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WARC Creative 100: Discover the world's most creative campaigns and companies

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View the top three campaigns in this year's WARC Creative 100! WARC Creative 100 is part of WARC Rankings, the global index of excellence in advertising and successor to the Gunn Report. Learn more at warc.com/creative100.

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WARC Creative 100: Discover the world's most creative campaigns and companies

  1. 1. #BLOODNORMAL Brand: Bodyform/Libresse Agencies: AMV BBDO London Country: UK Bodyform and Libresse, the feminine hygiene brands, launched a campaign focused on an online video that disrupted taboos in British culture by showing period blood in a positive light. PROJECT REVOICE Brand: The ALS Association Agency: BWM Dentsu Sydney Country: Australia The ALS Association, a non-profit organisation tackling Motor neurone disease, developed innovative technology which enabled ALS patients to speak again. The world’s most creative campaigns & companies About WARC Creative 100 The WARC Creative 100 is the successor to the Gunn Report – an annual ranking of the world’s most creative advertising and marketing campaigns, and the companies that created them. It forms part of WARC Rankings, and sits alongside two further rankings, for effectiveness and media. Find out more at: warc.com/creative100 PALAU PLEDGE Brand: Palau Legacy Project Agency: Host/Havas Sydney Country: Australia In order to tackle mass tourism, the Palau Legacy Project, a sustainable tourism body, created an immigration policy for the island of Palau to protect the nation from environmental damage. 1 2 3