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Policy Webinar - Java's Compost

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Presentation by Java Bradley of Java's Compost
Essex County, N.J.

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Policy Webinar - Java's Compost

  1. 1. We are a backyard composting service helping people redirect their organic waste by turning it into compost. We also apply the finished compost to our customer's properties as an additional service. We started in January 2017 in Essex County, N.J. (approximately 20 miles from N.Y.C.)
  2. 2. OUR STORY The Dream: We began our business by trying to establish a local, small-scale food scraps pickup service. Our plan was to process the material on our own property! The Reality: We were quickly faced with the cost of licensing and permitting, as well as regulations preventing the moving of organics across property lines. We also would have had to purchase land which was economically unfeasible. Reinventing The Dream: We modified our plan in order to accommodate NJ food waste regulations by setting up a backyard composting service. We have two services: DIY Composting and Full Service Composting. Our Full Service customers get ALL their finished material--as much as 600-700 lbs per year of compost. For an additional fee, we apply the compost to their lawns and landscaping. If they don't need all their compost, they can donate it to one of our urban farm partners who grow food in various communities in Newark, NJ.
  3. 3. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: • We've set up over 50 DIY Customers with Backyard Composting Startup Kits--Tumbler, assembly, 5 gallon bucket, counter-top container, compost orientation, and delivery. • We have 13 customers who do our weekly Full Service. This operates similar to a pickup service, but all food scraps are processed on-site in the customer's backyard using a tumbler they purchase through us.
  4. 4. POTENTIAL FOR NEIGHBORHOOD- SCALE COMPOSTING • If composting ALL of their food scraps, this small sampling of 63 backyard composters translates into potentially 40,000-60,000 lbs of food scraps processed annually (not including garden waste). • There is potential for large quantities of organics to be recycled; also for municipalities to save money; and, for community-scale efforts to supply the necessary steps in accessing, processing, and retailing the organics through each step of the composting process. • Consider that ESSEX COUNTY has approximately 800,000 residents, 120,000 single family homes, and that current tipping fees to landfills are $90 p/ ton. Factoring single family homes with an average of 3 people per unit (at 4 pounds of food waste per person, per week) averages a savings of over $3,000,000 for Essex County.