Same Mobile App for SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2019
  31. 31. Team News Keep up with and broadcast key events and accomplishments with other members of the team
  32. 32. OneDrive  Fast, reliable, and proven experience with OneDrive.exe (NGSC)  Connect and sync OneDrive and SharePoint document libraries  Groove.exe is gone  Supports advanced features such as Files On- Demand, push notification and IRM protection
  33. 33. SharePoint Home  New SharePoint sites page  Most relevant sites in one place
  34. 34. Project Server 2019 Project Server 2019 is a flexible, scalable project and portfolio management solution that enables efficient and effective management across portfolios, programs and projects, team collaboration from anywhere, and insights to make informed business decisions Improved accessibility Easier collaboration Updated email notifications Team Assignments Manage projects efficiently Unique Project IDs Time-phased reporting Drive impact using business insights Updated email notifications Enhanced infrastructure Improved accessibility Updated email notifications Expanded set of resource engagement & project APIs GDPR Support
  35. 35. PowerApps and Flow integration  SharePoint connector for PowerApps and Flow  SharePoint Workflow Manager to support existing SharePoint 2013 workflows  Please note that the usage of PowerApps and Flow requires on-premises gateways
  36. 36. SMTP Server Authentication • No more anonymous relays just for SharePoint SharePoint can now authenticate to your SMTP email servers
  37. 37. New PowerShell commands  New User Profile Synchronization PowerShell cmdlets: Get-SPContentDatabase -DaysSinceLastProfileSync (To return content databases that haven't been synchronized with User Profile for the past n days) Clear-SPContentDatabaseSyncData (To clear User Profile synchronization information from the content databases in the farm that haven't been synchronized for the past n days) Update-SPProfileSync ( To update the User Profile synchronization settings to specify the main synchronization schedule)  New Get-SPContentDatabaseOrphanedData PowerShell cmdlet: Get-SPContentDatabaseOrphanedData (To find orphaned objects within a content database )  New Set-SPApplicationCredentialKey PowerShell cmdlet: Set-SPApplicationCredentialKey ( To set the application credential key on the local server for the SharePoint People Picker and SMTP authentication)  New Remove-SPApplicationCredentialKey PowerShell cmdlet: Remove-SPApplicationCredentialKey (To remove the application credential key from the local server )
  38. 38. Developer value
  39. 39. SharePoint Framework  Client side web parts  Client side extensions
  40. 40. SharePoint 2019 moving forward
  41. 41. Software & Hardware Requirements What’s new & what’s deprecated? Recap Roadmap Migration Approach to SharePoint 2019 Architectural Changes Demo on the new features
  42. 42. Conclusion SharePoint 2019 is truly phenomenal and is definitely the next go to on- premises version of SharePoint. It’s indeed a multi-tentacle beast SharePoint 2019 was built for continuous innovation . SharePoint 2016 uses the SharePoint Online source code, which in turn is based on the SharePoint 2013 source code, indicating that SharePoint 2016 is stable  .The same is applicable for SharePoint 2019 also Please endorse SharePoint 2019 post the GA to your customers for it’s beauty  As always , SharePoint is just not meant to dump your files. It’s meant to make wonders  HAPPY SHAREPOINTING …….THANKS FOR JOINING
  43. 43. Useful resources to get started with SharePoint 2019 : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/what-s-new/new-and-improved-features-in-sharepoint-server-2019 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/what-s-new/what-s-deprecated-or-removed-from-sharepoint-server-2019 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/hybrid/plan-sharepoint-server-hybrid https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/install/install-for-sharepoint-server-2019 https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en- US/home?forum=SP2019&sort=lastpostdesc&brandIgnore=true&page=2 https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/blogs/introduction-to-sharepoint-server-2019-preview-development- platform/
  44. 44. © Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Questions???????????