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Using Social Networks To Build Valuable Business Relationships

  1. to Build Valuable Business Relationships Agenda Social Media vs. Social Networking 5 Tips Do’s and Don’ts
  2. About Us WebsiteBiz is a Results-Driven Interactive Marketing Agency • Founded in 1997 • Headquartered in Charlotte, NC • 51st Fastest Growing Marketing Firm by Inc. Magazine • Diverse Client List: CONFIDENTIAL 2 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  3. What We Do Online Marketing Capabilities • Strategy and Research • Search Engine Optimization Display SEO/SEM • Paid Search Marketing Strategy, • Email Marketing Design, Analytics • Display Advertising Email Social Media Marketing • Social Media Performance Analytics • Website design and testing • Web Analytics CONFIDENTIAL 3 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  4. Social Media Ad Spending Growth 4 `lkcfabkqf^i tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  5. Tons of Social Networks CONFIDENTIAL 5 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  6. Narrowing The Social Media Landscape Online Conversation Drives Engagement CONFIDENTIAL 6 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  7. Opportunity or Over-Hyped Fad? CONFIDENTIAL 7 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  8. What is Social Media Social media is… ○ content ○ created by people ○ using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. CONFIDENTIAL 8 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  9. My Favorite Stat Years to Reach 50 millions Users: ○ Radio (38 Years), ○ TV (13 Years), ○ Internet (4 Years), ○ iPod (3 Years) ○ Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months… CONFIDENTIAL 9 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  10. Social Media Changes Constantly CONFIDENTIAL 10 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  11. Managing Change and Staying Focused CONFIDENTIAL 11 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  12. The site has more than 250m active users globally 120m users use Facebook at least once each day and more than 30 million users update their statuses at least once each day. The average user has around 120 friends on the site. Every month, more than a billion photos are uploaded to the site. More than 50 translations available on the site CONFIDENTIAL 12 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  13. Business Use? ○ Create and Moderate Page ○ Create Groups ○ Promote Events ○ Monitor Engagement = Friends & Fans CONFIDENTIAL 13 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  14. Over the past 12 months, Twitter’s growth rate >1000% Over 50% of all updates are published using mobile and Web-based tools, other than’s own website. Tuesday is the most active day for Tweeting, followed by Wednesday and then Friday. Twitter is now officially a term in the English Dictionary. (Really) CONFIDENTIAL 14 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  15. • Twitter is Real: • Real people • Talking about Real stuff • In Real time • Right now • Questions you need to answer: • Why do I want to be on Twitter? • What do I want to get from Twitter? • How will I measure it? • Get Your Questions Answered • CONFIDENTIAL 15 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  16. 1. Make your profile client focused 2. Choose your connection strategy carefully 3. Get connecting 4. Use Search to find potential clients and business partners 5. Give testimonials to get them CONFIDENTIAL 16 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  17. Where Do you Go From Here? Join A Social Network? or Create Your Own Community? CONFIDENTIAL 17 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  18. Where Do you Go From Here? Separate Business vs. Personal? What are the Risks vs. Rewards? CONFIDENTIAL 18 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  19. 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Strategy CONFIDENTIAL 19 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  20. 5 Tips for Personal Networking 1. Join LinkedIn. o Get recommendations from previous employers 2. Start a Blog. o Push content and links to local social networking sites in your industry and field of interest 3. Connect with Companies. ○ Find current employees of the companies you’re interested in 4. Clean up your Online image. 5. Connect with Alumni CONFIDENTIAL 20 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  21. 5 Tips: Entrepreneur and Business Owners 1. Find New Employees 2. Active Network ○ You never know where you next opportunity will come from 3. Link to other Entrepreneurs or business owners 4. Clean up your Online image. 5. Make you small company look big ○ Create a community CONFIDENTIAL 21 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  22. 5 Tips: Marketing to Customers 1. Create Niche Applications to your target demographic 2. Coolness Factor ○ Don’t sell the product, sell a community around the product 3. Build an Army of Evangelists 4. Give Access to Experts ○ Leverage your resources 5. Listen to Your Customers ○ Collect data and feedback CONFIDENTIAL 22 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  23. Social Networking Etiquette Don’t Advertise CONFIDENTIAL 23 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  24. Social Networking Etiquette Don’t Forgot Who is Watching CONFIDENTIAL 24 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  25. Social Networking Etiquette Don’t Be a Stalker CONFIDENTIAL 25 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  26. Social Networking Etiquette Don’t Forgot Who is Watching CONFIDENTIAL 26 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  27. Social Networking Etiquette Don’t Spam Your Network with APP Invites, Polls, etc. CONFIDENTIAL 27 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  28. Social Networking Etiquette Do Participate CONFIDENTIAL 28 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  29. Social Networking Etiquette Do Be Yourself CONFIDENTIAL 29 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  30. Social Networking Etiquette Do Choose Quality over Quantity CONFIDENTIAL 30 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  31. Social Networking Etiquette Do Reconnect CONFIDENTIAL 31 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  32. Social Networking Etiquette Do Contribute CONFIDENTIAL 32 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  33. Social Networking Etiquette Do Be A Person, Not a Product CONFIDENTIAL 33 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  34. What Can You Do Today? Start discussing your company’s social media strategy CONFIDENTIAL 34 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  35. What Can You Do Today? Join 1. 2. 3. (Try) CONFIDENTIAL 35 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò
  36. Questions Thank You! Kyle Bumgardner 1713 Cleveland Avenue Charlotte, NC 28203 o. 704.338.1727 c. 704.813.4636 Twitter: @kbsales CONFIDENTIAL 36 tÉÄëáíÉ_áò