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Chapter 1.1 a legacy renewed

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Last Manon and Alec knew they had died and gone to the beyond, and now they're back without their children and without any clue as to where they are.

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Chapter 1.1 a legacy renewed

  2. 2. “Ugh…My head…” Manon murmured, blinking as she recognized slowly that she was no longer in paradise, but on an empty lot. “I’m…alive…? Where-“
  3. 3. “MANON!” A familiar voice pierced the air and Manon’s ears could pick up the faint sound of running footsteps.
  4. 4. It wasn’t long before two strong, sure arms were wrapped around her and Alec was murmuring reassurances into her ear. “Alec…?” Manon murmured into his ear. “How are we alive?” “I don’t know, but I’m just glad to see you again.”
  5. 5. After settling into the sofa that had been left on the lot that it seemed they were stuck on, Alec picked up the newspaper and started to check it over. “Say’s here we’re in Terra Nova (damn, kind of hoped we’d be back in RiverBlossom Hills), seems like a decent job market as well. I wonder if-“ He cut himself as he spotted something that made his features darken as he read it. “Here Manon. You need to see this.”
  6. 6. “What?” Manon frowned as she looked at her husband before starting to skim the paper, pausing as she started to read a letter. Dear Manon, (and Alec, I only include you begrudgingly however), Welcome to Terra Nova. As it were, this is the only point in the timeline of this multiverse that I really felt comfortable dropping you. As you have begun to notice, yes, your children are gone. But I do still have feelers out trying to find them. As for what happened? Nearest I can tell is that an old enemy of your family broke out of her cosmic prison. Desdemona. She escaped and managed to fuck up everything. I’ll be in Terra Nova by the beginning of Fall. I will contact you as soon as I arrive. I know this is going to be hard Manon, but think of this as a new beginning, a rebirth if you will. Jynx
  7. 7. Manon dropped the paper and stalked off, she wasn’t even sure what she was planning to do until Alec caught up with her and grabbed her in a hug. It was at that moment that she finally broke down sobbing. “Why did it have to be us?! Why couldn’t it be someone else!?” Her cries were muffled by her hands as she sobbed.
  8. 8. It wasn’t long before Manon calmed down and the only other resident of Terra Nova had arrived to greet the Bishops. “It’s nice to see that I’m not the only resident of this neighborhood.” Pangea* said with a slight grin. Pangea is the founder of my WYDC which is in the process of being restarted, probably in another neighborhood because I’d rather it not implode, she will however stick around and interact with the Bishops.
  9. 9. That night, Manon and Alec rested on their bed to discuss the future of Manon’s legacy, and what to do about their missing children.
  10. 10. In the end, they decided to leave all conversation at the door.
  11. 11. Manon and Alec both started work the next day, Manon in Journalism and Alec in Crime. “Bit of Deja Vu eh ‘Non?” Alec had remarked as he pressed a kiss to her cheek as she had left. “Maybe for you.”
  12. 12. The next few days fell into a rhythm of going to work and coming home to each other, and perhaps in a fit of trying to annoy their maker attempting to have more children.
  13. 13. Of course, along the way there were promotions, at least for Alec who became a bagman.
  14. 14. It wasn’t too long after that that Manon received a letter in the mail and decided to pay a visit to her old nemesis.
  15. 15. Across town, the simself had settled into her temporary home. She wouldn’t be moving into her real place until her brood got there, and as for when that would be. Well…that would depend on when she managed to return Manon’s children to her.
  16. 16. Jynx wasn’t the least bit startled by the doorbell ringing and quickly pulled Manon into a hug. “I know this whole situation isn’t ideal Manon, but it was what we had to do. I’m going to make it right, I promise you.” Manon hadn't even had a chance to start yelling when the simself did this, and only begrudgingly hugged her back.
  17. 17. After fetching some coffee, the simself began by saying, “You seem like you’ve got a bit of a glow to you. I’m guessing you and Alec have been a bit busy.” The simself couldn’t help the little twinge of annoyance in her tone.
  18. 18. “Well, as a matter of fact, yes. We have been. Just because you lost our children and your family isn’t here, doesn’t mean we’re not going to at least try and find some sort of happiness.” “…About that. I’m still trying to find them Manon, I haven’t given up my search. Just be patient, although…I am going to tell you this. If I am able to find them, they won’t be able to return home. Your heiress must have been born in this version of Terra Nova. Anne, Andrei, and Alice are all liable to be corrupted now.”
  19. 19. “Corrupted…? What do you mean Corrupted?” “Exactly what I said. They’re not going to be able to help us with preventing Desdemona from taking everything away again….Even you might not be able to at this moment in time…there is a place that has been given a sort of blessing. I’m giving you the keys. Before this little one is born, you must go there and spend a week cleansing yourself. After you, your daughter will have to go and so on. Only you and the next generation heiress may go, and you may only go there during this time. “So…a spiritual journey, basically?” “I suppose you could look at it that way. Yes.”
  20. 20. The next day, Alec came home with another promotion from bagman to bookie. Manon had been searching for ways to afford an expansion to the house for their rapidly growing family.
  21. 21. And as soon as he returned home, Manon was off on her week retreat/spiritual journey to cleanse herself of any corruption before their child was born.
  22. 22. As soon as Manon saw the humble abode’s outside she grimaced. This was where she was supposed to stay for a week. “Oh well…I guess this is the best I can hope for right now. At least it’s a house.”
  23. 23. So this is where I thought about leaving you, but I changed my mind on that. In all honesty, I thought it would be a bit too short for my taste.
  24. 24. Manon began to understand why it was not a good idea to do this journey while pregnant.
  25. 25. “Ugh…that wasn’t exactly a comfortable sleep.” She muttered to herself and to her belly. “Was it baby?” A kick answered her and she laughed quietly. “No I thought not, though pretty interesting dream.”
  26. 26. most of the time she was there, Manon meditated beside a zen garden in order to give her a better insight.
  27. 27. The last day, Manon felt it was probably a better idea to meditate inside of the house and not take a chance of getting too cold.
  28. 28. Probably smart idea considering.
  29. 29. “Oh little one, I’m going to enjoy meeting you. Your daddy can’t wait either.” She murmured smiling.
  30. 30. Not that the week hadn’t been all right, but Manon was definitely more than ready to get home and see her husband.
  31. 31. Manon had decided during that week that she would also open a business with the intention of handing it down to her heiress, and decide to name it Bishop Books.
  32. 32. After spending quite a while there, Manon and Alec managed to get the family business up to level 7 before going home. Just in time too…
  33. 33. Because it wasn’t even a day later that Manon’s screams could be heard up and down the street as she started spinning and twirling.
  34. 34. After a few painful moments, it was revealed that the Bishops were blessed with an heiress on the first try. “I think Elizabeth is the best name for you darling.” Manon murmured as she held her new daughter, and heiress, in her arms Welcome to the world, Elizabeth Bishop. Elizabeth is named for Queen Elizabeth the I, and I suppose the II too.
  35. 35. This was a promotion in the crime track, I think Getaway driver, but he got fired soon after, which I apparently didn’t get pictures of, but he found a job in his life time want of being an adventurer. Manon has the lifetime want of maxing all of her skills.
  36. 36. “Now, it’s deja vu.” Manon murmured under her breath as she headed out on her first day of work in education.
  37. 37. Despite being promoted on her second day of work, Manon couldn’t help but sigh. She still missed her eldest children. She needed her children back in her life.
  38. 38. Despite the lack of luck finding her children, time marched on and her youngest daughter grew up looking remarkably different from her siblings so far, but with a personality that hasn’t been missed.
  39. 39. Unsurprisingly, it was time to teach her life skills that would carry her forward.
  40. 40. And of course when you’re teaching a toddler, the best thing to do when teaching is irradiating the toddler.
  41. 41. While teaching a toddler is important, it’s also important for moms to get skills as well.
  42. 42. As baby Elizabeth grew, so did Manon and Alec’s careers with promotion.
  43. 43. After promotion,
  44. 44. After promotion.
  45. 45. Before long, Elizabeth was about to grew again, and their house would be ready to expand a little bit.
  46. 46. Elizabeth, true to form still remained quite a serious child.
  47. 47. And of course, to satisfy both mom and dad’s wants, it was time to get Elizabeth into private school.
  48. 48. With a very successful outcome, because Elizabeth would be starting school with a uniform.
  49. 49. Another flurry of promotions came through with both mother and father being promoted.
  50. 50. Promotion following promotion.
  51. 51. Following promotion.
  52. 52. All the while, Elizabeth was studious, a very independent girl indeed.
  53. 53. “Hey dad, how come you don’t have a lot of friends?” “We do, your mom and I. We just aren’t big on entertaining, your mom is kind of shy and we’ve got a lot of stuff to do before we would have any parties.” “Oh…when I’m older I’m gonna have lots of parties!” The little girl announced as she caught a fish.
  54. 54. Life went on with parents working, kids going to school, and keeping friendships.
  55. 55. Promotions gained
  56. 56. Silly uniforms attained
  57. 57. and uniforms a little less silly were gained too.
  58. 58. On her last day as a child, Elizabeth chose to spend it outside. After a bit of time spent building an evil snowman. She grinned at her finished product. “Now for the fun part.” She laughed, rubbing her hands together. “Destruction!”
  59. 59. “Charge!!” She laughed as she dog-piled onto the snowman.
  60. 60. “That felt good.” There was a large grin on her face as she ran inside when she was called for cake.
  61. 61. For the first time, in a long while, Elizabeth was able to celebrate her birthday with both of her parents.
  62. 62. As both of her parents cheered her on, Elizabeth shut her eyes and made her wish.
  63. 63. “I wish for…” She murmured to herself as she grew up.
  64. 64. After a quick makeover, Elizabeth grabbed a slice of cake and announced that she would be going in the direction of family, and she wanted a very large family. When asked how large of a family she was talking, “Six. Six kids. And I want to attend their weddings.”
  65. 65. As a present, Elizabeth’s parents gave her an allowance to try out the matchmaker, in hopes that she’d be able to go to school with her future spouse already in mine, though both parents were skeptical of this.
  66. 66. “You want your soulmate yes? That cost money.” “Seriously? Well…Okay fine, 2500 Simoleons, not a cent more.” Elizabeth agreed, a bit annoyed that it was going to be so expensive. She wasn’t even a fortune sim, but her father had drilled into her about always getting a bargain.
  67. 67. “So you’re sure that this is going to be my soul mate?” Elizabeth questioned of the old matchmaker skeptically. “Yes, yes. I’m certain of it.” The matchmaker said with a smirk.
  68. 68. “Uh…No. Sorry dude, if you were a little cuter maybe, but we really don’t have that much in common and I don’t have time for you..” …And this is where I leave you. Elizabeth has grown into a surprisingly lovely girl. She’s a family sim through and through, with the personality that it seems will never leave this legacy. Next time, her teen years and probably the beginning of college.
  69. 69. Elizabeth Anne Bishop Aries (9/9/8/3/1) Family LTW: Marry off 6 Children (It’s been awhile, but I can do it)* Turn ons: Logical Blondes Turn off: Redheads *The last time I tried that Lifetime Want was on my old,old computer, and it was a legacy in its first generation, and it was also back when the Exchange was still a thing.
  70. 70. And that brings me to the other part of this: Handicaps: Modified Matriarchy (Spouse can move in but only girls can be heir) Free Roaming Ghosts Cleansing Ritual (Mother and Daughter must go to a special vacation spot for a week before the next generation conceives, founder is exempt from the conception rule) Story Teller