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Train The Trainer - Teacher Training

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Teacher Training Courses by Vinspire.in

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Train The Trainer - Teacher Training

  1. 1. Train the Trainer Overview Vinspire® is a 5 year old training & consulting company for schools, colleges & corporate. Our Train the Trainer course is specifically designed for trainings to be conducted in Schools. Individuals undergoing the 2 day program will get an understanding of how teacher, students & parents learn, so that the target audience you train will not only enjoy your course but go away with the knowledge they need.You will gain the awareness about the dynamic environment of a school and technique to deliver appropriate content in limited time. Objective ● Promote learner participation and involvement by using effective questioning techniques in a training session ● Characteristics of a Trainer; especially for Schools. ● Evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on ● Understanding how Adults are different from Children as learners. ● Applying the 3 Circles Theory and 4 H methodology in content writing and delivery of session. ● Understand the difference between training and presenting information. Training actively to create interest in learning and interacting. ● Factors for effective training skills. ● Effective training practice and procedure. ● Body language and voice projection skills. ● Demonstrations & discussions through real life case studies. ● Describe need analysis and technique to identify the need. ● Understanding various kinds of schools and the curriculums.
  2. 2. 2 Workshop Outline ● The Good, the Bad, the Ugly- Characteristics of Exceptional Trainer for dynamic School Environment. ● “Not Just For Kids” - Understanding the Adult Learner. ● “Picture Perfect” - Techniques to create & customise appropriate content. ● Need Analysis - Identifying Gaps. ● “The Tool Chest” of Trainer - Energizers, Icebreakers & Activities. ● Effective Visual Aids ● “Coffee with The Master Trainer”- Open Question Answer Session. Benefits ● Become part of Academician community PAN India through CEGR Lifetime Membership. ● Get empanelled with VInspire as Trainer and be the chosen one for school trainings. ● Opportunity to observe “Two” Master Trainers live sessions PAN INDIA. ● Dual Certification - Vinspire® & CEGR ● Hand holding for content & delivery, incase required.