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Why you desperately need it
The hardest thing about selling today is that
customers don’t need you the way they used to.
They can find anything they want with a few clicks
and have endless choice at their fingertips.
They are also highly sceptical of any claim you make
and for the most only act on trusted
According to Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch and
author of Lead Generation for the
Complex Sale, up to 95 percent of qualifi...
but as many as 70 percent of them will eventually
buy a product from you
or your competitors.
The challenge is therefore this:
How do I attract attention?
How do I make sure visitors stick around long
enough to really ‘get’ why I’m the one they should do
business with?
How do I get them to love my brand?
How do I make sure they remember me when they
are ready to purchase?
There are three key things you need to
get in place …
You need to create: “Wow! That’s impressive.”
You need to capture attention.
If they don’t know about you, they can’t buy ...
You need to create “Aha! I get it!”
Explain it so they ‘get’ it.
If people don’t ‘get’ why they should buy from you
You need to create “Yes, I want it!”
Convert excitement into action.
You have to persuade people to take action.
But to make all this really effective you
need to wrap it all in a strong Brand
Imagine this onion is your brand
And these other onions are other people’s brands.
How do you get people to choose your onion over
those other lookalikes crowding your space?
In the 21st century, where brands continually scout
and find and grab and assimilate, everyone ends up
doing pretty much w...
Add to these consumers that click and scan and
compare and decide on gut feel, and victory for a
brand becomes little more...
You see, for the brand owner there is a distinct
different in the offer - but everything has become a
commodity in the eye...
And it is because they think it’s all the same that you
need to make your brand dynamically distinctly
different and unfor...
There is only one thing you can do that cannot be
copied by the competition …
You need to give your brand … personality.
Brand personality reflects how people feel about your
brand, rather than what they think the brand is or
It is a unique collection of emotional triggers people
can connect with.
You can usually describe a brand personality as a
collection of adjectives commonly used to describe
people’s personalitie...
To effectively project this Brand Personality you need
Get a unique voice – find an interesting, unique,
desirable and engaging way of sharing things with
Use emotion – people connect with emotions so
ooze emotions: be fun, funny, happy, serious,
surprising, bouncy, silly, for...
Be very visual – 83% of human learning occurs
visually so it only makes sense to give your brand
personality a distinctive...
Create stories – The human brain is wired for
storytelling – it is one of the most effective
techniques for capturing the ...
Humanize the brand - above all, be human.
Brand personality is the expression of the
fundamental core values and characteristics of a
At the forefront is the visual expression of this brand
personality. Here are some options:
Rope in some famous actor (OK, that might be a bit
Find someone internal that fits the bill
Express brand personality with body language
Use props to express the brand personality
Do the Hollywood treatment
Find a unique, creative hook
If you really can’t find someone suitable …
… or a suitable creative hook …
Characters will do the trick.
Characters come in all shapes and sizes so there’s
bound to be one that will fit your brand and add
oodles of personality
The message is clear: either win consumers’ hearts
or risk watching them chase after some other brand.
Win them over with BRAND PERSONALITY
The advantages of BRAND
• Differentiate your Brand
• Makes it Memorable
• Makes it Likable
• Create Message Co...
WAKSTER - giving people a reason to love your
If you want to add personality to your brand, get in
touch with us to...
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How do I make sure they remember me when they
are ready to purchase?

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