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Latin America's Best Campaigns and Companies for 2018

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Find out what campaigns ranked in the top 10 for LATAM in creativity, effectiveness, and media, along with case examples.

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Latin America's Best Campaigns and Companies for 2018

  1. 1. Latin America’s Best Campaigns and Companies for 2018 Gabi Pearl Business Development Manager, Americas
  2. 2. 2WWW.WARC.COM © 2018 What we’ll cover Our ranking methodology Best in show: LATAM campaigns and companies for 2018 What WARC is Q&A
  3. 3. The WARC 100 methodology 1. Annual ranking of campaigns based on performance in effectiveness awards from around the world. 2. To rank highly, a campaign has been judged repeatedly on the basis of its results. 3. Allocation of points based on awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.) 4. Points are weighted according to the standing of each competition in the global marketing industry.
  4. 4. Case Study: ManBoobs4Boobs Brand: MACMA Agency: DAVID Buenos Aires / Urban Grupo de Comunicación Buenos Aires Country: Argentina Category: Non-profit, public sector and education Ranking: #1 for effectiveness, #3 for creativity Challenge Movimiento Ayuda Cancer de Mama (MACMA), an NGO, wanted to engage Argentinian women with breast self-examination by borrowing men's boobs to circumvent social media's tight restrictions of women's breasts depictions. Strategy • Tutorial videos with breast self-exam “borrowing” a man’s breasts • MACMA’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels • PR plan to start a global communication debate to support early breast cancer detection Results • Followers grew by 52,000 • 246M+ media impressions with coverage in every continent • $20M+ of earned media worth • 56M+ people around the world now know how to perform a breast self- examination exam • 43% increase in mammography appointments at MACMA <$1,000 56M social media investment campaign views
  5. 5. Challenge The challenge was to present the amazing collection of Getty Images to the advertising market using 80 million images Strategy • 3 months of research and tests • Use of Facebook to target high-profile advertising professionals and reconstruct them with Getty Images database • Reconstructed photos could be purchased at Getty’s Website Results • 80 million images, endless combinations • Thousands of visits 38% 20% website exposure Sales from previous month Brand: Getty Images Agency: AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo Country: Brazil Category: Visual Communications Ranking: #1 for creativity Case Study: Endless Possibilities
  6. 6. Case Study: Anonymous Friend Brand: Alcoholics Anonymous Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo Country: Brazil Category: Non-profit, public sector and education Ranking: #1 for media Challenge To increase awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous among Brazilian teens and provide help for them in a private yet wide-reaching way. Strategy • Anonymous Friend, a Facebook chatbot made for mobile, where teens feel more comfortable to interact • 20 hours of interview data from real AA members • Available 24 hours a day, using GIFs, Facebook messenger, vertical videos and posts Results • 1300% increased daily requests for help on AA’s email • 20% increase in new members at meetings 28K 100K page likes in first week chatbot conversations
  7. 7. • Brands & branding • Campaign development • Campaign measurement • Consumer research & insight • Geographies • Industry sectors Topics WARC covers: • Marketing management • Marketing strategy • Media channels & touchpoints • Media strategy • Target audiencesWARC is an online knowledge service that offers one central place to turn to for timely and relevant content from 50+ sources focused on improving advertising, marketing and media effectiveness. What is WARC?
  8. 8. Trade Associations Research Organizations Award Organizations We’ve collected over 13,000 award-winning case studies from 28 sources such as: Proprietary Content Event Reports News Coverage Adspend Data WARC Case Prizes Top Line DataMeta-Analysis Reports Admap Trade Associations • Meta-Analysis Reports • Adspend Data • Trend Reports Trend Reports (60% of what is on warc.com) Where does the content come from?
  9. 9. Who uses WARC WARC is used and trusted by 75,000+ executives at advertising and media agencies, brands, media owners, research companies, and universities across the world. Here’s a sample of our 1,200+ clients. “It is a very complete service for those who are taking communications very seriously.” Marcelo Magalhaes Former VP Strategy, Leo Burnett Tailormade, São Paulo
  10. 10. Gracias IIex LATAM! Gabi Pearl Manager, Business Development Americas Gabi.pearl@warc.com Skype: gabrieli_advisory Whatsapp: +1202-486-9830