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9 abandoned places around the world

Some places are meant to stay, they thrive and flourish with time. Others perish and die their own death, giving in to the nature’s wrath. But these places have their own aura; giving you a sense of mortality while they beautifully decay to become one with the elements of this universe. Come and feel this unusual enigma at these deserted destinations.

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9 abandoned places around the world

  1. 1. 9 Naturally Beautiful Cities That You Wouldn’t Ever Be Able To Move To
  2. 2. Read the article > A city in the Namib desert, founded by German settlers looking for gems, this eerie town had a short life from 1900s to 1950s. The latest addition is a museum that opened in 1980; the rest is left to the elements and seems to be giving way. KOLMANSKOP Namibia
  3. 3. Read the article > This historic mining town is as pretty as it sounds. At an elevation of 6,000 ft, surrounded by mountains and charming houses, it is said that Garnet had nearly 1,000 residents during the Gold Rush. it was abandoned when the gold ran out. GARNET Montana, United States
  4. 4. Read the article > This small hilltop town from the 8th century features in Passion of the Christ and Quantum of Solace. Perched on a hill, this picturesque town was turned to rubble by an earthquake in 1980, a lot of beautiful structures still remain. CRACO Italy
  5. 5. Read the article > A tourist village at the edge of the Lake Epecuén, the Villa Epecuén was built in the 1920s, and was a booming destination through early 1980s. In 1985, a dam broke sending the town to its doom. VILLA EPECUÉN Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  6. 6. Read the article > Built right next to the Parícutin volcano, this village was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 1942. The still standing church is the only reminder of its existence, and it's believed that an act of God saved it from 8 years of erupting volcano. SAN JUAN PARANGARICUTIRO Mexico
  7. 7. Read the article > This was a lively mine town during the Gold Rush, after which it was eventually deserted. It is maintained in ‘arrested decay'; protected but not restored.Anyone who dares remove any artifact can be haunted by ‘the curse of Bodie.’ BODIE California, USA
  8. 8. Read the article > Once considered the French Riviera of Cyprus, the Turkish invasion in 1974 left behind what looks like a museum of vintage cars and high rise buildings. A visit will have to wait till a settlement is reached between Turkey and Cyprus. VAROSHA California, USA
  9. 9. Read the article > Founded in 1134 with 15,000 inhabitants, most of the town was submerged during the construction of the Uglich reservoir in 1940. The bell tower of the flooded St. Nicholas Church serves as the only remaining landmark, 75m above the water. KALYAZIN Russia
  10. 10. Read the article > Once an administrative headquarter for the British, this island was shattered when an earthquake struck in 1941. Few buildings like a bakery and some local stores from where one could get a souvenir, are now bringing some life back here. ROSS ISLAND India
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