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Various indian trends and the wedding rituals

This article enlightens us to know more about the different wedding rituals performed in different kind of Indian Marriages. https://weddingdoers.com

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Various indian trends and the wedding rituals

  1. 1. Various Indian Trends and The Wedding Rituals Wedding Vendors Worldwide
  2. 2. Various Indian Trends and The Weddin India is the country known for unity in diversity. It consists of citizens from different religions, cultures, sects and races. There diversity in marriage rituals of people of different cultures is quite genuine and natural, yet different from other culture. Different rituals of wedding ceremonies in India give ample opportunities to the wedding Planners. It offers them wide chance to make the wedding services grand as per the financial status of the customers. Here,… Page 1 of 7
  3. 3. an attempt is made to familiarise wedding rituals of different cultures. 1. Hindu Wedding Rituals Hindu wedding starts with ring ceremony. The other essential custom of Hindu wedding is "Mehndi" function when women relatives of bride apply mehndi over her arms and legs. Musical gatherings of ladies fill the atmosphere with mangal geet (Holy Songs). Keeping wellbeing in mind, the application of turmeric powder mixed with oil and water is also… Page 2 of 7 Various Indian Trends and The Weddin
  4. 4. Page 3 of 7 done. Taking of huge marriage procession consisting of numerous vehicles, animals such as elephants, horses and camels and indulging them in race has been seen as show of strength and prosperity among people. The sacred fire in centre of mandap (the place especially made for marriage) witness the holy union of two individuals, the groom applying vermilion on bride's head and tying the "Mangalsutra". The Hindu wedding is not completed until the custom of “Saptapadi” (taking seven rounds around the… Various Indian Trends and The Weddin
  5. 5. sacred fire) is completed. 2. Muslim Wedding Rituals Muslim weddings take place in open lobbies. A Muslim wedding is not a holy union as regarded in Hindus, rather it is contract. It has three parts including pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage. In pre- marriage ceremony the family members and relatives of both bride and groom visit the respective houses of the other. On the wedding day, the bridegroom with his friends and relatives goes… Page 4 of 7 Various Indian Trends and The Weddin
  6. 6. to bride’s house. He ought to give some money to bride's family. Both, the bride and the groom sit in separate rooms. Kazi (the priest) reads Koran at the event. Ceremonies of the marriage end with the singning on the register by groom and bride. Grand feast is given to the relatives. Post wedding rituals takes place at the place of both the groom and bride. 3. Christian Wedding Rituals Christian weddings are similar to Hindu weddings. But, Christians… Page 5 of 7 Various Indian Trends and The Weddin
  7. 7. also perform the rituals of roses too. Christian marriages happen in churches only. Nowadays, the Christians also arrange their marriages in big hotels too. But the consent of holy priest of the church is necessary here. On the wedding day both the bride and groom have to answer the questions of holy priest church and agree to live together. After that cake, wine and food is served to the guests and relatives. 4. Bengali & Guajarati Wedding Rituals Page 6 of 7 Various Indian Trends and The Wedding Rituals
  8. 8. Bengalis on the wedding day welcome the guests and relatives with enlightened earthen lamp. Gujaratis perform 'Garba dance'. These are additional ceremonies and rituals performed in their respective religions. Thus, you find that people of distinctive states in India celebrate weddings in diverse ways. Page 7 of 7 Various Indian Trends and The Wedding Rituals
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