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Lessons from Award-Winning Brand Purpose Campaigns

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How is brand purpose defined? What are the different views? What do effective purpose campaigns have in common? This was presented at a #WARCxACA event in Toronto on August 1, 2018.

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Lessons from Award-Winning Brand Purpose Campaigns

  1. 1. August 2018 Lessons from Award-Winning Purpose Campaigns
  2. 2. 2WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Brand purpose is… A reason for a brand to exist beyond making profit.
  3. 3. 3WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 What purpose isn’t Tactical marketing A campaign for charity A retro-fitted argument CSR/philanthropy Big brand specific 2 3 4 5 1
  4. 4. 4WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 4WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 The cynical view • Brands and agencies have become overexcited at the idea of purpose for creating communications platforms and winning awards. • Purpose has become a tired way to differentiate. • The idea of a company committing an act of good is not anything new, and dates back to the 19th Century. • Brand purpose feels inauthentic, hypocritical and shallow.
  5. 5. 5WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 5WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 The optimistic view • Evidence supports purpose is a characteristic of top brands: • Stengel 50 • EY Beacon Institute and Harvard Business Review • Interbrand’s 2017 ‘Best Global Brands’ • BrandZ • Unilever example • As Byron Sharp says, "if you're going to grow your brand you have to increase your salience.” And what better way than by having brands “improving the lives of [the people] they serve,” in the words of Jim Stengel.
  6. 6. In an uncertain world where we know that consumers are increasingly values-driven, but also cynical about the claims brands make, purposeful brands can and will win. TOM KNOX FORMER IPA PRESIDENT & CHAIRMAN, MULLENLOWE
  7. 7. Four themes from successful campaigns
  8. 8. 8WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 8WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Tighter link between purpose and commercial objectives 71% Finalists described the success of their campaign in achieving primary objectives as “considerable” Success vs primary objective
  9. 9. 9WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 9WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 ‘Low-interest’ brands look to purpose to connect 35% Finalists came from the financial services or household/domestic industry Industry sectors: Shortlisted case studies
  10. 10. 10WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 10WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Invest for the long term 43% Finalists cited six months or more as timescale of their activity Timescale of activity
  11. 11. 11WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 11WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Invest for the long term 89% Finalist campaigns that ran for six months or more saw “considerable” success Effectiveness by timescale of activity (all WARC Awards categories)
  12. 12. 12WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 12WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Purpose needs to be more integrated 29% Finalists who claim that their purpose-led campaign was “very” well integrated into the broader marketing mix How well integrated was your campaign into the marketing mix?
  13. 13. 13WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Brand purpose checklist Does the purpose reflect your business’s fundamental reason for being, its people's core beliefs, its customers’ values? Is the purpose impacting lives or genuinely improving something? Does the leadership buy into it? Does it inspire your employees? Does your communication align with your purpose? 2 3 4 5 1 Does the business measure what matters most and evaluate its operations and people in terms of the purpose? 6
  14. 14. 14WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 14WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 Out Today: 2018 Cannes Lions Analysis Report • Spoiler: Purpose with PR one of four themes • In the report: • 4 lessons from the winning cases • Comments from the jury president and members • The inside story on Grand Prix winner, Savlon: Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks • 14 case studies • WARC now part of the Ascential family warc.com/cannesanalysis2018
  15. 15. 15WWW.WARC.COM © 2016 15WWW.WARC.COM © 2017 2018 WARC Awards Brand Purpose Winners
  16. 16. Get in touch Eva Kasten President, WARC Americas EVA.KASTEN@WARC.COM +1 202 778 0680 2233 WISCONSIN AVE NW, SUITE 535, WASHINGTON, DC 20007, US