physiotherapist advanced airway clearance copd congenital heart disease burns management breast cancer breast cancer rehabilitation assessment of dm and diabetic foot amputation abdominal surgery pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary function testing interpretation of chest x-ray exercise testing electrocardiogram interpretation abg analysis universal precautions in icu monitoring in icu mechanical ventlation icu management artificial airways functional scales in cardio pulmonary condition international classification of functioning disabi systemic adaptations to training principles of exercise training and application exercise physiology cardio respiratory adaptations to exercise trainin exercise response in cardiac rehabilitation assessment and risk stratification for cardiac reh cardiac rehabilitation basic life support anatomy of cardiovascular system biomechanics of thorax international classification of functioning of ce brunstrom approach bobath approaches vestibular rehabilitation theories of motor learning stroke spinal cord injury roods approach neuroplasticity neural tissue mobilisation multiple sclerosis motor relearning programme motor control
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