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Dandia dance performance

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The Dandiya dance is the popular dance of Gujarat normally performed on the day of Navratra. However, this dance form has been inculcated among other events as well, with the prominent one being a marriage. https://weddingdoers.com

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Dandia dance performance

  1. 1. Dandia Dance Performance
  2. 2. Dandiya dance is the most  mainstream dance form of Gujarat as  well as every one of the states all through  India. It is an exceptional part of  any wedding celebration. Dandia is  a dance form performed in a gathering,  by both men and ladies. The most vivid  form of this dance form is the vivid  clothing worn by the artists and the bright  sticks conveyed by them. The wooden sticks used by the people as prop is  wonderfully decorated. This is exactly  why this dance is sometimes also referred  to as “stick dance”. The…   Page 1 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  3. 3. performers or the guest hold sticks in both their hands and strike them together on the beats of the musical instruments. Although most of the time this dance form is performed amongst Navratri, but now it has become a common trend in marriages as well. Another identifiable component of dandiya is its clothing style. The clothing standard for ladies and men are distinctive. For ladies it is a three- piece ghagra, cholis, and odhni. Men in Dandiya spruce up in coordinating vivid customary dhotis and aangrakha or… Page 2 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  4. 4. kurtas with heaps of mirrors on the dress. It is an exceptionally straightforward dance and is performed by a gathering of people who move in circles to gauge steps, marking time with sticks called Dandiya. The sticks utilised in the dance represent the sword of Durga. Ladies ordinarily perform it in a smooth and musical way around as they pivot around the 'mandvi'. The ladies in Dandiya wear customary dresses, for example, bright weaved choli, ghagra and bandhani dupattas amazing with mirror work… Page 3 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  5. 5. and overwhelming adornments. The real distinction between the "Garba" and "Dandiya" move exhibitions is that Garba is performed before "Aarti" while Dandiya is performed after it. Garba is performed only by ladies, men and ladies join in for Dandiya. Otherwise called 'stick move' as entertainers utilize a couple of brilliantly improved sticks as props, the round developments of Dandiya Raas are marginally more intricate than that of Garba. One of the circles rotates clockwise, … Page 4 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  6. 6. while alternate spins in opposite directions. The move is an exceptionally vigorous and quick paced action, which leaves no degree for torpidity. The guests are joined by an instrument player with a "Main" drum on which he plays the beats. However, now a days digital form of the music is used. People who do not have any prior experience in the dandiya hire dancers to perform on their wedding. These dancers are paid as per the hours of their dance performance. Amid their performance… Page 5 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  7. 7. some of the individuals who know the dance or are enticed to perform join the group and it makes the environment full of energy and happiness. Page 6 of 7 Dandia Dance Performance
  8. 8. Thank You! Visit WeddingDoers.com Page 7 of 7