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Docker meetup oct14

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Docker meetup oct14

  1. 1. Policy Based Container Networking Contiv.io Vipin Jain
  2. 2. Ocean of Applications Cluster Applications can be grouped e.g. a scale-out micro service tiers Relationship exists between groups and applications within group
  3. 3. Where to apply network policies? Between containers within a service tier Between service tiers All containers in a service tier External Service Tier = Policy Domain Policy Global Tenant Scope:
  4. 4. What exactly can a network policy be? • Security:  Scoped white/black list rules on specific protocol/ports  In/Out policy to/from outside the cluster  Permit/Deny Inter-Container traffic within service tier • Network Services for Apps:  Virtual or Physical Service appliances (LB, FW, etc.) • Analytics/Diagnostics:  Netflow for certain application traffic  Copy traffic to/from a specific application • Physical Infrastructure Usage:  Bandwidth, Latency, etc. • IP Allocation Management (IPAM) Policy  Auto-allocation, DHCP-based, integration with IPAM tools • Etc.
  5. 5. Rendering Networking Policies Docker Composition + Policy Intent Node1 Node2 Node-n Contiv Master Docker Remote Plugin
  6. 6. Mapping them to Docker Constrcuts CNM Endpoint CNM Network Compose Service Node1 Node-n
  7. 7. Demonstration (Docker + Contiv) – Setup Web Contiv Plugin Host-1 Contiv Master Host-2 DB Web DB Application Intent Tenant-1: External  Web:80  DB:6379 Tenant-2: External  Web:80  DB:Port $ docker-compose up Launch Multi-tier Application 1 Docker Swarm Automated Network, Policy Creation2 Automated Workload Creation and Scheduling 3 Policy Instantiation4 One Click Application Deployment with Policy Instantiation Contiv Plugin
  8. 8. Thank You - Enjoy your Docker Containers!