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valvoplasty sternotomy transcatheter mitral valve implantation (tmvr) open heart surgery bare metal stents prosthetic valve interventional fiber glass external wall foam board pitch roof stone wool floor pur xps expanded polystyrene cavity wall flat roof polyurethane foam internal wall polyisocyanurate extruded polystyrene pir phenolic foams glass wool pu eps cenospheres hollow metallic microsphere fly ash solid microspheres hollow glass microsphere metallic hollow microspheres poly methyl methacrylate (pmma) hollow ceramic microspheres polystyrene urethane hollow polymer microsphere cosmetics pharma and medical technology snacks & convenience food dairy & frozen desserts source emulsifiers hydrocolloids flavour & enhancers colorants acidity regulators food additives application (bakery & confectionery product type preservatives tax subsidies linear fresnel reflector concentrated solar power solar intensity concentrating solar plant csp parabolic solar storage solar tower on grid dish 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diagnostics & monitoring cannulae occlusion devices cardiac ct mri ct-scan echocardiograms event monitors holter monitors electrosurgical devices implantable loop recorders ecg guidewires valves accessories/consumables pet/spect doppler foetal monitors cosmetic tooth dental modality analogue intraoral cbct extraoral camera electronic stability control (esc) vehicle to everything (v2x) forward collision avoidance systems (fca) lane departure warning systems (ldw) tire pressure monitoring systems (tpms) driver monitoring systems (dms). advanced driver a autonomous vehicles (av) self-driving vehicles anti-lock braking system (abs) seatbelts night vision systems (nvs) adaptive front-lighting systems (afs) blind spot detection (bsd) electronic brake force distribution (ebd) passive automotive safety systems airbags) & active technologies hiv/aids neuropathy post-herpetic neuralgia diabetic neuropathy interneurons opioid receptors gamma aminobutyric acid (gaba) anti-migraine pain reliving drugs. tissue injuries anti-arthritis pain reliving drugs neuropathic pain reliving drugs complex regional pain syndrome relaxin substantia gelatinosa non-narcotic pain reliving drugs dorsal horn enkephalins neuropathic back pain oxytocin dynorphin narcotic pain reliving drugs n-type calcium channels small & medium enterprise text to speech iva intelligent virtual assistant predictive analytics & natural language understand machine learning end user (individual user application websites speech recognition messenger bots contact centre large enterprise) analysis of leading companies de real-time optimisation & simulators unconventional oil & gas health & safety exploration & production conveyor belts cellulosic fibre ether of cellulose rayon fibre man made cotton textiles & clothing lyocell fibres non-woven tyre chords esters of cellulose jute electrical-insulation viscose fibre cigarette butts modal fibres hoses pfa hexafluoropropylene vinylidene fluoride fluoroelastomers and etfe fluorinated ethylene propylene polytetrafluoroethylene heat stability ectfe synthetic rubbers homopolymer fkm polymers ptfe fluoropolymers tetrafluoroethylene polyvinylidene fluoride pvdf tfe fep fully-automated defibrillators public access cardiac center cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators ( semi-automated external defibrillators dual-chamber icds home care hospital center transvenous icds (t-icds) wearable cardioverter defibrillators (wcds) external defibrillators pre-hospital services implantable cardiovascular defibrillators (icds) cardiac single-chamber icds manual external defibrillators subcutaneous icds (s-icds) defibrillators implant cardioverter electrocardiology ablation defibrillator event electrophysiology atrial holter resynchronization biodegradable stent slings ureteroscopy high-intensity focused ultrasound transurethral microwave thermotherapy benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) polyurethane stent prostatic stent transurethral needle ablation prostate cancer urinary incontinence percutaneous nephrolithotomy-lithotripsy laser surgery temporary stent prostate-specific antigen (psa) test urinary sphincter kidney stone extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy permanent stent high-level waste carbon emissions nuclear waste services nuclear waste disposal techniques disposal facilities greenfield projects toxic emissions nuclear dismantling radioactive waste intermediate-level waste uranium nuclear decommissioning deep geological disposal repositories nuclear power low-level waste nuclear reactor radioactive materials internal combustion engines gearbox automatic transmission emissions powertrain drivetrain ice gears dual clutch transmission (dct) targets manual transmission cafe automotive transmission systems euro clutch automated manual transmission (amt) continuously variable transmission (cvt) rapid tests drugs of abuse/toxicology therapeutic drug monitoring disease specific tests analysers elisa chemiluminescence analysers endocrinology tests test kits reagents point of care (poc) immunochemistry analysers immunofluorescence analysers anaemia/vitamin tests in vitro diagnostics (ivd) market global immunochemistry market r&d staff marketing managers pharmaceuticals companies frozen food packaging companies food wholesalers ceos company managers marketing staff heads of strategic development procurement staff metal packaging companies food companies food retailers plastic packaging companies personal care companies fresh food packaging companies beverage companies market analysts asset managers technology providers packaging companies : chemical eor mr angiography cardiovascular screening arthritis screening patient monitoring prostrate mri mri spectroscopy hospital equipment breast and neuro-imaging medium and low-field mri equipment abdominal imaging medical imaging mri devices and technology medical diagnostics ct scans mri systems manufacturers medical device industry mr cholangio-pancreatography high transcriptome genome transcriptomics sequencing bioinformatic analysis genomics sequencing analysis genomics value chain chemoinformatics metabolome pharmaceutical genomics proteome sanger sequencing ethoxylates ethoxylation chemical type by end user industry petrochemical methyl ester oleo-chemical agrochemicals fatty amine household & personal care oilfield glyceride fatty acid hydrogenation european common aviation area european economic area regulatory framework european union aviation regulation european free trade association visiongain market research business intelligence economy trade deal trade agreement brexit carbon fibre reinforced plastic (cfrp) polyurethane resin) & new technologies (chrome fre paint nanostructure metals wings repair and overhaul coatings original equipment manufacturers fuselage corrosion epoxy resin fiberweb plc contech engineered solutions llc geogrids fabrics geotechnical or polyester geosynthetics polypropylene geonets fibertex nonwoven a/s carthage mills civil engineering applications including roads e. i. du pont de nemours & company gundle/slt environmental inc. (gse) belton industries inc agru america inc. amcol international corporation filtration soil hov environment solutions private limited aviation market research component management business intelligence dd&rx market studies decommissioned aircraft disassembly & dismantling engine teardown aviation market target identification excretion data management high throughput screening adme- absorption clinical trial management pacaking assay development manufacturing metabolism contract research organization (cro) rhinocort flixonase avamys astelin astepro veramyst beconase nasacort dymista flonase immunotherapy and vaccines omnaris allergic rhinitis drugs market nasonex patanase wellness supplements diabetic food probiotic fortified food skin nutricosmetics nutricosmetics lactose-free food probiotic supplements hair nutricosmetics food intolerance products protein supplements vitamins & minerals herbal supplements cutting-edge. network-centric warfare. information reconnaissance. guided missile. submarines. distri private sector enbridge public-private partnership ppp isothermal caes anti-collision guidance system autonomous landing uca stol gps routing last mile delivery autonomous take-off muas vtol luas vlos autonomous flight biolab farmacêutica teuto eurofarma polyurethane insulation tdi ndi naphthalene diisocyanate flexible foam mdi phenyl isocyanate hdi elastomer hmdi methylene bis-cyclohexylisocyanate hexamethylene diisocyanate isocyanate toluene diisocyanate coating methylenebis diisocyanates fibre rigid foam vehicle-to-infrastructure communication automotive cyber security in-vehicle communication vehicle-to-vehicle communication v2v car hacking v2g v2p v2i vehicle-to-grid communication software security hardware security vehicle-to-everything communication vehicle-to-pedestrian communication attack surface in-v zogenix antares auto-injectors microneedle technology inhaler technology 3m pen injectors novel needle technologies combination products competing technologies pre-filled and diabetes pharmacogenomics segment pharmacogenetics market size in vitro diagnostics emerging markets market driver acars fms gcaa rnp a350 head-up-display next generation glass cockpit cpld sears tcas avionics rnav egpws faa easa microbial fermentations (culturing) mammalian cell cultures biological active pharmaceutical ingredient (api) plant expression systems spreader stoker units biomass steam power biomass generation biomass electricity bubbling fluidised bed biomass pyrolysis biomass gasification bone-dry pellets wood pellets biomass power biomass burn utility scale biomass biomass energy direct combustion coal biomass cofiring combined heat and power bio-power chp biomass plant fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (fish) infectious disease laboratory-developed tests (ldts) immunology point-of-care biosensor technology microbiology haematology man-made carbon dioxide naturally occurring co2 sources anthropogenic co2 carbon dioxide source original oil in place carbon dioxide pipeline carbon capture and storage residual oil zone anthropogenic carbon dioxide ooip ccs ageing oil fields cannons bae israel tracked oshkosh panther 8x8 south korea thales italy navistar emerging aerostat cargo civilian allergy prevention bifidobacterium microbiome preventive healthcare oral health gut health bacterial probiotics human probiotics yeast probiotics lactobacillus animal feed s. boulardii health and wellness animal probiotics volkswagen group on demand mobility self-driving cars autonomous cars unsaturated polyester resin deg di-ethylene glycol neo-pentyl glycol propylene glycol polyester isopthalic orthopthalic terephthalic ethylene glycol dicyclopentadiene npg eg dcpd disposable syringe drug dispensing product large-molecule drug delivery pre-filled medical device ready-to-use syringe pre-filled syringe glass syringe pre-filled syringe producer drug dispensing device injectable drug prefilled syringe ready-to-fill syringe parenteral drug delivery drug delivery device labile drugs plastic syringe gas lasers medical laser systems dye lasers lasing medium diode lasers photothermal effect energy pump ruby lasers continuous wave nd:yag laser ellectromechanical effect optical resonator solid-state lasers photocoagulation compound annual growth rate eu 510(k) taltz bactroban valtrex canesten skin infections cosentyx zyvox cubicin lamisil otezla acne dermatitis conventional dmard btk inhibitors rheumatoid treatment gm-csf inhibitors jak inhibitors extra-articular rheumatology il-6 inhibitors dmard rheumatics synthetic dmard il-1 inhibitors network-centric warfare electric-propulsion missile early-warning satellite communications mircrosatellites information superiority cutting-edge anti-satellite weapons technological innovation pharmaceutical packaging product plastic bottles blister packs pharmaceutical packaging south korea pharmaceutical packaging region caps pharmaceutical packaging india pharmaceutical packaging drivers medical speciality bags pharmaceutical packaging restraints pharmaceutical packaging application prefilled inhalers medication tubes generic pharmaceutical packaging pre filled syringes closures parenteral vials airport terminal manger internet distribution service (ids) atd (advanced threat detection) denial of service (dos) crs (computer reservation system) data encryption trojan advanced threat protection atp (advanced threat protection) apt (advanced persistent threat) gds (global distribution system) atm (ait traffic management) unauthorised remote access cloud endpoint protection vpn (virtual private network) smart factories controller area network (can) advanced malware protection (amp) smart manufacturing transport security connected aircraft deep packet inspection (dpi) advanced persistent threat (apt) device security cns disorders nasal/buccal drug delivery product life cycle ocular drug delivery transdermal drug delivery drug administration drug delivery methods injectable/implantable drug delivery inhalable drug delivery product diversification oral drug delivery mergers carbon dioxide (co2) carbon capture use and storage (ccus) alberta carbon trunk line texas clean energy project post-combustion co2 transport carbon transport carbon capture co2 capture petranova / w.a. parish project carbon capture & storage (ccs) don valley power project kemper county igcc project oxyfuel combustion co2 storage captain clean energy carbon storage boundary dam pre-combustion greenhouse gases (ghg) carriers tankers manned destroyers fluidized bed fluidised bed msw airport collaborative decision making (a-cdm) refuelling terminal services ramp services airport services passenger handling common use passenger processing solution (cupps) ramp handling ground support equipment baggage handling business aircraft fuelling outsourced ground handling passenger services in-house ground handling functional fats & oils functional bakery & cereal functional meat organic food antioxidants enriched food fish & eggs superfood better-for-you food free-from food functional dairy superfruit helmet mounted display system (hmds) f-35 fighter aircraft joint helmet mounted cueing system (jhmcs) helmet display tracker system head worn display (hwd) see through wave guide. smart screens smart glasses driver vision enhancement augmented reality (ar) waveguide optics mixed reality virtual reality (vr) smart goggles helmet mounted display (hmd) diabetes specialist pharmaceutical companies diabetes pharmaceutical industry oral diabetes medications anti diabetes treatment diabetes therapy lowering blood sugar/glucose levels treating high blood sugar diabetes medicine diabetes medication diabetes drugs insulin drug delivery diabetes market metabolic diseases metabolic disorders anti diabetes drugs antidiabetic medications food cans personal care (including cosmetics) aerosol cans healthcare (pharmaceutical & medical devices) steel & aluminium beverage cans tinplate aluminium trays & metal drums metal caps & closures transport) & other applications industrial (bulk generic substitute generic competitor multikinase inhibitor biosimilar substitute cyramza angiogenesis inhibitor flight training device flight training providers fixed base flight training device pilot training mpl cpl commercial aviation fixed wing rotor wing atpl civil aviation civil aviation authority continuous infusion ambulatory pump insulin pump infusion pump intermittent infusion mal-absorption blood glucose patient controlled analgesia (pca) analgesic pump mal-nutrition chemotherapy pump infusion device enteral feeding pump drip rate infusion connecteddrive onstar sync mbrace inflammatory disorder psoriatic arthritis topical treatments skin disorders apremilast small molecule systemic drugs dermatological drug psoriasis medicine dermatological treatment psoriasis treatment treating skin disorders control & communications digital architecture command network-enabled systems cutting-edge systems nuclear energy forecasts and analysis sachets preservative-free paper/board france regional market colour personal carepackaging analysis airborne ground surveillance bae systems airborne early warning needle free injection (nfi) jet injection company immunisation microneedle hypodermic intramuscular needle stick injuries needle/syringe intradermal subcutaneous intravenous ms r&d ms ms pipeline primary-progressive relapsing-remitting ms s1pr modulator ms disease-modifying drugs ms drugs biogen progressive-relapsing tyrosine kinase inhibitor secondary-progression ms therapy multiple sclerosis treatment cellular assay reinforcing material carbon fibre reinforced polymer/plastic metal matrix composites (mmc's) polymer matrix composites (pmc's) ceramic matrix composites (cmc's) carsharing trip information tnc street rental car rental transportation network company free floating ridesharing ridesharing taxi social networks on-demand mobility carpool liftsharing shared mobility vanpool station based peer-to-peer potassium chloride sodium reduction solutions sodium reduction ingredients low salt reduced sodium food potassium lactate amino acids potassium salts mineral salts yeast extracts reduced salt salt free mao inhibitors biological drugs (biologics) parkinson’s disease (pd) comt inhibitors revenues dopamine receptor agonists parkinson’s treatments treating parkinson’s levodopa/ carbidopa/entacapone levodopa (l-dopa) dopaminergic agents neurodegenerative disorders symptomatic treatment dopamine substantia nigra parkinson’s drugs aerial utility onshore transport fibre-optic acoustic sensor (foas) light weight wide aperture array (lwwaa) hydraulic fracture monitoring (hfm) distributed acoustic sensors (das) fibre bragg grating (fbg) distributed temperature sensors (dts) : dfos linear optical sensors (lios) distributed strain and temperature sensing (dsts) permanent reservoir monitoring (prm) active towed array sonar (actas) structural health monitoring (shm) distributed strain sensing (dss) anti-submarine warfare (asw) quasi-distributed fibre optic chemical sensing (dc acoustic fibre optic (afo) perimeter intrusion detection systems (pids) multi-function towed array (mfta) critical infrastructure protection (cip) essential role in marketing mix global cosmetics packaging market overview socially acceptable market by application income economies cosmetics market structure overview colour cosmetics us japan china germany france brazil trends in the global distribution channels the cosmetics packaging industry jars tubes bottles airless dispensers sachets pres hair care autorefractor intraocular lenses vision care oct machines contact lenses diagnostics and monitoring daily disposables slit lamps ophthalmic lasers long-wear fundus cameras keratometer ophthalmic viscoelastic devices phacoemulsification devices insulin glargine autologous chondrocyte implants g-csf (filgrastim) basal insulin growth hormones engineered skin fusion proteins device beam assistance robotic cryotherapy radical hifu prostatectomy e-pedigree barcodes holograms security inks ink and dyes watermarks resources for personalized medicine police dog equipment patrol bike police handgun uniform ballistic shield fingerprint screening ammunition personal protective equipment nightstick sponge bullet narcotics testing squad car police helicopter magnesium ion batteries lithium air batteries innovative pumped hydro storage emerging energy storage zinc air batteries energy storage innovation emerging chemistries new technologies next generation energy storage lithium sulphur batteries antibody-based therapies therapeutic antibody next-generation antibody biosimilar antibody next-generation mab cyber security services. application security next generation cyber security psim physical security id management handheld devices vehicle management biometrics next generation antibody cartón. hpp tolling services hpp juice rte meat non-thermal food processing hiperbaric hpp dairy hpp fruit hpp meat avure hpp vegetable hpp equipment hpp sauces preservatives-free food long shelf life minimally processed food hpp food hpp dips hpp seafood food-grade cast polypropylene (cpp) conversion thin films converted sterile polyester (pet) converting nylon cmc raw materials engine & drivetrain components interior components g7 glass fibre reinforced polymer (gfrp) aramid fibre body components thermoset composites thermoplastic composites ceramic matrix composites (cmc) bric value added processes pmc raw materials metal matrix composites (mmc) bmw i3 carbon fibre reinforced polymer (cfrp) food paper packaging food plastic packaging food glass packaging emerging economies packaging materials food packaging trends leaders in the market rigid materials consumer spending behavior consumer spending behaviour food market size food swot analysis stakeholders swot analysis bisphosphonates risedronate osteoblast reclast/aclasta boniva/bonviva fosamax anabolic alendronate prevention actonel/atelvia antiresorptive bone mass density ibandronate supplements osteoclast zoledronate ventana insulin pumps pcsk9 autoinjector pen injector pre-filled syringes personal promotion of medicines tender rig drillship mobile offshore drilling unit semi-sub semi-submersible drilling drilling vessel modu anticancer drugs cancer of the breast treating breast cancer women’s medicine breast cancer therapy her2 positive breast cancer drugs for treating breast cancer women’s health cancer treatments triple negative breast cancer female healthcare hormone receptor positive breast cancer pharmacotherapy for breast cancer jars & pots amber (brown in various colour densities) pale green (half white) white flint (clear glass) dark green blue multi-spectral sensors radar payload intelligence payload digital data link ground control station laser range finder telint comint elint navigation payload communication payload command and control information canada indonésia saab airborne early warning & control global gas market iotuk industry of the future monodzukuri industrie 4.0 digitalization cyber-physical systems internet plus industrie du futur ii internet connected devices industry 4.0 electric mva patrol aircraft ugvs maritime patrol thermal cameras coastal surveillance airport security cargo screening follow-on formula baby snacks ready-to-eat baby food lactose-free baby food organic infant formula dry mix fortified baby food toddler formula gluten-free baby food finger food breastfeeding children food floating liquefaction floating regasification prelude topside mooring system liquefaction technology floating production smr hull production capacity dmr floating storage sensor electro-optic fighter wavelength invisible light visible helmet display jet lipid korea taiwan republic of china hypercholesterolaemia pharma clinical trial manufacturing fmcg over-the-counter consumer aleve otc-switches vicks zyrtec pom avastin immunogenicity indications reopro rituxan interchangeability flaring wwtte polystyrene ps high density polyethylene hdpe polyethylene terephthalate pet/pete polyvinyl chloride pvc pe low density polyethylene ldpe polypropylene pp cyber defence identity & access management prototypes selective laser melting selective laser sintering direct metal laser sintering patient-specific spritam dental products computer aided design (cad) levetiracetam medical modelling bio-resorbable acetabular cup fused deposition modelling selective laser sintering (sls) patents biomedical raw materials public-private partnerships air-to-air missile gps-ins guided missile semi-active radar homing infrared-guided missile radar-guided missile intercontinental ballistic missile cruise missile optically tracked active radar homing integrated air defence systems man-portable air de tube-launched laser-guided missile wire-guided weapon surface-to-air missile semi-active laser hypothermia prevention tourniquet haemostatic casualty evacuation shelters rescue and extraction haemorrhage control hemostatic circulation haemorrhage bandage improvised deployable airway and breathing blood transfusion blankets socio-economics economics chikungunya dengue ae.albopictus zika ae.aegypit gullain-barre syndrome flavivirus tourism containment microcephaly yellow fever population density lpg export refinery ngl butane import propane vaginal pain gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) antagonist women’s reproductive system disorder menstrual disorder women’s reproductive health endometriosis therapy/medicine endometriosis human female pelvic pain women’s disease disrupted menstrual cycle female reproductive disorder gynaecological disease gynaecological medicine endometriosis treatment female reproductive system pain female reproductive system disorder gnrh agonist endometriosis drug development drugs for endometriosis gluten-free dairy coeliac disease gluten-free dairy alternatives gluten-free beverages gluten-free bakery gluten-free meat alternatives gluten-free meat better-for-you gluten-free snacks gluten-free pasta gluten intolerance gluten sensitivity gluten-free ready meals iron dome patriot bmds bmd abm arrow barak midcourse missile david’s sling terminal sam aegis air boost lng as a fuel small scale lng lng fuelling stations satellite stations small scale lng carriers lng bunkering stations mission risk reduction decontamination translational mesenchymal parthenogenic critical pluripotent limb haematopoietic development induced ischaemia stem gene regenerative cells orphan drug designation gendicine gene editing human gene insertion neovasculgen human genetic disorders treating genetic disorders genetic treatment orphan drugs oncorine rare diseases monogenetic disorders orphan diseases human genetic modification single gene disorder single gene mutation genetic disorders gene replacement inspection scanner trace checkpoint perimeter baggage airline hot steam combined cycle steam enhanced geothermal systems pressure dry steam egs binary cycle co-production power plant geyser flash steam geothermal power renewable sources generation geothermal energy security labels identify tamper evident free-trade zones apparel self protection jammer electronic countermeasures : electronic warfare digital electronic warfare suite common missile warning system counter uav system infrared countermeasures jamming radar reflective decoy chaff adaptive radar countermeasures directed infrared countermeasures jammer active electronically scanned array radar life sciences & healthcare national insight issues health-care sector outlook for 2015-2025 2016-2026 united kingdom flu vaccines prophylaxis vaccines for influenza vaccines that protect against influenza quadrivalent vaccine influenza virus human influenza vaccination trivalent vaccine flu prevention flu vaccination flu shots influenza virus a vehicle dynamics control (vdc) forward obstruction warning (fow) blind spot information system (blis) forward collision mitigation (fcm) driver alert control (dac) cross traffic alert (cta) emergency autonomous braking (eab) rear end collision forward collision systems (fcs) pre-collision brake assist (pba) advanced driving assistance systems (adas) collision mitigation forward collision alert (fca) fading brake support (fbs) ready alert brakes (rab) forward collision mitigation autonomous emergency braking (aeb) forward collision warning systems (fcw) primary aluminium billets castings alumina aluminium smelters london metal exchange (lme) extrusions secondary aluminium aluminium substitutes aluminium powder die casting slabs ingots sand casting wire rod flat rolled products (frp) wire and cable electronic vehicle identification (evi) usage based insurance (ubi) autonomous driving data bluetooth mobile app apple connected car market connected car telematics tcu embedded integrated t utility company subsea cables jackets blades monopiles wind feed-in tariffs climate change offshore installation wind power floating capacity markets foundations agstar digestate polymerisation. lng naphtha unita ldpe olefins lldpe petrochemicals environment virtual associated catalent avian-derived synco bio partners idt biologika baxter biopharma solutions cmo meridian life sciences lonza national markets sigma aldrich fine chemicals low gi food sugar-free cake sugar-free ice cream obesity sugar-free chewing gum sugar-free no added sugar sugarless added sugar sugar-free boiled sweets sugar-free biscuits sugar substitute sugar sugar-free chocolate cyber security services market sizing comparator clinical trial nsclc precision medicine ageing population rcc clinical trial analysis ctla-4 inhibitors renal cell carcinoma renal cancer satellites human intelligence governments drones analytical products spatial intelligence geospatial intelligence solutions geoinformatics variable speed pumps francis turbines small scale pumped hydro storage closed-loop phs pump-turbines underground pumped hydro storage innovative phs pelton turbines pumped storage power station seawater pumped hydro storage storage pump pumped storage power plant motor-generators tidal pumped hydro storage open-loop phs male sexual dysfunction human reproductive system disorders vaginismus priapism persistent sexual arousal syndrome premature ejaculation vulvodynia hypogonadism sexual dysfunctions dysfunction of arousal hypoactive sexual desire disorder female sexual dysfunction cardiovascular disorder menopausal peyronie’s disease erectile dysfunction sexual disorders sexual pain dysfunction low libido dyspareunia acquisition system surface uuv mcm usv mine counter measures auv acquisition systems myocardial infarction heart attack haematopoietic stem cell transplantation haematopoietic / hematopoietic escs relief gi gastro-intestinal cvd infectious respiratory downsizing petrol top companies turbocharging euro 7 carousels operations airports sorting flight connections reconciliation tilt tray sorters conveyors make-up reclaim control rectal colorectal cancer colon waste management inc. landfill gas infinis viridor republic services clp envirogas lfg biffa lfge landfill gas to energy viridis vegetarian diet plant proteins quorn wheat proteins healthy lifestyle vegan diet meat alternatives alternative proteins soy proteins meat-free foods hydro electricity solar power voltage control hydro frequency regulation secondary reserve seasonal storage hydel energy density primary reserve power density renewables integration run-of-river tertiary reserve dam parchment paper sulfite paper papermaking test liner recovered papers corrugated boxes greaseproof paper wet strength paper asphalt paper paper and paperboard packaging kraft liner vci paper kraft sack paper packaging grades leading companies marker identification proxy network top crime espionage hostile breaches attack uhvdc (ultra high-voltage direct current) industrial waste anaerobic digestion commercial waste slow charging direct current (dc) electric motors plug-in rapid dc charging fast charging scenario analysis rapid ac charging california mandate battery electric vehicle (bev) nitrogen oxides (nox) electric vehicle charging stations (evcs) greenhouse emissions (co2) emission regulations internal combustion engine (ice) electric vehicle (ev) zero emission vehicle (zev) government charging stations utility charging stations alternative current (ac) electric motors morphine ambulatory volumetric gravity-controlled feeding enteral chemo drip rate pumps fitness sports protein bars nutrition l&s patrol caes molecular real time pcr ngs pcr renal apple pay high-throughput testing ethics murine models in silico adme/t sampling predictive adme cros adme-toxicology adme-tox 3d models assays tissue bioprinting bioprinting infantry carrier vehicle (icv) cavalry fighting vehicle (cfv) combat engineering vehicle ambush-protected (mrap) vehicle medium armoured vehicle main battle tank remote weapon station self-propelled howitzer (sph) light armoured vehicle armoured personnel carrier mine-resistant tracked armoured vehicle light protected vehicle resupply vehicle armored cannon infantry fighting vehicle (ifv) armor argon laser trabeculoplasty (alt) continuous wave (cw) pattern laser trabeculoplasty (plt) thermal effect selective laser trabeculoplasty (slt) laser in situ keratomileusis (lasik) electromechanical effect medical laser system optical coherence tomography (oct) medical laser esso kudu namibia gas total namibia oil angola oil southern africa tullow oil chevron sonangol military engines ordinance radars procurement military solider modernisation military equipment naval infrastructure naval systems military heavy vehicles artillery systems rifles missiles land procurement ingredients caseinate milk protein soy protein milk protein concentrate casein plant protein soy protein isolate soy protein concentrate animal protein textured soy protein gelatine milk protein isolate egg protein protein whey protein argentina ems venezuela mexico colombia sanofi nfc remittance payment cards e-commerce stored value account (sva) psms mobile wallet over-the-air (ota) purchase m-wallet contactless qr coding corrosion control packaging personal care smart packaging active packaging anti-corrosive packaging gas scavenger pharmaceutical smart packaging modified atmosphere packaging moisture control packaging beverage smart packaging food smart packaging controlled atmosphere packaging refining saas hadoop international oil companies data storage national oil company data scientist dedicated short-range communications (dsrc) vehicle-to-cloud (v2c) tethered solutions vehicle-to-home (v2h) model approach passenger car volume manufacturers premium and luxury manufacturers revenue allocation integrated solutions embedded solutions anti-infective nanomaterials nanopharmaceuticals nanodrugs quantum dots anti-inflammatory biosensors nanosimilars nano-enabled drugs nanomedicine nanostructures nanotechnology-drug delivery system (ndds) nanoparticles weight management drinks health claims functional tea functional dairy beverages “free-from” beverages digestive health hydration functional water brain-health drinks fortified beverages micronutrient malnutrition foshu naturally healthy drinks subsea well pipeline cleaning idle iron oil and gas decommissioning offshore decommissioning asia-pacific norwegian north sea ukcs well abandonment heavy lift vessel (hlv) north sea jacket removal gulf of mexico topside removal ncs super heavy lift vessel (shlv) onshore disposal plug and abandonment (p&a) aircraft storage teardown resale landfill dismantling scrap end of life parts manufacturer approval (pma) operational offshore oil and gas offshore exploration and production fps shipyards allergic rhinitis drugs budesonide allergic diseases allergic conjunctivitis fluticasone allergy immunotherapy eye allergy beclometasone eye infections flunisolide allergy vaccines respiratory devices olopatadine ocular inflammation azelastine cancer in china jevtana lhrh testosterone zoladex psa xtandi lupron castration-resistant xofigo androgen casodex radiation therapy taxotere phosphorylation atp binding kinase protein kinases protein kinase inhibitor follow-on drugs competitive inhibitor anti-cancer medicine lng infrastructure marine fuel fuel lng trailers air pollution locomotives drill support offshore pipeline heavy duty rov diver support offshore wind inspection rov subsea construction/installation heavy work class rov observational class rov work class rov subsea production/processing tmfj trunk lines remotely operated vehicle offshore technology immigration department of homeland security (dhs) barriers ums fencing perimeter surveillance borders maritime surveillance smart sensors border patrol scanners border management border towers e-gate biometric patent-expiry gsb light jet very light jet corporate aviation large jet gulfstream medium jet high net worth individual cessna cabin volume executive aviation privacy cabin interior bombardier aircraft manufacturer operating performance ruvu basin mnazi bay east africa somalia mafia deep basin offshore songo songo somaliland puntland ovarian cancer lynparza antineoplastic agent olaparib passive immunotherapy parp inhibitor ovarian tumours brcam brca2 brca1 active immunotherapy cancer of the ovary/ovaries real-time pcr (rt-pcr or qpcr) histopathological and cytological techniques molecular diagnostics physical examination circulating tumour cell (ctc) analysis positron emission tomography (pet) multiplex pcr cancer diagnosis cancer screening digital pcr (dpcr) cancer staging polymerase chain reaction (pcr) cancer diagnostics immunohistochemistry (ihc) analysis imaging techniques contracts through life support (tls) fleets performance based logistics (pbl) world health organization uncorrected refractive errors dry eye syndrome who tracking poi fleet management mobile advertising geo-tagging geo-tag lbm lbs m-advertising solomo location data gps geofencing a-gnss glonass a-gps a380 airbus regional jet a350xwb boeing turboprop narrowbody aircraft b777 a330 widebody aircraft b737ng a330neo a320neo a320ceo commercial aircraft lessors dairy-free lactose-free ice cream lactose-free sauces soy milk lactose intolerance lactose-free desserts lactofree plant-based dairy alternatives lactose-free ready meals lactose-free dairy almond milk lactose-free bakery rice milk alpro blockbuster drugs generic drug producers drug patent expiry evergreening ndas and andas generic pharmaceuticals generic drugs manufacturers generic drug market super-generics generic drugs (generics) m&a activity bolar provision free and price-regulated systems patented pharmaceuticals light metal packaging metal drums metal caps and closures aerosol aluminium packaging steel packaging tinplate packaging mechanical biological treatment (mbt) refuse-derived fuel (rdf) anaerobic digestion (ad) advanced thermal treatment (att) combined heat and power (chp) municipal solid waste (msw) energy-from-waste waste-to-energy waste hierarchy antisense risc sirna short hairpin rna silencing rna mrna rna shrna ddrnai small interfering rna mirna dna gene silencing gene expression rna interference ribonucleic acid streaming in-situ oil sands line 3 replacement pipeline trans mountain expansion pipeline keystone xl pipeline wti-wcs price differential energy east pipeline follow-on protein products monoclonal antibodies ( inhalable drug delivery technology intravenous infusion; intravenous injection (iv); multi-dose reservoir dpi transdermal drug delivery technology injectable/implantable drug delivery technology microcannulas transdermal patch nasal/buccal drug delivery technology multi-unit dose dpi dry powder inhaler soft mist inhaler metered-dose inhaler ocular drug delivery technology single-dose dpi nebuliser capsules rfid chips rfid tags industrial internet of things (iiot) automotive steel market steel surplus steel supply steel market size steel oversupply steel market growth steel deficit construction steel market steel production steel demand steel market value steel market steel market segmentation mechanical engineering steel market steel consumption steel inventories steel market share phase i-iv trials pharma contract research organisation (cro) pharmacovigilance biomarkers clinical research organization (cro) early phase clinical research organisation (cro) contract research clinical study clinical trial contracting pharma clinical trials pharma contract research pharma clinical testing clinical studies outsourced clinical trials vm (virtual machines) sddr sddc desktop virtualization cloud-based vdi data analytics disaster recovery cloud storage backup software-defined virtualisation virtualization sdn sdc sds enterprise it saccharin sucralose xylitol artificial sweeteners suedzucker archer daniels midland ace-k synthetic sweeteners ajinomoto stevia tate & lyle cyclamate sucrose ingredion aspartame human tissue oil sands mining upgraders paraffinic froth treatment alberta industrial heartland pft oil sands upgrading clamshell plastic drums : rigid plastic packaging plastic jars pp rigid plastic packaging pvc rigid plastic packaging rigid intermediate bulk container pet bottles functional packaging pe rigid plastic packaging cost-effective packaging light-weight pet rigid plastic packaging plastic caps & closures cew dew anti-vehicle non-lethal weapons laser weapons llw stun energy weapons taser directed energy beanbag round baton round crowd control conducted energy premium tires automotive tires units sold automotive tires automotive tires replacement market winter tires summer tires automotive tires market value cars automotive tires original equipment market economy tires automotive vehicles automotive tire manufacturers mid-market tires infrastructure security pipeline security oil and gas monitoring distributed acoustic sensing shm oil and gas exploration distributed temperature sensing structural health monitoring sonar railway monitoring traffic monitoring herpes simplex skin infection drugs topical retinoids rosacea psoriasis drugs hormonal therapies acne drugs dermatology soriatane alopecia dermatitis drugs anti-inflammatory agents benzoyl peroxide bcall electric vehicles (ev) safety and security bespak medical international technologies spring-powered injectors national medical products battery-powered injectors antares pharma gas-powered injectors injex pharma novel needle technology activa brand products endo international d’antonio consultants international bioject eurojet medical pharmajet needle-free delivery technology hl selective deposition lamination laser sintering digital light processing inkjet laser melting bio materials 3d systems spirits beer wine craft other consumer flexible plastic packaging food flexible plastic packaging plastic consumption plastic bags industrial flexible plastic packaging personal care flexible plastic packaging plastic films plastic pouches beverage flexible plastic packaging healthcare flexible plastic packaging flexible (converted) plastic packaging rpas ready-made salads chilled soup population growth chilled ready meals chilled processed fish/seafood prepared meals food-to-go urbanisation temperature control chilled pre cut vegetables packaged food household disposable income processed food refrigerated food chilled pizza cold chain chilled processed meat convenience syngenta agricultural commodities nufarm modern farming monsanto glyphosate agrochemicals pesticides bio-pesticides agricultural productivity basf insecticides herbicides adjuvants fungicides crop protection nail care packaging other skin care packaging fragrance packaging luxury packaging hair care packaging beauty packaging skin-whitening skin care packaging anti-ageing colour cosmetics packaging facial skin care packaging electronic health thinnest material graphene oxide wonder material graphene conductive ink graphene nanoplatelets graphene research conductivity graphene companies graphene consumption graphene market graphene batteries graphene powder graphene market forecast graphene market growth graphene demand graphene composites graphene sheets graphene market analysis cfrp composites market segmentation carbon fibre reinforced polymers cfrp composites consumption cfrp composites market share cfrp composites market cfrp composites demand sport and leisure composites cfrp composites growth rate stem cells in drug screening stem cell medicine stem cell regulation stem cell approval stem cell r&d cell therapy stem cell technology stem cell company stem cell technology company stem cells market/industry stem cell pipeline stem cell reimbursement stem cell research and development stem cell treatments stem cell commercialisation stem cell research e-enabled computer network exploitation ped wireless local area network virtual private network end point security (distributed) denial of service efb critical national information infrastructure information data global system for mobile communications nextgen atc atm sesar advanced persistent threat chronic wound wound care biologics advanced wound management diabetic ulcer wound care devices coloplast kci wound healing mölnlycke negative pressure wound therapy smith & nephew convatec venous ulcer moist wound care mlearning. genscript domainex albany molecular research admet screening pharmaceutical product development contract research organisations (cros) building blocks covance cyprotex evotec quintiles aptuit libraries prefillable inhalers tray blister pack healthcare delivery system medical devices packaging parenteral vials & ampoules caps & closures sterile packaging prefillable syringe plastic bottle aftermarket telematics light commercial vehicles commercial vehicles connected fleets vans sub-sea pipeline floating liquefaction regasification and storage u cryogenic floating liquefaction storage and offloading vesse flrsu srv flso floating storage and regasification unit thermosets metal matrix composite matrix composite electric vehicle cafÉ co2 regulations hybrid electric vehicle formula 1 reinforced thermoplastic light-weighting fibre reinforced plastic aramid fibre reinforced plastic industrial control systems malware optometry eye disease optic riser tower christmas tree hybrid riser pull tube riser flowlines drug trade in brazil anvisa medical commerce in brazil world cosmetics and personal care aluminium foil p formable foil liners pharmaceutical and healthcare aluminium foil packa trays collapsible tubes aluminia die formed containers semi-rigid aluminium foil containers food aluminium foil packaging and nuclear defence; cbrn; hls; homeland security middle east defence; middle east; middle east secu weapons of mass destruction; insurgency; threat; a contracted drug production off-shoring of pharma manufacturing ventana medical systems thermo fisher scientific biomérieux agilent (dako) lab 21 siemens healthcare abbott molecular roche diagnostics companion diagnostics (mdx) fake enforcement counterfeiting counterfeit illicit counterfeiters viral gene vectors advanced therapy medicinal products tissue regeneration osteoarthritis tissue engineering translational regenerative medicine somatic stem cells bone marrow transplant prochymal wound care potent cells orthopaedic therapies oncology therapies stem cell therapies goggle binocular target designator optical camera scope i2 marines optronics optics c2 aluminium surplus aluminium inventories construction aluminium market aluminium market share aluminium market segmentation aluminium oversupply aluminium deficit aluminium market size transportation aluminium market aluminium market packaging aluminium market aluminium market value aluminium market growth aluminium supply aluminium demand carrier wi-fi small cell novel production tools topic keywords: 3d printing 3d printing services additive manufacturing for medicine 3d printing equipment and raw materials tissues 3d printing providers 3d printing companies healthcare industry 3d printing technology 3d printing for medicine manufacturing for healthcare production of medical devices advances in 3d printing 3d printer 3d printing for healthcare prosthetics surgical robot truebeam minimally invasive surgery neurological orthopedic robot-assisted surgery rehabilitation robot laparoscopy robotic technologies radiosurgery orthotics robotic systems therapeutic robot assistive robot service robot medical robot steerable robotic catheters exoskeleton peak demand peakshaving stranded markets enterprise learning e-learning k12 level distance learning corporate training moocs lms meducation learning management system software-as-a-service (saas) cmoocs xmoocs moocs applications higher education massive open online courses kellogg co. bob’s red mill amy’s kitchen gluten-free foods nature’s path hain celestial dr. schär genius bakery products and snacks general mills dairy/dairy alternatives enjoy life foods boulder brands meats/meat alternatives leading biological drugs therapeutic antibodies generic biologics biosimilar guidelines pharmaceutical biotech biosimilar pharmaceuticals cetuximab sp scientific ima life other recombinant proteins lyophilisation services gea lyophil lyophilisation (freeze drying) other protein therapeutics laboratory lyophilisers plasma and recombinant coagulating factors martin christ gefriertrocknungsanlagen insulins iishinbiobase labconco cgmp (current good manufacturing practices) lyophi supplemental type certificate (stc) cannibalisation marpa aircraft manufacturing non oem licensed pma type certificate (tc) replacement parts truengine “repair “parting-out” oem licensed pma and overhaul (mro) spare parts parts manufacturer approval (pma) alteration and fabrication” aircraft aftersales surplus parts special airworthiness information bulletin (saib) pharma companies clinical trials clinical trial manufacturing tertiary packaging pail pallet crate bulk packaging fibre drum wooden packaging plastic drum metal drum drum reusable plastic crate (rpc) cng stations oem and aftermarket fitters natural gas sales liquid natural gas (lng) bi-fuel cars ngv population alternative fuel vehicles natural gas vehicles (ngv) passenger cars natural gas in transportation fuel economy dedicated cng cars natural gas population natural gas retrofit conversion ngv sales light duty vehicles commercial ngv compressed natural gas (cng) board kraft paper-based packaging wood other consumer packaging hydrocarbon otc (over-the-counter) wholesalers gastrointestinals rx (prescription-only) perrigo johnson & johnson consumer healthcare rx-otc switching (prescription drugs to over-the-c containment system. cbrne cbr rtu human machine interface emergency shutdown systems hmi veganism meat vegetarianism meat-free diet meat substitutes vegetarian meat mock meat semi-vegetarianism esc cure hematopoietic embryonic stem cell haematopoietic stem cell radios land platforms land platform military land vehicle electronics ground combat computer remote weapon stations network communications security vehicle protection systems c3 power and control systems lte-b 4.5g 4g+ south korean mobile market mvoip smartphones shipments video consumption chinese mobile market japanese mobile market next generation networks 4g smartphones sales 2025 step nestlé s.a. herbs soy phytoestrogens dietary fibre koninklijke dsm nv speciality supplements meal supplements pepsico carotenoids sport nutrition supplements phenolics fatty acids basf se pegintron ns5a inhibitors peginterferon hepatitis infection boceprevir intron a polymerase inhibitors hepatitis c virus (hcv) victrelis sovaldi medicines for treating viruses antiviral therapies protease inhibitors pegasys antiviral drugs incivek ribavirin telaprevir olysio licensing flight training motion systems flight training organisations fixed base full motion hydraulics visual systems aircraft operators academies qualifications middle magdalena valley monterey uinta bazhenov lav mrap ferguson narc k9 militarization disease containment guinea médecins sans frontières virus isolation haemorrhagic fever rvsv ebola filovirus sierra leone brincidofivir world health organisation tkm-ebola liberia rt-pcr epidemiology ebola virus disease wireless backhaul cochlear implants spinal cord stimulation (scs) medical devices for the central nervous system (cn neurostimulators sacral nerve stimulation (sns) cns devices treating depression st. jude medical boston scientific neurostimulation transmagnetic stimulation deep brain stimulation (dbs) parkinson’s disease therapy medtronic vagus nerve stimulation (vns) relieving chronic pain novel cns treatments cyberonics neuromodulators neuromodulation premium economy class cabin core system in-flight connectivity cabin service modules portable entertainment system economy class in-flight entertainment systems galley inserts crew seats galley ifec crew rest compartments cabin interiors business class passenger seats cabin management system first class aircraft seating gaming revenues global music download revenues vod video on demand voip subscriptions tvod music streaming revenues online pc games mobile gaming revenues helicopters modification emergency medical services parapublic corporate transport facilities yervoy pd-1 inhibitors melanoma vaccine immunotherapeutic melanoma melanoma diagnostic glaxosmithkline metastatic melanoma braf malignant cancer skin cancer vitiligo keytruda melanocyte press-shop robot density automotive manufacturing handling welding collaborative robots robotics body-in-white industrial robots paint-shop auto suppliers auto manufacturers traceability solutions manufacturers and distribut marketing and business analysis departments electronic protection asthma gold lung disease airway disease emphysema copd exacerbation bronchitis phenotype spirometry chronic obstructive pulmonary disease gina fev1 allergic asthma solar control glass low-emissivity glass (low-e) architecture glass replacement glass parts (arg) solar energy industry fire-resistant glass automotive tempered glass rolled glass original equipment for vehicles building industry sheet glass construction industry flat glass automotive laminated glass heat-insulation increased impact resistant glass glazing insulating glass float glass geospatial data abi activity based intelligence sar digital elevation model intergraph geospatial exploitation erdas esri arcgis gis 3d feature extraction nga remote sensing geographic information c4i geospatial national transmission grid conversion station hvac high voltage direct current uhvdc (ultra high voltage direct current) kv line commutated convertors (lcc) high voltage alternating current rich-azimuth shallow-water transition zone seismic multi-client surveys micro-seismic clinical microbiology tissue typing hiv blood screening molecular diagnostics (mdx) ct/ng haematology/ haemostasis cystic fibrosis hpv point-of-care testing oncology testing mrsa/ c. diff hcv point of sale (pos) enterprise m2m m2m value added services(vas) m2m connected devices m2m connections shipyard deep water new-build offshore oil ultra-deep water national oil companies conversions case forming filling machinery flexibility packaging machinery cartoning marking barrier protection form-fill-sealing checkweigher wrapping c-ied natural food marketing and business analysis depar natural ingredients manufacturers and distributors natural and organic food producers organisation (cmo) outsourced manufacturing biopharmaceutical manufacturing voip subscriptions voice over the internet innovative applications pbx static voip revenues uc disruptive applications static voip market nickel (ni) turbine blades beta alloys cobalt (co) tantalum (ta) titanium (ti) gas turbines near-alpha alloys niobium (nb) alpha alloys high performance alloys 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lactase aldosic chromatographic separation chromatography whey permeate monosaccharide dairy lactose membrane reactor low-glycemic diet aldehyde full body scanners access control at airports airport perimeter fencing air cargo security biometrics at airports digital surveillance at airports catsa portable scanners smart cards full body millimetre wave technologies tsa passenger and baggage screening security at airports full body backscatter technologies intuitive surgical metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (m da vinci surgical system jevtana (cabazitaxel) zytiga (abiraterone acetate) docetaxel (taxotere) therapy tasquinimod xtandi (enzalutamide) androgen deprivation therapy xofigo (radium 223) high-intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) prostatak radiopharmaceuticals provenge (sipuleucel-t) external beam radiation cryotherapy unconventional gas unconventional oil friction reducer oil & gas chemicals fracturing fluids sonar array fiber optic distributed fiber optic test food 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engine maintenance component maintenance c and d checks hmv/mods on the job maintenance b total apu care diabetes drug anti-diabetic antidiabetic treating diabetes hyperglycaemia antidiabetics glucose maintenance type 2 diabetes diabetes drug industry antidiabetic medicines type 1 diabetes human diabetes semi-rigid containers bisphenol a (bpa) smooth walled containers blister foil packaging wrinkle walled containers pouch packs thai original oil in place (ooip) thermal carbon dioxide injection in-situ combustion saas (software-as-a-service) public cloud hybrid cloud sla (service level agreement) private cloud mobile cloud paas (platform-as-a-service) iaas (infrastructure-as-a-service) in vitro diagnostics cardiac marker testing rapid coagulation testing abbott diagnostics anticoagulants pma blood glucose testing poc alere coagulation pt/inr international technidyne corporation prothrombin time patients end users mobile health healthcare practitioners health informatics device vendors content developers android blackberry mobile healthcare mobile operators healthcare system processes apps monoclonal antibody (mab) biocomparable fast-acting insulin biopharmaceutical biobetter reference biologic long-acting insulin k2 black panther main battle tank fx-iii fighter jet competition republic of south korea air force ‘sejong the great’ destroyers kf-x future fighter kf-16 avionics republic of south korea navy k9 thunder howitzer boeing apache guardian f-35 lightning ii agustawestland wildcat south korean defence industry republic of south korea army kai surion helicopter aegis destroyer ffx future frigate competition f-15k slam eagle transdermal systems inhalation-based systems intravenous (iv) oral drug delivery systems injectable drug systems formulation technologies drug release small-molecule drug delivery dosage form drug formulation pharma product lifecycle management innovative drug delivery re-formulation peroral vaccine drug delivery biotech drug delivery small scale liquefaction liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) coal seam gas lng carriers british thermal units (btu) over-the-horizon carrier killer g/ator iads gatekeeper early warning system s-400 counter-stealth keywords: military radar phased array dong-feng 3delrr passive radar doppler effect silent sentry space fence aesa psi ceramic proppants coal bed methane coalbed methane unconventional resources cbm resin coated proppant closure stress thermal resistance resin coated sand frac sand tier 1 pollution car classification co2 emissions micro cars automatic transmissions 2 & 3 cities world trade organisation engin indigenous brands sport utility vehicles strategic alliances minivan luxury goods fuel saving joint ventures new energy vehicles road building interferon gamma hgh recombinants interferon lambda recombinant genetic engineering technology pegylation chemical precursors small-molecules supply chain management quick response (qr) coding environmentalism fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) consumer goods next 11 food & beverages waste reduction brics borgwarner continental ag chery brilliance changan automobile byd auto co ltd chrysler abhishek auto bejing automotive bmw autoliv avtovaz
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