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  1. 1. RAAVA A d -N e t Wa r r i o r s !! Mall Promotion ! Branding ! Brand Promotion ! Merchandising! ! RWA Promotion! Canopy ! Pub Promotion ! College Promotion !!
  2. 2. All about Raava Ad-net warriors Raava Ad-Net warriors is an event company which is a dynamic and diverse event management company offering motivational experiences to corporate and general people. We are corporate event organizers with strength in developing, planning and delivering events that really make a difference. Having done more than 200 successful corporate shows gives us the strength to make your event the most memorable one. Raava Ad-net warriors believe in giving a personal and professional service to all our customers, from planning to completion regardless of the project size. To deliver a quality event with a tailor made solution, within your budget and ensure it to your complete satisfaction.
  3. 3. Features beyond description. Upgrading Client’s satisfaction
  4. 4. What we do… Services.. Brand Promotions Road shows Rural activations In shop promotions Mall Promotions Product launches Live Events Corporate Collaterals
  5. 5. Offerings from Raava Ad-Net warriors..
  6. 6. Glimpses… In shop promotions..
  7. 7. Brand promotion in college campus..
  8. 8. Teachers scotch event..
  9. 9. Marchandising Bharat ki shaan…
  10. 10. Petronas Oil Activity..
  11. 11. Rural Promotions
  12. 12. Mall Promotions..
  13. 13. Dealers & Corporate Meets
  14. 14. Auto advertising..
  15. 15. Road Show..
  16. 16. Corporate Gifts..
  17. 17. Client Management.. • Our team leaves no stone unturned to deliver a perfect event. • Support:  Providing support to the client in every aspect of the event.  Suggesting options the best suited for the event which would be budget friendly.  Advising the customer on latest trends in entertainment, present preferences of the public etc. Communication:  Strong rapport maintained with our customers and Providers.  Follow - up done to assess the quality of the event we deliver.  Communicating the pros and cons of a proposal. •    Product: Quality in all our services guaranteed. Best deals offered. Anxiety free event assured.
  18. 18. Our clients.. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TMI. Touch Wood Candid. Persecp. Hungama Wings . Knight King. Maxiz groop . Infinity . Purlp Group . Brand Wiz. Pacific Marcom Interface Communication JMD solution
  19. 19. Our clients..
  20. 20. About us.. Raava Ad-net warriors has been a leading organization for conducting successful events since 2010. We take pride in the fact, that we could deliver to the utmost satisfaction of all our varied clients in diverse sectors like- Consumer Electronics, software, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, automotive industry etc. We are thankful of the fact that all our esteemed clients always look up to us for managing their events and occasions. Raava Ad-net warriors has evolved into a complete marketing partner. Its long association with brands, has today created its own reputation as an Intelligent Focus Marketing Company. Marketing in the new millennium poses new challenges for brands and business across sectors. Raava ad-net warriors has a comprehensive understanding of today’s market dynamics & transforms consumer demand to focus more on the needs of the target community. We believe in shaping meaningful, long term relationship with our clients, helping them to connect with their communities through our initiatives.
  21. 21. Contact us.. Please do not hesitate to contact us for complete information and to explain our credentials. RAAVA Ad-Net Warriors For further information please contact… Contact person : Vikas jha :- 9990946265 Kavish mahajan : 9990210817 Email id : vikasraavawarriors@gmail.com Head Office raavaadnetwarriors@gmail.com raavawarriork@gmail.com E-31A laxmi Nagar Delhi - 110092
  22. 22. T h a n k y o u ..