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Xiii fici Creativity is SPREADng Around the Globe since 1950

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Xiii fici Creativity is SPREADng Around the Globe since 1950

  2. 2. Creativity & Creative thinking are growing and being developed in countries, companies & organizations around the world
  3. 3. 1950 APA speech “The subject of creativity has been neglected by psychologists.”
  4. 4. The immediate problem has two aspects. (1) How can we discover creative promise in our children and our adults (2) How can we promote the development of creative personalities.
  5. 5. S.P.R.E.A.D.ng Creative Thinking Throughout Your Entire Country/Company
  6. 6. What Some Corps Do…
  7. 7. What Some Corps Do… % Of Profit 15% Rule Clubs Company Books (Dupont) Contests Creativity/Innovation Newsletters - Print/Electronic Creativity/Innovation Rooms Groups---Oz Group Guest Speakers Idea Meetings Idea Systems In-House Training Innovation Fairs Libraries Management Support Newsletters - External Posters Rebel Groups-Unofficial Retreats Rewards & Reward Systems Seminars Support Conference Attendance Training Programs Workshops
  8. 8. Creativity & Creative Thinking . Innovation Program. Began in home offices in the U.S. with an Innovation Fair and a Director of Innovation. Houston-London-Aberdeen-Asia
  9. 9. Creativity & Creative Thinking . innovation champions innovation teams
  10. 10. Creativity & Creative Thinking . professional associations include programs on creative thinking and problem solving in annual conferences, institutes, meetings.in their yearly calendars
  11. 11. Creativity & Creative Thinking France A professional society brought in a professional creativity consultant to present a 3 -hour workshop at one of the monthly professional meetings.
  12. 12. Creativity & Creative Thinking the Netherlands Faced with a government contract to help 30+ unemployed college degreed, agricultural engineers prepare to enter the information industry in the Netherlands, Regio Baak, a division of DeBaak, brought in a creativity consultant to present a 3-day workshop on developing creative thinking .
  13. 13. Creativity & Creative Thinking Denmark - DIKI A group of engineers, technical, design and advertising people Copenhagen formed a Creativity Organization due to their common interest in creativity and their desire to develop their creative thinking skills and creativity.
  14. 14. Creativity & Creative Thinking Denmark – Novo Nordisk a highly successful Swedish medical equipment company created an internal creativity and creative thinking development department. Brought in speakers.
  15. 15. Creativity & Creative Thinking Halim Erganulp, a business and engineering consultant based in Istanbul visited the CPSI in the 1990. Based on his experiences he became excited about starting his own Annual Turkish Creativity Institute in Istanbul. 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005
  16. 16. Creativity & Creative Thinking South Africa Kobus Neethling - a tremendous success story. 20th ACRE, 9th ACRE-Education, ACRE-Namibia. (Speakers from 6 continents) involving companies, industries, universities & government agencies from throughout South Africa and some of the other African nations.
  17. 17. Creativity & Creative Thinking India Various companies from a newspaper chain to a large hospital organization have begun to bring in consultants to speak on creativity to their employees to add sets of creative thinking skills to their on-going training and development programs. Plus WOW! Factors in India & SA.
  18. 18. Creativity & Creative Thinking Sri Lanka A consulting & meeting planning organization brought in an American consultant to present a day-long workshop on Creative Thinking on Demand for an open-enrollment public seminar. Over 70 people attended representing 30 to 40 businesses and industries from Sri Lanka.
  19. 19. Creativity & Creative Thinking Malaysia In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the Malaysian Institute for Training and Development has added several creative thinking courses to their offerings.
  20. 20. Creativity & Creative Thinking Malaysia In a variety of workshop companies have been offering creative thinking Programs to their clients: in-house and public workshops.
  21. 21. Creativity & Creative Thinking Singapore Singapore has seen many workshops, seminars, training programs, college courses presented on creative thinking over the past 1O to 15 years with a large burst over the past 3 years.
  22. 22. Creativity & Creative Thinking Australia Edward de Bono, Tony Buzan and other western creativity writers and consultants have been working in Australia for several years developing certified trainers of their materials.
  23. 23. Creativity & Creative Thinking Spain & Portugal There has been a growing interest in the development of innovation and creativity in both Spain & Portugal through university programs and private consulting firms and a Torrance Center in Oporto and conferences in Faro and Madrid.
  24. 24. Creativity & Creative Thinking Mexico There have been creative thinking consultants in Mexico for several years who work with their individual clients and offer public seminars. Several American consultants have been brought into Mexico as well over the past 20 years with a renewed interest in innovation and creative thinking among business schools and associations over the past 2 to 3 years.
  25. 25. Creativity & Creative Thinking Mauritius Through the Malaysian Institute of Training and Development a major effort is taking place in the island country of Mauritius to develop creativity in their businesses, industries, government and schools. MITD has and continues to provide resource people from Asia and the U.S. to work with the leaders of Mauritius.
  26. 26. Creativity & Creative Thinking Canada Creative thinking development in Canada has been in existence for many years starting with consultants, college professors and training organizations. Over recent years government leaders have been promoting innovation efforts through government funded programs.
  27. 27. Creativity & Creative Thinking Brazil Brazil Creative Foundation FICI (I – XIII) ILACE American Chamber of Com Criabrasilis “Idea Factory” in Vitoria
  28. 28. Creativity Organizations CCI DIKI Next Idea ACE FCW
  29. 29. Creativity Centers University ACA International Affiliates ACA - Singapore Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity and Enterprise Northwood University Alden B. Dow Creativity Center Northwood University American Creativity Association- Canadian Affiliate American Creativity Association(ACA) Drexel - Goodwin College American Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Applied Research and Innovation Centre Centennial College ArtPlace Arts Build Communities at Rutgers University Rutgers University Association for Promotion of Creative Learning Bangkok University Creativity Center Bangkok University Berlin School of Creative Leadership at Steinbeis University Steinbeis University C,R,E,8,N,G! Canada Foundation for Innovation Capitol Creativity Network Center for Business Innovation and Creativity Kennesaw State University. Center for Creative Inquiry Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) *double chack website, confusing Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies (CCIS) National Chengchi University in Taiwan National Chengchi University
  30. 30. Center for Packaging Innovation Michigan State University Centre for Creativity and Innovation – Boise State University Certificate program in entrepreneurship, leadership and creativity University College of Arts & Sci China Creative Studies Institute College for Creative Studies, Detroit College for Creative Studies CREA Italia (CREA) - European creativity organization Creative Amsterdam Creative Education Foundation (CEF) Creative industries styria Creative Initiatives Foundation Creative Oklahoma Creative Thinking Creativity Centre University of Brighton Creativity Institute Creativity Zentrum Creativityland, Inc. Toronto, Canada CRUISE Carleton University DePaul University Center for Creativity and Innovation DePaul University Drexel/Torrance Center for Creative Studies and Creative Prevention of School Violence Drexel University
  31. 31. Destination Innovation programs around the globe Drexel/Torrance Center for Creativity and Innovation Education and Research of international top school for creative leadership THNK based in Amsterdam Amstersdam School of Creative Leadership Emory Center for Creativity& Arts Emory European Association for Creativity and Innovation (EACI) European Centre for Creative Economy European Creative Business Network Fundacao Brasil Criativo (FBC) UNIT - was connect in 2012 Future Problem Solving International Future Problem Solving Program many states and countries Gifted Development Centers many US sates Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial Management Harvard University Higher Education Creativity Conference Arizona State University & Sichuan University Hochscule Pforzheim (Germany) Master of Arts in Creative Direction PFORZHEIM UNIVERSITY, School of Design Hong Kong Polytechnic University 4th World Creativity Festival Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni
  32. 32. Idea Activity Idea Marathon and JAIST Japan Institute of Science & Tec IDSA Innovation Network Innovationbron inqbate University of Sussex Institute of Entrepreneurship | Center for Creativity & Innovation Miami University International Center for Studies in Creativity Buffalo State University of NY International Centre for Creativity and Innovation University of Connecticut International Forum of Creativity Organizations Iran Research Center for Creatology , I nnovation, and TRIZ Japan Creativity Society Tokyo University of Technology Linden Center for Creativity and Aging Ithica College Mindcamp - Annual Conference in Toronto MSU Creativity Initiatve University of Michigan National Creativity Network PhD Worldwide
  33. 33. Odyssey of the MIND groups around the globe Quality of Life Research Center Claremont Graduate University SA Creativity Foundation Seton Hill University Creativity Center Seton Hill University Spanish Association for Creativity Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Synectics World offices around the globe Taiwanese Creativity Development Association Torrance Center Collaboration/ Malaysia chapter University of Malaya Torrance Center Collaboration/ Portural Torrance Center Collaboration/ Turkey Bilgi University Torrance Center Collaboration/ Turkey Üstün Zekalılar Enstitüsü Torrance Center Collaboration/ Turkey Üstün Zekalilar Merkezi Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development University of Georgia University Center for Creativity and Innovation Ð University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam University for Creative Arts University for Creative Arts University of St. Andrews Institute for Capitalising on Creativity University of St. Andrews
  34. 34. USC Brain and Creativity Institute University of Sour California What If?! Offices in London and around the globe World Conference on Creativity and Innovation Beijing Forestry University University of Ireland Arabian Gulf University
  35. 35. Yet if you asked 100 people on the streets of… Vitoria, Recife. Aracaju, Rio, or Sao Paolo maybe 1 has heard of any of these.
  36. 36. Much more is to be done… schools, colleges, universities companies corporations governments from town to city to state to the national govt.
  37. 37. Creativity & Creative Thinking
  38. 38. to see a short movie version of this ppt go to… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIW0Ibd WrIU&feature=youtu.be