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Global Insights on Venture Capital in 2014

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At 33entrepreneurs, we focus on three verticals: Wine&Spirits, Food and Travel. In those fields, we are looking for the most promising teams, the boldest ideas, the most exciting technology. As a consequence, we invest significantly into market analysis and surveys. We have a team of Tech Analysts investigating Wine&SpiritsTech, FoodTech and TourismTech StartUps. We also have some secret sauce...

We are pleased to share some insights here on USD 80 billion and more than 7,500 equity financing eventswe are monitoring.

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Global Insights on Venture Capital in 2014

  1. 1. Vincent PRETET vincent@33entrepreneurs.co Maria LEAL 33entrepreneurs Bordeaux, France Contact Venture Capital Investments Global insights ©33entrepreneurs 2015 A report by 33entrepreneurs - July 2015 10,000 StartUps reviewed 7,500 deals rounds analyzed Graphicdesignbyvirginie@impactgraphique.fr
  2. 2. VentureCapitalInvestments-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-July2015 ...with Tech transforming industries... Global Venture Capital rising up to $80b in 2014... 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Deals rounds Invested by year 80 60 40 20 0 0 1000 2500 5000 7500 80 Software Hardware CleanTech BioTech Media & Entertainment Medical & Healthcare 42% 16% 12% 8% 7% 5% 10% Food, Travel, Wine & Spirits Other 13% 87% Other technology INDUSTRY $80b Global VC Investment in 2014 33ENTREPRENEURS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - In 2014, Food, Travel and Wine&Spirits generated 33% of the world GDP while collecting only 13% of global VC investments. 33% GDP 13% VC
  3. 3. VentureCapitalInvestments-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-July2015 …flowing all around the globe $50b $2b $1b $17b $10b $9,5b $4,5b $0,2b $1b $0,1b $0,2b $0,3b $2,5b $2,2b $1,3b 1% of global VC Investments BasedonNVCAdata,Pitchbook,Preqin,E&Yandothermajordatabasesreports
  4. 4. VentureCapitalInvestments-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-July2015 33entrepreneurs unique insights on Tech startups $10 billion invested in 2014 in Food, Travel and Wine&Spirits #Startups #Deals #Total Investments $10.2b in 2014 $2.6b Food $0.2b Wine & Spirits $7.4b Travel #33INSIGHTS A unique approach towards StartUps in our three verticals allow 33entrepreneurs to develop an exclusive knowhow and an unparalleled database called PerceVal, with more than 10,000 StartUps as of July 2015. We have a global coverage, crunch and anticipate the latest trends and insights of our industries. Focus on FoodTech, TravelTech and WineTech By more than 1,500 Investors from all over the world Other Data Providers 33entrepreneurs Rest of the world
  5. 5. VentureCapitalInvestments-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-July2015 ...mainly in Software and Mobile... ...mainly in Travel 300 200 100 0 0 1 2 3 4 Seed Series A Series B Series C Series D Late Stage Seed Series A Series B Series C Series D Late Stage invested invested Nb of Financing Events Nb of Financing Events Hardware Mobile Software/Online Other Source:PerceVal,exclusivedatabaseof33entrepreneurs
  6. 6. 010111111001011000101000110111001101011000001111001011000101000 10111111001011000101000110111001101011000001111001011000101000110 01011111100101100010100011000101111001011010010101000001111001011 1111110010110001010001100010111100101101001010100000111100101100 001011000101000110001011110010110100101010000011110010110001010 001101011000010111100101101001010001011110011010110111100101100111 0011010110000101111001011010010100010111100110101101111001011001110 01011111100101100010100011011100110101100000111100101100010100011 0111111001011000101000110111001101011000001111001011000101000110 0111111001011000101000110001011110010110100101010000011110010110 0011010110000101111001011010010100010111100110101101111001011001110 0111111001011000101000110111001101011000001111001011000101000110 0101100010100011000101111001011010010101000001111001011000101033entrepreneurs is the first venture capital company in the world focusing on food, travel and wine & spirits Tech startups. Having unique capabilities in dealflow acquisition, we rely on sucessful entrepreneurs (aka Mentors) and proven methods from TechStars and the Global Accelerator Network to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs and great StartUps. Based in Bordeaux, France, 33entrepreneurs is founded by entrepreneurs, funded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Want to know more about this report ? Contact us for more details. ACCELERATING STARTUPS Investing in the most promising teams and tech is extremely challenging. At 33entrepreneurs, we combine unique skills to discover the best teams worldwide and to grow them, from seed level, as future industry leaders. UNIQUE DEALFLOW ACQUISITION at 33entrepreneurs Web Platforms Applications from AngelList, F6S Quantitative VC Automated Search from the Web Investment Analysts Qualitative Search on specific targets StartUp Contests Face-to-face meetings in real life Mentors’ Connections Qualified targets Communication Sponsors, press & social media University Labs To build in the future VentureCapitalInvestments-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-July2015