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The Happy List by Vishal Ostwal

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Life is simple.

Though, we tend to complicate it and tangle ourselves into innumerable confusions. 'The Happy List' is a tiny e-book to remind you of those truths and make you smile again.

For more free e-books and resources, visit the author's website: www.vishalostwal.com/resources

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The Happy List by Vishal Ostwal

  1. 1. The Happy List
  2. 2. “Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.” ― ParamahansaYogananda
  3. 3. Stay with those you love
  4. 4. Be honest to yourself and others
  5. 5. Do what makes you happy
  6. 6. Smile whenever you can :)
  7. 7. Don’t sweat what can’t be changed
  8. 8. Be grateful for what you have
  9. 9. Do your best with what you’ve got
  10. 10. Fix what makes you restless
  11. 11. Avoid what makes your heart ache
  12. 12. Say and express what you feel
  13. 13. Mind your health
  14. 14. Use technology, but sparingly
  15. 15. Give what you can, generously
  16. 16. Work hard and persevere for your dreams
  17. 17. Play, even if you’ve got a lot to do
  18. 18. Do things you’ll remember
  19. 19. Be who you are and accept yourself
  20. 20. Keep learning, forever
  21. 21. Take life easy
  22. 22. Share the happiness!
  23. 23. About The Author I’m a Vishal Ostwal. A writer, blogger and kind of person whose name rhymes with his surname. I write stuff about making life worth living, hoping to see people smile. WWW. VISHALOSTWAL.COM
  24. 24. Go, be beautiful and smile