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Art and Poetry by Mamta Prasad

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When an artist pours out her soul onto canvas, embellished by profound thoughts of a consummate writer: this presentation is just a glimpse of a brilliant mind. A writer, poet, published author and artist. That's Mamta Prasad for you.
Follow her on Instagram: @colorfooled

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Art and Poetry by Mamta Prasad

  1. 1. Meandering through the core When the energy from the core of each element interacts with another to be an extension of each other. There is also a lot of natural scenery that can be noted under close observation.
  2. 2. Messages from the flowers
  3. 3. Cosmos series Galaxy
  4. 4. Cosmos series – Realm
  5. 5. Flitting through the atmosphere Layers and strides Noble gases nascent Propelling thermosphere Adjacent tide Shooting stars are Flowers of the sky Constellations collide War for the gods is play time
  6. 6. Fida ka ghoda Kala ghoda in psychedelic coming in from the distance with a starry haze backdrop. Gallivanting across the heavens
  7. 7. Phantasmogo ria
  8. 8. Ravenous hearts Bleeding tangerines and ravenous hearts Youth is a cruel master And a stocklholm syndrome Age can be imitated But experience manifests Mazes and quests
  9. 9. Running in circles Circles overlap Edges meet Lines move Spirals transcend We begin and therefore we must end
  10. 10. Synapses in monsoon
  11. 11. Leafing frog The frog leaps across Jumps on a log As it tumbles with a leaf and Surf’s through the (dense) jungle Such are stories Everywhere, waiting to be discovered
  12. 12. The mendicant
  13. 13. The Muse and the mirageThe pipe burns As the clock strikes midnight The woman transforms in the absence of light As the man gathers pluck It is time to dissipate As stars collide The celestial showers construe What cannot be undone
  14. 14. The womb of birth
  15. 15. Topographi cal codes
  16. 16. Incarnation It is phoenix that is entering the realm of spirituality and descends onto human planes and still manages to transcend the sanctorum guided by the enchanting sounds that are lord Shiva’s dumroo.
  17. 17. Peace offering to Pollock
  18. 18. Lightning and storms
  19. 19. Parakeets and palindromes
  20. 20. Charlie’s day out
  21. 21. Enlightenme nt
  22. 22. Art and Poetry : Mamta Prasad Instagram: @colorfooled