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WebCobblers Digital Marketing Company Profile

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We are a culturally driven and rapidly growing full service digital marketing agency, focused towards helping business houses harness the power of online and mobile platforms. We provide holistic digital brand solutions by integrating social media, PR, search, and display advertising channels.

WebCobblers Digital Marketing Company Profile

  1. 1. W E L C O M E We are a brand strategy and engagementagency, empowering businesses with online reputation building and management, social and search demographic targeting, and conversion techniques
  2. 2. INTEGRATED SOCIALMEDIA, PR, SEARCH, DISPLAYADVERTISING, MOBILEAND ONLINE MARKETINGWe provide end to end digital marketing solutionsthat range from consulting and strategy solutions tomanaging your entire digital brand presence.
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE MARKETERSWe are a team of highly imaginative and deeplyinspired people with contagious passion and endless BRAND STRATEGISTScreative energy.Founded by a brother-sister duo, we are a bunch of CONSULTANTScreative, enthusiastic and passionate young brand consultants wholive, eat and sleep brand strategy. TECH-JUNKIESOur strategic pedigree comes with over 12 years marketing and TRAINERSconsulting experience. Headed by ex-brand managers and ITconsultants, we combine talent and technology to build connectedbrands and turn customers into evangelists. Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 03/12
  4. 4. OUR EXPERTISECONSULTING BRAND MANAGEMENTWe provide highly sophisticated suite of Our digital brand management servicesinteractive digital solutions to meet your enable you to manage, monitor and buildbusiness and brand objectives. your brand equity in the digital world.TECHNICAL & INNOVATION TRAININGWe design and develop feature-rich We offer standard and custom trainingwebsites, social media and mobile workshops, seminars and webinars toapplications and custom software for corporates and social media enthusiasts.facilitating deeper community interactionand ecommerce. Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 04/12
  5. 5. WHAT WE DO 01 02 03 04 Digital Brand Online Lead Generate Campaign & Reputation Generation & brand Strategy Building & Conversion conversations Management Management across Social Media 05 06 07 Make your Develop highly Design and brand sophisticated develop searchable design and feature rich across the web content websites, and solutions apps Create result-oriented strategies Build Brand Excitement and reputation Develop engaging Brand Conversations Generate leads and impact sales Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 05/12
  6. 6. OUR SERVICESOur ultimate goal is to ensure that our client’s brand engages with their customers, and builds asustainable meaningful relationship to guarantee ROI and leverage the digital marketing reach advantage. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING MOBILE MARKETING REPUTATION BUILDING LEAD GENERATION CONTENT MARKETING DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 06/12
  7. 7. OUR PORTFOLIO 360 degree We provide end to end Digital Marketing Solutions. Digital Advantage CONSULTING SERVICES-Digital Brand Campaign creation &development SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING-Customer Targeting, acquisition & retention -Search Engine Optimisation-Channel Selection & customer Engagement -Pay per Click-Lead Generation & Community Building -Link Building & Keyword Management --Loyalty & Customer Relationship Management-Web & Social Media Audit & Analysis LEAD GENERATION DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT -Online Advertising -Website Design & Development -Social Network Advertising SOCIAL MEDIA -Mobile Site Design & Development -Online Media planning & buying-Social Media Marketing -Social Media Apps Development -Display network Campaign Management-Social Media Optimisation -Mobile Apps Development -Affiliate Marketing-Social Media Monitoring & Analysis -Content Management Solutions -Conversion Rate Optimisation-Social Media applications & engagement tools -Web Analytics- MOBILE MARKETING CONTENT MARKETING -SMS campaigns REPUTATION BUILDING-Digital Assets Development -Bluetooth Broadcasting -Online Public Relations-Email Marketing -Mobile Web Development -Business Blog Marketing-Viral Marketing -Mobile content creation -Social Press Release-Content Writing Services -Connecting QR Codes with customers -Crisis Management-Audio Podcast services -iPhone & iPad App Development -Social Media Newsrooms Development &-Video webcast services -Advergames Management Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 07/12
  8. 8. HOW WE DO IT ‘Digital brand strategy and engagement’ infuses everything we do. Our Solution Delivery Model enables brands to listen to their customers, talk to potential clients, engage with relevant audiences and increase revenue opportunities at every stage.INVESTIGATE UNDERSTAND BRAINSTORM CREATE INTEGRATE & MEASURE IMPLEMENT We brainstorm to deliver digital marketing solutions, that are driven by a combination of consultative strategy, data-driven tactics, exceptionally creative ideas and innovative technology solutions to deliver measurable results for all our clients. Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 08/12
  9. 9. OUR MANAGEMENT MEGHA PARTH SAGAR MANIKTALA MANIKTALA JAIN Co-Founder & MD Co-Founder & CEO Creative Advisor Lead – Brand Strategy, Marketing, Lead - Digital Lead- Creative Advertising, PR, Medi , Research Strategy & a & Engagement , Technical Direction, Product & Innovation & Graphic Design Development Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 09/12
  10. 10. WHY USWe’re current, we’reknowledgeable, and we’re fun to workwith! Contact  360 degree Digital advantage US  Customised Brand Marketing Solutions  Clutter-breaking & Innovative Brand Marketing strategies  Highly Sophisticated Digital Engagement Tools  Cost-Effective solutions  Quick turn around and implementation  Personal Account Manager  Highly organised and skilled team Twitter.com/webcobblers facebook.com/webcobblers www.webcobblers.com Page 10/12
  11. 11. INFO@WEBCOBBLERS.COM FACEBOOK.COM/WEBCOBBLERS CONNECT WITH TWITTER.COM/WEBCOBBLERS US WWW.WEBCOBBLERS.COM /COMPANY/WEBCOBBLERS YOUTUBE.COM/WEBCOBBLERSNOIDA: MUMBAI:Level 5| SB Tower|Sec 16 A| Noida| UP,|201301 Raheja Centre Point| 2nd Floor| 294 CST Road| Santacruz (e)|India Mumbai |400098|IndiaTel No: +91- 120-4804988 Tel No: +91-22 – 4243 8693
Fax: +91-120-4804949 Fax: +91-22 – 4243 8711
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