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The Future of Work - Mike Waterston

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In a world of increasing competition and economic uncertainty, business insights and lean operations are often cited as reasons that some businesses thrive. There’s no doubt they’re important criteria for success; but often overlooked are organisational culture and workforce agility – both critical in helping to respond to new opportunities for providing services and products to customers.

Key to this success is empowering staff and providing flexible working practices, coupled with clear lines of accountability and good communications. However, for some organisations, the thought of relinquishing control over what can often be their greatest asset, their staff, can seem at first glance pure folly. Measuring employee’s achievements rather than their presence in the office may require a seismic shift in focus.

Continuing advances in technology are making it easier for people to work more flexibly, and with recent changes in legislation, employees can now request more flexible working hours. Mike argues that it is time that antiquated working practices were left firmly behind, and organisations should look to embrace the benefits of flexible and agile working practices – greater business success and happier customers.

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The Future of Work - Mike Waterston

  1. 1. The future of work 8 April, 2015 Mike Waterston
  2. 2. • Managing and motivating the modern workforce • How can technology help support this agenda • Things to watch • The benefits to be achieved Agenda
  3. 3. • Trust • Vision • Values • Transparency The essence of effective management
  4. 4. • There is no correlation between time spent on site and contribution • People should be rewarded for achieved outcomes and contribution. • There always has to be checks and balances; for example flexible working with no accountability to achieve is a recipe for failure. • Well trained middle managers who are willing to trust, coach and delegate are absolutely essential Trust and flexible working
  5. 5. • A clear well communicated motivational vision of the future is required • Openness and honesty at all times • Keep your people fully informed – share good and bad news Vision and Transparency
  6. 6. • Honesty • Integrity even at the expense of income • Fairness • No blame culture – mistakes are learning opportunities Values
  7. 7. • A rigorously applied performance appraisal system • Good pay and benefits • Salary tied directly to personal contribution Customer satisfaction Billed hours Demonstration of continuous learning Business development • No start and finish times • No limits on holiday entitlement • Freedom to work from home at any time What does this mean for Waterstons?
  8. 8. • People with delegated authority need to understand how they are performing relative to their objectives. • Key standards and policies need to be accessible at all times. • Automated workflow can be used to eliminate time consuming paperwork but ensure conformance to best practice. • Collaboration and communication tools can improve the effectiveness of an empowered team. Where can technology help?
  9. 9. • Virtual desktop and thin client technology for remote working • Dynamic Intranet accessible and used by everyone The Hive – marketing intranet Management Information System Client and prospect sites encompassing Sales Proposal and PID proformas with document approval workflow Support for collaborative working and document sharing Waterstons ISO9001 and ISO 27001 standards • Professional services ERP system • Unified messaging and video conferencing throughout the business Technology in use at Waterstons
  10. 10. • Poor leaders at any level who don’t share the value system • The odd bad apple – address quickly • People from traditional hierarchical backgrounds can need help to adapt • Poorly applied appraisal system Problems to watch out for
  11. 11. • Earned loyalty • Staff retention • A motivated and committed group of people • A creative, proactive and dependable culture • Flexibility and agility Benefits
  12. 12. 0845 094 094 5 @WaterstonsLtd / Waterstons Keep in touch mike.waterston@waterstons.com www.waterstons.com/people/mike-waterston
  13. 13. Thank you