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Music performance in public space presentation

presentation for the EchoPolis International Conference, that took place on the 1st of October, 2013 in Athens.

by Vivian Doumpa and Dr. Brian Doucet

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Music performance in public space presentation

  1. 1. Vivian Doumpa Brian Doucet EcHoPolis Conference Athena, Greece 29/9 – 3/10, 2013
  2. 2. Public Space in NEED for Revitalization CREATIVITY
  3. 3. THE GUERRILLA GENERATION Keywords: Public Art Street Art Guerrilla Pop-Up Tactical Creativity DIY Temporary Bottom-Up Spontaneous Community-driven
  4. 4. Missing keyword: Sound  Music (Performance) Missing link: Music  Public Space Revitalization
  5. 5. To what extent does Music Performance in Public Space change the Perception that people might have about the Quality of that place?
  6. 6. Research Gap: Music and Performance Arts in Public Space Sense of hearing Listening Music Cognition
  7. 7. THE CASE STUDY Navarinou Square - Thessaloniki
  8. 8. Navarinou Square (source: Bing Maps)
  9. 9. The gypsy-swing musicians who performed during the research. Swing till you drop: (from left to right) Chris Kosides, Yiannis Vakaloudis and Kostas Vaporidis.
  10. 10. View video here: http://youtu.be/eBt9bUyMnbs
  11. 11. COMFORT
  12. 12. COMFORT “I don’t usually spend time in the square. But today that I liked it I thought of sitting for a while… and I sat. And I liked it a lot that there are swing musicians today!”
  13. 13. COMMUNITY & SOCIABILITY “(...) I have made friends... other moms... we have made friendships, my child has made friends, and as a result my day goes on more pleasantly” picture captured by an interviewee
  14. 14. ACCESSIBILITY “(...) it is a very dear place for the people. It has lots of people; as soon as the sun comes out ‘pop!’ everyone comes here in the square. The square fills immediately. The square...is the centre, it is... where everyone gathers. (...) Navarinou Square is a trademark!” March 2012
  15. 15. USE “Back in the days it used to have more people, it used to concentrate more people. Now there is not so much. Nowadays people also have difficulties (financial), so it is reasonable that they don’t go out as much as they used to do”. picture captured by an interviewee
  16. 16. The contribution of the music performance on perception and experience
  17. 17. “there should be more activities, a little bit of music” Picture taken by an interviewee from the nearby cafeteria
  18. 18. “I mean, you watch the music, you watch the people sitting and observing… it is nice!” “…music relaxes. You feel that something exists”
  19. 19. “May I at least buy you a cup of coffee?” …suggests this woman to the musicians when they said that they do not collect money, but they perform for pleasure.
  20. 20. …one week later, without the music… “few days ago I came across a band that was playing the violin... it was very nice, because we were in the park on the one hand, but on the other, we were also listening to music... and the children were dancing…” “Yes, (music in public space) is something very pleasant, and sometimes in the square there are people who either sing opera songs, or play accordion and generally I believe that these events give a different touch…”
  21. 21. music in public space does not have a direct effect on people’s perceptions regarding the quality of a place …hmmm…? >>> intensity of problems “Clichés of Public Speech” <<< effect of music Yi-Fu Tuan, 1977
  22. 22. Spatial Experiences MUSIC feelings memories Perceptual Experiences
  23. 23. The unexpected factor THE GREEK CRISIS
  24. 24. Music in Public Space Creative Placemaking - Culture-Led Regeneration Humanization of Planning – Collaborative Approaches Successful and Qualitative Urban Realms
  25. 25. Top-to-Down Collaborative Policy Making Bottom-Up
  26. 26. Recommendation: !!! Quality of Music !!! Symbolisms of music   Emotions provoked   Identity of space – Placemaking   Desired planning strategy
  27. 27. Recommendation: !!! Don’t over-plan !!! Otherwise: <<< creativity <<< spontaneity <<< engagement Appreciate Grassroots and Pop-Up! The planner's and policy maker's role should be to create the ideal conditions for the musical activities to flourish, rather than to exclusively focus on organizing top-down festivals and events themselves.
  28. 28. Final Goal: TRIANGULATION MUSIC - interaction - socialization - usability STATE - infrastructure - maintenance
  29. 29. “I was wandering around the old town when I heard a saxophone from around the corner and, following the sound, found the musician playing alone in a snowcovered square. The pleasure of the experience was that it was so unexpected, unlike the feeling that buskers today are placed in strategic spots, which takes away the joy of the moment of discovery.” Anna Minton, 2009
  30. 30. T H A N K YO U V E RY M U C H Special thanks to Chris Kosides, Giannis Vakaloudis & Kostas Vaporidis Christianna Vei, Efi Votsou & Aris Stathis Vivian Doumpa – vivian.doumpa@gmail.com Brian Doucet - b.m.doucet@uu.nl Echopolis, Athens, October 2013 Find full research here: http://bit.ly/101LBjq