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VII Tech Solutions's Infographic

We created an infographic to introduce VII Tech's Team, likes and tools being used to make life easier.

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VII Tech Solutions's Infographic

  1. 1. Established in 2008 But that’s history... This includes English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Bengali! Apple remains a popular choice for the types of computers in our office as well. We use a combination of social media platforms to aid us in our everyday lives- -and we love exploring all types of helpful softwares, apps, sites and services to better our quality of work here at Viitech! “What if, instead of talking about great ideas, we created them?” There are 8 men and 7 women currently working at Viitech WHO WE ARE. We have since GROWN, So learn more about what makes us- The most common nationality is *59%plus 2dual Canadians BAHRAINI* 1 Bangladeshi 1 American/Honduran 1 Chinese2 Australians As a tech company, we are very passionate about our choice of phones. “Get an iphone.” “Nah.” 33% 7% 60% नमस्कार! Hello! Bonjour! 你好! !‫ﺳﻼم‬ Hello! ! ¡Hola! ! are Trilingual are Bilingual 1 person knows FOUR Languages! 47% 53% 10 use iphones 4 use Androids 1 person uses Windows Spoken Languages Our Nationalities Preferred Systems Popular Social Media Go to Viitech.net if you want to know even more about us! This thought inspired seven friends to build their own company. Having a shared passion for technology, they banded together and combined their skills of design, technology and business development to create the company that you see before you today. Other 19% Instagram is a company favorite, but it’s also the most popular platform in the GCC region.29% 23% 19% 10% @VIITech VII Tech SolutionsVII Tech Solutionsviitech