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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Not a long jumper — Greig Rutherford — Standard Life Aberdeen

  1. 1. This communication is intended for investment professionals only and must not be relied on by anyone else. Intranet Now Not a long jumper Greig Rutherford 4 October 2019
  2. 2. 08/10/2019 | 3 Greig Rutherford Global Head of Digital Communications Standard Life Aberdeen Twitter: @imgreig LinkedIn: /greigrutherford #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  3. 3. 08/10/2019 | 4 Created in 1825 2017 - Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management merged 6,000 colleagues in 52 global locations + clients in 80 countries A little bit about us #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  4. 4. 08/10/2019 | 5 Make it easier We aim to be a world-class investment company… So we need a world-class digital workplace The goal #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  5. 5. 08/10/2019 | 6 The process Dec ‘18 Objective setting Purpose and objectives Feb ‘19 Digital diary On the go capture of colleagues digital experiences Feb ‘19 Interviews 1 Drill down on diary findings with colleagues Mar ‘19 Interviews 2 Expand on emerging themes Apr ‘19 Internal Comms workshop Key requirements capture Apr ‘19 Prioritisation workshop Set out priority areas for the project #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  6. 6. 08/10/2019 | 7 22 participants UK, EMEA, Americas and Asia Pac Variety of roles and hierarchy Capture what they did; not what they think they did Digital diary #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  7. 7. 08/10/2019 | 8 Indeemo #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  8. 8. 08/10/2019 | 9 Digital diary Intro selfie Digital Monday – capture their workplace in a day Highs and lows of the day Intranet use Storing and sharing documents #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  9. 9. 08/10/2019 | 10 A day in the life Investment Manager London based and 2-3 external meetings per week In-house app 8:29 14:55 14:5214:4213:1011:528:42 19:32 16:39 16:32 15:02 14:57 #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  10. 10. 08/10/2019 | 11 How big is your inbox? Clear evidence that people resort to what they know during change In this case, it’s email… and a lot of it #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  11. 11. 08/10/2019 | 12 Colleague feedback It’s frustrating to try and find a colleague and they don’t have a picture or a phone number I’d like to see a consolidated platform that I can access on the go Be able to personalise news that’s relevant to me and my location Allow colleagues to easily communicate and share ideas across the company Collaboration tools that feel closer to consumer apps in terms of use, look and feel Any 8 year old can make a video call with their parents, why can’t we do it from our desk? #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  12. 12. 08/10/2019 | 13 Outcomes Colleague requirements Vision Objectives Principles Real insight has driven (and no assumptions!) #IntranetNow | @imgreig
  13. 13. Thank you Greig Rutherford Global Head of Digital Communications Standard Life Aberdeen Twitter: @imgreig LinkedIn: /greigrutherford Intranet Now


  • Thanks Wedge/Lisa
    Great to meet you all and be asked to speak today
    Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I was this guy!
    I’ll pose for selfies, if you really want me to, but despite being sporty, I’m definitely not a long jumper
    I do sometimes get confused with that GR, people see the name and make assumptions, like on Twitter where a few Premier League footballers have thought that I’m the one with the ginger hair
    But this idea of not wanting to make assumptions is what I want to talk about today
    And it’s where our digital diary exercise comes in as we develop our digital workplace at Standard Life Aberdeen
  • So, a little bit about us
    We’re an investments business head-quartered in Edinburgh with offices around the world, about 6,000 colleagues in all
    The company changed massively in 2017 after the merger of Standard Life and AAM
    The merger has given us three intranets:
    The Aberdeen intranet on the left, which is on prem and SharePoint 2010
    The Standard Life intranet in the middle, which is also on prem, but is SharePoint 2013
    Finally, the Global News site, which is a cloud-based solution to make sure everyone after the merger could consume news in the same place
    They all have their limitations and benefits, but it gives us a far from ideal landscape to help people to do their jobs and communicate, especially through a period of big change
  • Working in Communications, this set-up was obviously an issue for us and our colleagues
    So we set out on a Digital Workplace programme to overhaul our offering and bring the internal experience up to modern standards and expectations
    There’s a ton of change going on at the moment and one of our key strategic drivers is ‘making it easier’ > so this fits in nicely and is seen as a shining light in our colleague engagement approach
  • So, rather than assume that we know what our colleagues want from their new Digital Workplace, we decided to find out and ask them
    Sounds simple right?
    It’s totally the right thing to do but in amongst all of the change in the business, it has taken time
    We worked with a consultancy called Origin to help us kick things off
    They were fantastic and really helped us plan things out, get the work done and pull together recommendations to take the project forward
    Today we’re going to look at the Digital Diary work from February, but you can see how it fitted into the wider process
  • In the lead up to February, we wanted to make sure the digital diary findings would stand the test of time
    So we made sure we had a real mix of locations, roles and hierarchy
    You know what it’s like when you’re asked to complete a survey, especially over a period of time
    The enthusiasm quickly wears off
    So we went down a different route to make sure we found out what people really did at that moment, rather than what they think they did or could remember if they told us retrospectively
  • To do this, we used an app called Indeemo
    Colleagues captured their digital touchpoints at work for a week
    It was on their phones and they could upload a picture, video or text as and when they were doing the activity
    It was great to see this come through in real time on our Indeemo dashboard
  • At first we asked the group to take a selfie and just upload everything they did on the Monday
    This meant they got familiar with the app and we could overcome any teething problems
    We could also push out tasks to them via the app and because it was real time, we could make quick decisions
    For example, we realised we weren’t getting enough specifically on the intranet, so we pushed out a task to focus on that for two days
    At the end of the week we did the same about storing and sharing documents to give us a thorough look into these topics
  • We got back something like this
    This is an example of an Investment Manager in London
    They were in and out of meetings this day
    The day is quite spread out and their main pain points were around:
    [Pull out some of the entries if time permits]
    Use of shadow IT
    We really did see what people did, whether it was good or bad
  • One of the key findings overall was that during change and an uneven IT landscape, people reverted to what they know… email

    Ask the audience about their inbox
    100 emails
    One of our people had over 52,000 unread emails
    We could see a chunk of that could be overcome by improving communications and collaboration through the digital workplace
    BUT, that can also be sorted out by some half-decent inbox management and discipline!
  • On screen are a number of quotes from our colleagues taking part in the exercise

    They touch on the core themes that we’re taking forward:

    Too much email
    Commercial/contemporary solution
    Mobile experience
    Search – people search

    We also uncovered a number of out of scope findings

    This included things like: internet connection speeds and a lot of feedback we can account back to the merger and the amount of change within the business

    We shared this insight with the relevant teams to take forward to make sure it didn’t fall into a black hole
  • What this has all given us is really rich data and insight to let us take our digital workplace project forward
    We’ve got clear colleague requirements that we can confidently stand behind
    A vision of where we want to get to
    The project will deliver a modern, global, digital portal providing personalised content and news, social and community tools, an authoritative source of people information
    Objectives to allow us to refer back to and make sure we’re doing what we set out to do
    And principles to keep us on track through delivery and then BAU

    So, was it worth it?
    Absolutely and I’d recommend it to anyone undertaking a digital workplace project
    It’s been a very helpful aid being able to refer back to ‘this is what our people told us’ when we’re challenged by IT or the Exec Team
    And we’ll continue to be challenged… and we’ll continue to refer back to our findings knowing that they’re solid and there’s no assumptions in there

    If only the same could be said about my Twitter!
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