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Social Media Content Promotion Steps

One of the best ways to spread the buzz about your business is by using social media. With several platforms to leverage, you need to work on the way to promote your content where you are targeting your audience.

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Social Media Content Promotion Steps

  1. 1. S T E P S F O R P L A N N I N G Make a list Which networks are you currently active on, all networks are optimized (photo and cover images, bio, URL, etc.) which is most valuable network.  Create Content Strategy Evergreen content is your golden goose—it’s the content that just keeps giving. Re-purpose it in different - different mode like Video, Infograph etc. You should be constantly refining and fine-tuning your targeting to make your posts, ads and other actions more effective. Create Your Goal Get Organized to do list Research and analysis of current content and strategy, your target audience identified by platform, a list of content-specific goals and objectives, and plans for the distribution of your content. Repurpose Popular Content Identify Audience When creating goals, best practice is to set overall content performance goals, as well as more specific goals for individual pieces of content. You did it! Congratulations! Step 1 Steps 2 Steps 3 Steps 4 Steps 5 Result Social Media Content Promotion www.webvisitors.co.in