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14 Kim England - Community management - Intranet Now

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14 Kim England - Community management - Intranet Now

  1. 1. Diary of a community manager, then, now and in the future. Kim England Head of Internal Community & Collaboration @miss_england_19
  2. 2. 70+ countries 40,000+ employees 60 languages A bit about Pearson…
  3. 3. Taken from http://www.thefutureorganization.com/enterprise-20- community-manager/
  4. 4. In the beginning you need to… Learn your platform Engage the business Build use cases Set up your general support & help model Build your advocate group Manage the community Network
  5. 5. Here and now… Keep doing what you were doing plus… Pruning and reviewing Measurement Upgrades and research Re-launch & refresh Community best practice Additional communities
  6. 6. The Future… Keep doing what you were doing plus… New features and functionality Remind and refresh Advanced user training
  7. 7. Advocate Programme Be clear about your objectives Don’t be afraid to let people go Pick wisely Look after your advocates and they will look after you!
  8. 8. Gamification Link it to your strategic objectives Have missions to support your community goals Use it to engage colleagues in the drier less engaging activities
  9. 9. Questions?