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IoT in Healthcare

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Guest lecture at Wharton

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IoT in Healthcare

  1. 1. Internet of Things – Health, home and beyond Vish Anantraman MD, MS Chief Information Architect Northwell Health vanantraman@northwell.edu
  2. 2. Agenda • Framework for thinking about IoTs • Market potential for IoT • Business opportunities • Focus on IoT in Healthcare • Focus on IoT at Homes Attributions : Harbor Research, Gartner research, Harbinger group, CBInsights
  3. 3. Harbor Research,
  4. 4. Harbor Research,
  5. 5. Harbor Research,
  7. 7. Healthcare Value Equation – The Holy Grail
  8. 8. Addressing Challenges of Fragmented Care Delivery 25 Acute Care Skilled Nursing Facilities Outpatient Home Care Emergency and Ambulance IOT Technology
  9. 9. Tipping point for emerging technology like IoT in Healthcare Edison Electric Light Bulb • Right Filament • Critical mass of residential power distribution • Advances in vacuum technology Healthcare • Mass production of high quality sensors • Computing advances in AI, data processing • A payer market (insurance companies) that is ready for newer ways to reduce costs
  10. 10. Clinical Care in Hospitals - Low cost continuous physiological monitoring – early warning systems - Patient safety – fall detection through sensors - Reducing patient delays - Turn around time for patient beds - Patient waiting room - Operating room - Supply chain and asset tracking - Voice enabled physician – computer interaction – improved efficiency - Voice enabled personalized patient concierge
  11. 11. Remote Health Monitoring - Sleep studies at home - simple Fitbit like device as effective as sophisticated sleep labs - Daily weight monitoring for conditions like heart failure - Routine continuous EKG monitoring - detecting cardiac diseases - Continuous blood sugar monitoring - Smart Contact Lens - Home labor monitoring -
  12. 12. Application/Service/Device Vendors Platform Layer Vendors
  13. 13. HOME IOT
  14. 14. The Connected Smart Home
  15. 15. Voice Enabling The Smart Home