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5 Exceedingly Easy Ways to Support Your Employees

  1. 5 Exceedingly Easy Ways to Support Your EmployeesBy W Darrow Fiedler
  2. There are numerous ways you can encourage your employees to give your company their best work.  A few things you can do to encourage them are the following:
  3. 1) Use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool you can keep in your arsenal.  The basic idea behind this type of reinforcement is that you reward a person for a particular behavior or action.  By providing this person with something favorable in response to his/her behavior or action, he/she gets the idea that what he/she does is good enough to receive mention and accolades.  This will teach the person, without having to specifically tell the person, that you encourage good behavior and actions and discourage unfavorable behavior and actions.
  4. 2) Verbally affirm your employees in the presence of others. Your employees get a double reward when you affirm them in front of others.  One, they receive positive reinforcement from you, and two, they get noted in the minds of their peers as someone who did something well.  This spikes their self esteem and gives them the affirmation they need to continue to do good work.  It sets him/her up for a successful future, because the company rewarded and noticed the hard work he/she did.
  5. 3) Tell employees what the consequences are for unfavorable actions ahead of time. If your employees do something they should not do and you did not tell them they cannot do it, then the fault can only fall on your plate as their manager.  Make sure you have a thorough list of policies as a company on how employees should handle various situations, who they should consult in the process, and what they can expect if they break the rules.
  6. 3) Tell employees what the consequences are for unfavorable actions ahead of time. If you reprimand or even give the employee the cold shoulder when they do something they shouldn’t have done but did not know they shouldn’t have done it, then you are going to make them feel alone in the company, reinforcing in their minds that you are unfair and are not supportive.  This can only lead to bad things down the road.
  7. 4) Award one employee with Employee of the Month each month. If employees have performance goals to reach, they will know that they have to complete a certain set of various actions in order to accomplish specific objectives in place to achieve certain goals.  When employees are rewarded with employee of the month, they can be encouraged to try hard, because they will have a short-term goal to focus on.
  8. 5) Celebrate employees annually with an award ceremony. For longer term rewards, annual award ceremonies are the way to go.  This will show employees that you recognize them for all that they are, appreciate their ability to plan long-term to accomplish tricky objectives, and do not take for granted their hard work all year long.  Give out special awards for different things such as going above and beyond for clients, having the highest sales numbers, or being the most helpful to other employees in the office.
  9. Thank You for Watching! By: W Darrow Fiedler