2nd semester b. pharm. 4th year b. pharm. 8th semester pricing human anatomy and physiology b. pharma 1st year b. pharma. 1st year unit-ii hormone metabolism drug metabolism processing of drugs & hormons lipid metabolism protein metabolism carbohydrate metabolism portal triad bile canaliculi hepatic laminae hepatic hepatic sinusoids bile juice functions of gallbladder anatomy & physiology of liver b2c marketing b2b marketing unit-5 vertical marketing consumerism global marketing industrial marketing horizontal marketing rural marketing emerging concepts in marketing an overview of dpco & nppa drug price control order nppa dpco factors affecting the pricing determinants of pricing objectives of pricing importance of pricing functions of hypothalamus structure of hypothalamus hypothalamus thalamus structure & functions the thalamus the diencephalon physiology of medulla functions of pons functions of medulla oblongata unit- i definition of brainstem functions of brainstem the medulla oblongata the pons parts of brainstem brainstem human anatomy & physiology second semester cerebrospinal fluid csf formation of csf functions of ventricles 4th ventricle 3rd ventricle lateral ventricle brain ventricles duties of psr unit-iv (4) semester- 8th b. pharm future aspects to psr compensation to psr evaluating to psr norms of customer calls training & supervision to psr purpose of detailing definition of psr psr unit-iv marketing channel definition physical distribution channel conflicts selection of channel marketing channel members channel design pharma marketing channels benefits of what to do while presentation basic knowledge presentation skills
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