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With The Drive, Vocalcom steps into the connected kiosks market.What if the weakest customer experience was, ironically, i...
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Vocalcom the drive

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Vocalcom the drive

  1. 1. With The Drive, Vocalcom steps into the connected kiosks market.What if the weakest customer experience was, ironically, in shop? When social networks and onlineshopping are trendy, but also at a point where good clerks are fewer and fewer for always morecomplex produces, the idea of connected kiosks in store is not fictional anymore. As this kind ofproduct appears as THE next big thing for multiples companies in IT sector, innovations make it moreand more attractive.French editor Vocalcom launched during the last Stratégie Client Convention a new product in itsoffer: the connected kiosks The Drive. Illustration: a Saturday afternoon, trying to receive decentadvises from a clerk in any hi-tech store is like trying to overpower a rugby melee alone. Interactiveconnected kiosks are able to present a demonstration of one or more products, to store technicaland commercial data useful to customers. What if the answer isn’t there? These kiosks are nowconnected and offer the possibility for customer to reach for a salesperson… on line byvideoconferencing. The customer can also be in relation with an expert if the question is reallytechnical or about brand new product. In any cases, customers is invited to leave his contacts on thekiosk… a true goldmine when you know that over 65% of shoppers are leaving the place withoutbeing identified and will never be contacted again. In short, with The Drive, Vocalcom organizes awhole SVI… in store!This new development isn’t such a paradox according to Anthony Dinis, founder and CEO ofVocalcom: “ 80% of transactions are still accomplished in store. Reaching your prospects when theyare at your place, on your website, giving them voucher using a QR code is easy and possible. Web islocal shops’ best friend”.Two major brands are currently running tests and experiments with this new solution by Vocalcom.These kiosks are perfectly picturing the new Vocalcom’s strategy: covering the whole sector ofcustomer’s experience, on all channels. This move is a gamble as it means starting investing inhardware, going away from its historic sector and settling in a new one when major players arepositioning themselves: Testn’Trust announced during the Shop Innovation 21 — Congress “ondesign and innovation at point of sale’s service”— the arrival of an interactive booth made tocollected customers’ opinion.