distance learning welingkar elearning distance learning mba welingkar’s dlp online mba mba distance learning executive mba distance education distance mba programs weschool welectures part time mba part-time mba business etiquette i.t project management mba it for managmenet international business importance of business etiquette business etiquette ppt business etiquette training business etiquette tips international trade supply chain management ebusiness international marketing distance learning program international marketing strategies international marketing pdf international marketing management operations management principles of management international marketing ppt download articles on international marketing human resource emba dlp mgmt managament marketing weschool workshop online learning ecommerce logistics management supply chain weschool workshop. recruitment manager welearn business communication advertising logistics welingkar pgdm fundamentals of advertising e-commerce training and development principals of management inventory management inbound logistics scm online shopping recruitment hr training and development wellingkar outbound logistics supply chain presentation finance hr management courses hr training courses human resource planning electronic system e-commerce website internet hr welingkar distance mba mba distance education distance mba transfer of training understand e commerce basic communication skills financial management financial accounting welingkars hybrid pgdm what is financial accounting? different communication options modes of communication retail management mba executive introduction to financial accounting quette welingkars dlp balance sheet planning training retail marketing hybrid learning receipts various payments learn e commerce recruitment manager grooming revenue electronic commerce it project management strategy integrative thinking basic concept of financial accounting basis of online selling learning e commerce object oriented analysis and design notes it for management business wardrobe distance learning material developing communication skills cash accounting selection learning customer relationship customer service customer satisfaction banking sector accounting brand problem solving & decision making integrative thinker logistics management ppt object oriented analysis and design ppt busniess etiquette welingkars mba cash flow statement non current assets current assets product planning e - marketing components of supply chain barriers to globalization expenditure project management human resources hr training research human resource management erp value chain interactive marketing development motivation hris demand and supply banking banks retail assets welingkar distance learning the process of decision making integrative thinking definition decision making & problem solving meaning of integrated approach meeting etiquette corporate etiquette concept of financial accounting financial statement analysis information security software testing business introduction communication in organization soft skills training various communication forms forms of communication communication skills. different types of communication inflation accounting accounting mechanics revenue expenditure transportation and logistics internet shopping e-business enterprise organizational behavior strategies globalization leadership inventory control physical distribution international economics gatt b2b portals internet technologies ebusiness architecture performance appraisal lan technology goals job analysis positioning ecommerce activities effectiveness management effective requirement practices it governance it infrastructure rate of interest inflation retail liabilities foreign trade banking facilities risks financial risks it welingkar executive mba finance management functional administration logistics management solutions logistics management system enterprise resource planning ppt transport and logistics blended learning solutions business travel business travel etiquette corporate training consumption goods and service accounting gaap an overview of e commerce what is information security operational reporting best practices operational reporting critical success factors critical success factor analysis critical success factor definition csf ppt data flow diagram tutorial what is data flow diagram what is software testing software testing techniques stress testing decision making nature of management principle-centered leadership supervision controlling the first impression distance learning material. welingkar online financial statements accounting management problems in communication computerized environment trial balance accrual accounting accounting process accounts accounting for inventory role of technology in globalization articles on international international negotiation product packaging and labelling international marketing. role of technology in globalzation packaging and labeling direct distribution warehouse management distribution process internet marketing interest rates funds transfer mutual funds current account saving account deposit account indian laws induction hr plan trade unions equity electronic payment system electronic market promotion direct marketing industrial disputes risk risk management stakeholders business analyst asset management swot analysis education wages job description interview personality human behavior perception organizational role capacity planning pricing value proposition brand value brand personality service marketing assessment operations quality profitability quality control physical distribution process franchising retail location factors business logistics material requirement planning order processing costs supply chain strategies warehousing erp strength trade barriers contracts dumping euro european union saarc asean driving forces production sharing marketing decisions world export physical supply chain supply chain categories portals ecommerce development internet for business internet security distribution architecture customer supplier interaction ebusiness success ftp human resource information system minimum wages transfer on the job training mbo three needs theory reinforcement theory hierarchy of needs herzberg theory hygiene theory theory y theory x goal setting theory equity theory expectancy theory wan evaluation human resource development hrd strategic management process strategic management customization differentiation market research ecommerce prospects ecommerce analysis ecommerce systems goals of ecommerce crm brand strategy product marketing mix enterprise analysis requirement e-commerce in india value system information technology it projects quality management porter business process outsourcing insurance capital purpose of investment funds returns speculation investment management rate of inflation liquidity mathematics of interest investment decision nationalization of banks corporate banking trade finance foreign contracts exim bank perils concept of risks insurance and risk management uncertainty moral hazards risk vs uncertainty loss types of risk group risks non-financial risks chances of loss hazards pure risk physical hazards understanding risk pure risks intangible hazards individual risks consumer behavior sales communication production pgdm in e-commerce management pgdm in international management pgdm in it project management pgdm in e business management pgdm in business administration pgdm in finance management distance mba course welingkar part time mba welingkar distance learning mba travel & tourism weschool mba welingkar mba how to create a personal budget personal finance personal budgeting fi what is asset management aircraft manufacturers british aerospace team management teamwork team building football recruitment and selection process of mcdonalds mcdonald's recruitment and selection process mcdonald's recruitment policy mc donalds recruitment adidas marketing strategy adidas marketing case study adidas marketing kraft foods kraft food case study kraft foods supply chain management case study supply chain management case study royal enfield case study royal enfield branding royal enfield use of erp erp online erp for small business enterprise resource planning system enterprise resource planning systems organizational behaviour organizational behaviour ppt organizational behaviour concepts importance of organizational behaviour meaning of organizational behaviour nature of organizational behaviour what is organizational behaviour functions of management functions of administration department functions of administration functions of administration ppt management functions ssecurity tips security system security services office security systems office security tips office security security solutions industrial housekeeping tips housekeeping tips industrial housekeeping housekeeping checklist housekeeping services transport resource management transport management for office managing transport fire safety management fire safety fire precautions fire safety precautions fire fighting equipments fire safety equipment fire fighting system communication management in office managing communication system learning management system annual maintenance contract definition annual maintenance contract meaning annual maintenance contract amc management utility resource management utilities management energy management system power saving kitchen gardening tips gardening tips garden landscaping indoor gardening tips home gardening tips landscaping tips safety and first aid basic first aid tips safety tips office safety tips first aid tips industrial safety tips what is public relations public relations tips public relations courses need for public relations public relations forms and registers checklist of alert dates checklist of alerts for compliance traveling tips safety travel tips safe traveling tips safe travel tips travel tips india hotel reservations managing hotel reservation hotel booking tips. hotel reservation tips handling car rentals car rental ppt renting a car car rentals car rentals tips commercial office space for rent leased accommodation commercial lease agreement commercial property rent agreement leasing a home financial budget financial budgeting budgeting budget analysis budgeting process what is budget resistance reality resolution integrative media moses znaimer martha graham tim brown brain mapping mind mapping techniques stance meaning meaning of stance mind mapping examples mind mapping mapping the mind institute of oneworld health institute for one world health victoria hale one world health non profit pharmaceutical african education system education in africa south african education system south african university taddy blecher meaning of logistics management logistics functions what is logistics management physical distribution and logistics cost control tools and techniques cost control techniques cost control techniques ppt cost control and cost reduction enterprise resource planning distribution management software distribution management system enterprise resource planning software distribution management system software warehouse management system warehouse management system ppt warehouse management course warehouse management process warehouse management ppt inventory control management system inventory management system inventory control & management inventory control management inventory control methods inventory control system air transportation rail transportation modes of transport road transportation transportation north west corner rule how to solve transportation problem in operational operation research techniques transportation in logistics key distribution techniques techniques of marketing distribution management in marketing marketing channels of distribution direct channel of distribution in marketing distribution techniques types of direct marketing multilevel marketing direct marketing definition multi level marketing what is direct marketing retail logistics ppt logistic management ppt retail logistics logistics ppt presentations use of technologies in logistics logistics and technology packaging design packaging designs packaged commodity rules packaging rules in india learning theories ppt learning theories learning curve theory training assessment methods of training need assessment training needs assessment training management system hr management system training evolution e learning courses blended learning e learning solutions hr courses effective hr training customer etiquette grooming etiquette body language tips ppt on body language body language ppt address etiquette politeness language etiquette etiquette and manners conversation etiquette office etiquette ppt office etiquette office behavior etiquette know your customer scheme know your customer business meeting etiquette meeting etiquette ppt guest etiquette host etiquette business entertaining etiquette wine drinking etiquette wine etiquette business networking etiquette business networks business networking functional managment administrative management effective corporate trainer corporate training plans trainer qualities budget management types of budgeting process of budgeting meaning of budgeting budgeting definition trainer skills human resource management training and development human resource training and development human resources training and development. evaluation of training effectiveness evaluation of training and development. evaluating a training evaluating training programs evaluation of training types of electronic payment systems electronic payment system definition electronic payment system ppt electronic payment system in e-commerce types of electronic payment system in e-commerce what is intranet and extranet difference between intranet and extranet intranet and extranet internet intranet and extranet intranet extranet difference between internet intranet and extranet cash flow statement analysis cash flow statement ppt what is cash flow statement objectives of cash flow statement cash flow statement example cash flow statements cash flow statement format accounting of inventory inventory management techniques accounting with inventory what is inventory inventory accounting fixed assets management fixed asset management fixed assets accounting fixed asset accounting human resources training and management oracle impact of technology in financial accounting tally financial accounting and technology what is financial accounting? introduction to fina understand financial statement financial accounting course welingkar’s distance learning program questionable accounting practices understanding accrual accounting what is balance sheet? basic accounting concepts financial accounting concepts and conventions accounting concepts financial accounting concepts electronic understand internet basis of internet exploring online selling exploring e commerce basis of online portal online portals setting up a portal it security privacy settings electronic sevutiry setting up security for it welingkar’s dlp. security issues stability selling pricing and promotions electronic business transaction for the seller various models of supply chain understand e-commerce study of internet training design training methods training and development process training and development ppt effective hr concepts key definitions what is computer computer it planning data cycle it data cycle compilation of data sorting of data types of information in an organization operational risk reporting data flow diagram data flow diagram symbols data flow diagram example csf analysis csf analysis ppt system development life cycle ppt software development life cycle software development process software solution for management software solution handling difficult people dealing with difficult people co-ordination forecasting objectives and mbo delegation of authority and decentralization departmentation span of management types of organisation organisation charts and manuals staffing directing laws for recruitment & selection recruitment technology recruitement recruitement firms recruitment from adverisement recruitment scenario selection tests tests selection interview recruitment strategies offer of employement manager employement recriutment manager process of recruitment social media for hr twitter usage for recruitment twiiter recruitment social media recruitment facebook recruitment the first contact business card address positive impression movie learning workshop conflict management i.t management understanding written communication. understanding communication barriers. inter personal communication. intra personal communication. and problems in communication distance education notes. communication skills internal communication external communication organizational communication. oral communication. written communication welingkar's dlp current and long term liabilities cash flow management accounting practices understanding cash flow how to learn financial statements different communication skils basic elements of communication and communication skills. financial transaction current value system current purchasing power risk mitigation risk identification risk monitoring and control finance. financial management risk pricing risk measurement ledger accounts payable long term liabilities accrued expenses payroll liablities current liabilities sales tax payable liablities contingent liablity operating cycle for business journal & ledger lifo methods of inventosy costing inventosy system fifo current asset closing sctock valuation income statement depriciation accounting for fixed asset components of cost for fixed asset fixed asset sale of asset capital expenditure export promotions international marketing ppt international trade presentation problems in international marketing international marketing decisions scope of marketing future of international marketing international marketing notes international marketing definition multilateral & bilaterral agreement role of gatt & wto non tariff barriers difference between gatt & wto functions of wto presentation on wto international business presentation merits & demerits of mnc's multinational corporation international marketing decision methods of data collection international marketing intelligence ppt methods of data collection in research methodolog marketing research pdf global market intelligence marketing research determinants of market selection market selection decisions target market selection process market selection definition international market selection criteria market selection process importance of exporting market entry strategy ppt contract manufacturing market entry strategy framework exporting strategy export strategy steps foreign market entry strategy export department structure global organization structure international organization role of export department built-in export department market segmentation concentrated marketing strategies market coverage strategies market coverage diffrentiated marketing meaning of contentrated marketing product communication strategies branding international product decision product life cycle plc product mix export pricing transfer pricing factors affecting pricing objectives of pricing steps involved in pricing international pricing retrograde pricing indirect exporting types of foreign intermediaries international distribution system direct export international logistics international distribution role of trade fairs developing an effective communication problems in international marketing communication role of personal selling export promotion organization international promotions communication mix common payment terms in export exim banks export finance role of institutional finance for export ecgc marine insurance export credit risk insurance types on marine insurance export risk insurance problems of maintaing quality for exports role of bureau of indian standards objectives of quality control preshipment insepction importance of trade services charcteristics of trade services trade in services export procedures and documents steps in export transactions preshipment documents certificates of shipment issues in international business environmental issues meaning of business ethics labor issues social responsibility of business we school entrepreneurship business packaging case study case studies multi-level marketing tranporation research technique transporation data warehousing distribution budgets inventory managemen distribution management e-bill online payment options online payment hackers electronic security e-commerce evolution e-commerce advantage e-commerce benefits shopping websites customer access market trend market share e-business planing cost effective business internet protocol web services online advertising social media trends online business loans against shares & debaters bonds vehicle registration vehicle loan insurance policies education loan eligibility courses in abroad study abroad education loans loans to self managed super fund loans to professional & self employed person consumer durables loan list consumer durables loans nationalized bank types of consumer durables loans disposable income personal loan emi calculator personal loan interest rates personal loan eligibility security certificate certificates of deposits in india are examples of certificates of deposits in india certificates of deposits loans overdue deposit recurring deposit fixed deposit account premature withdrawal maturity amount tax deduction options brokerage charges interest period scheme maturity joint account tax deduction ways saving account interests cheque requisition how to open an account nomination account co-operative banks lottery schemes private banks saving account interest rate comparison saving account interest rates banking laws closing account the regional rural banks account balance dmat account current account deficit india current account deficit dormant accounts current account deficit india 2012 credit discipline deceased depositor over draft limited companies cash credit documentation pension reserve bank of india sole proprietorship additional precaution opening of deposit account fixed deposit fixed or time deposit call deposit bankers offers types of deposit accounts demand deposit types of housing finance housing finance companies supplementary finance housing societies housing finance housing finance market in india direct finance indirect finance housing development finance tows matrix strategic formula takeovers. financing liabilities merger product line acquisition overpricing gap recruiter employee law remuneration act team building. role collective negotiation industrial relations lockouts strikes conflicts article 42 article 39 constitution labor contract labor pay recruiting communications factories act employee relation small firm variable cost average cost analysis fixed cost marginal cost cost opportunity cost. pert team work tactic self control cpm cooperation projection persistence. group dynamics pygmalion effect sales promotion benefits culture market value brand loyalty brand image cost method receipt payment value exchange contact broker model scalability problems global brand attitude brand local brand instore cult ebrand regional brands premium experiential brand marketing aesthetics repositioning samples deals point of purchase gifts cross promotion contests coupons trade promotion portland psv model highway advertising posters outdoor bill board transit media graphics hoarding copywriting database television radio consumer guided marketing telemarketing relationship junk mails pr tv commercials credit checks inventory stocks working capital laws amendments employment judgement webinar gratuity act architecture snmp worldwide web ip arpanet osi remote call telnet client paradigm protocol network layer udp tcp sdlc waterfall model spiral model methodology prototype model process model life cycle system life cycle need end user outputs project team team roles raci matrix team role solution owner data modeler inputs developer plans database analyst decryption. risk assessment virus service denial trojan road map encryption security threats worms information harvesting security life cycle security project tracking. contingency project risk buffers risk control risk classification process audit formats. appraisal process corporate policies document control guidelines resource formas requirement process policy repeater bridge gateways osi model dijkstra algorithm. routing tables router isaca cobit. peak traffic call centre motivation degree. caller tolerance smooth traffic strategic planning root cause analysis six sigma techniques entity analysis brainstorming voip box project grid zachman framework poldat framework business architect strategic goal b2b marketplace. merchandise planning b2b multilayer evolution ebusiness system administrator maintenance network attached storage network securities network administrator server sizing bandwidth blade servers network monitoring storage area network nas san crop care needs rallis brother hr tools contract workers tata enterprise tata contract workforce. maslow hierarchy rallis india case study tata fedex services. fedex fedex case study fda ebitda. fare war airlines case study jet products domestic airlines jet airways benchmarking. fund us training sat personnel japanese training program objectives mimum wages labor theory value wage fund theory marginal productivity competitive residual claimant employment theory subsistence theory fair wages compensations earnings exploitation real wages money wages living wages salary structure pay determination. salary job evaluation recruitment firms employment exchange job fair media job portals vacancies promotions advertisements expat hiring. referrals campus weighting system competencies rodger’s seven headings. welinkgar observations job job evaluation. occupational information questionnaire logbook point system position manpower levinson self awareness argyris immaturity socialization. hall’s career stage peter drucker career planning. maslow’s theory applied motivation. prejudices opinions personality characteristics industrial psychology moral individual difference leadership. group attitudes gap analysis behavior ethical behavior. heredity work cohorts values individual territory profitability analysis. monthly sales marketing principles sales ad print ad opportunities marketing mix. service process target markets user ethics. profit maximization organizational consumer buyer influencer campaign. fund allocation advertising strategy marketing strategy marketing plan dagmar approach capacity constraints supply demand graphs demand patterns yield management. demand cost based pricing. competitors wholesellers pricing strategy pricing decision price sensitivity joint marketing strategic alliance. usp.welingkar business system levitt core value value creation usp. symbolism brand potential fmcg brand life cycle. brand planning applications research procedure quality. sampling data source reporting quantitative information. global marketing data collection qualitative information boll of material mrp outputs mrp objectives demands leas time offset mrp inputs mrp process mrp overview operating logic planning horizon lot sizing rules inventory records net requirement time bucket role of operations. strategic operations johnson’s rule gantt chart operations strategies dynamics sequencing production activity objectives business functions shop floor planning priority sequencing operations planning scheduling stages algorithm production environment flow shops sequencing production activity control universal breakthrough sequence deming wheel shigeo shingo crosby’s philosophy deming cycle deming’s 14points plan juran’s ten step walter shewhart. kaizen philosophy quality improvement taguchi’s loss function juran’s quality trilogy tqm cycle quality management philosophies competitive factors global competitiveness global economic integration. manufacturing strategies competitiveness components competitive indicators competitive priorities global market automation global competition world class mode 21st century asrs world class manufacturing customer principal ais objectives production planning production planning functions control procedure productions levels of production planning factors planning procedure production control management control production planning system control automated manufacturing systems automation advantages production technology factory automation types of automation automation issues automation strategies future factories. pdpc highly effective people westing house total quality model. strategic quality management planning tools total quality management peter model six e seven habits fitness industrial revolution competitive advantage quality dimensions quality assurance quality types personal values. five views quality quality determinants quality definitions quality movement jit manufacturing jit just in time jit benefits. jit objectives jit systems characteristics production system jit types jit concepts tools jit manufacturing lean production jit implementation jit purchasing computerized simulation models retail location techniques gravity model retail organization david huff importance of human resource management limitations of huffs model huffs model david huff model location of retail outlet david huffs formula retail location research huffs formula center of gravity model wholesaler functions wholesaling growth wholesaling marketing decisions wholesaling trend wholesaling types wholesaler service wholesaler conventional channels marketing channel needs distribution channel structure functions of marketing channels marketing channel importance non conventional channels decisions influencing factors distribution channels marketing channels economic order quantity transportation mode material handling physical distribution components franchisor benefits franchisee ownership franchisor merits merits demerits franchising demerits of franchisors. franchisee benefits master franchisee business franchise franchising types manufacturing franchise types of franchise franchisor trade franchise product franchise format franchise franchising in india franchising concept unit franchise franchisee franchising association franchise net sales net profit retail finance strategies gross sales retail finance activity costing strategic profit model profit model profit path retail location strategy return on assets retailer performance activity based costing retail location strategies retail finance strategy tender damages clayton’s case performance discharge breach of contract quantum meruit restitution penalty material tour distribution costs customer approach business logistics total cost approach importance of logistics basic erp system bill of materials mps client server functions order cycle time information systems document processing inventory check and policy information management information system credit checking status reporting logistic information computerized information internal processing order form offer rules contract essentials undue influence mental incompetence contract contractual capacity acceptance offers coercions considerations offer terminations agreement indian contracts act minor agreement keiretsu networks vertical integration outsourcing supply sources virtual companies scm overview tqms supply chain for manufacturing organizations make or buy decisions mercantile acts commercial laws business law intro to mercantile erp business needs erp softwares erp key terms seamless integration erp erp costs erp benefits erp weakness inventory system strategy role material management global manufacturing make or buy decision warranty sales agreement to sell difference contingent goods pledge sale bail sales contract title goods future goods caveat emptor sale contract conditions purchase agreement price erp process project planning erp implementation erp challenges erp life cycle data migration business globalization mnc commodity agreements state trading tariffs marketing environment trade blocs quotas cartels saapta export restraints licensing economic environment social environment restraining forces import trade control import export exemptions import license exim policy export control goods import import restrictions invoices customs instruments exchange bill airway bill marine insurance policy claims commercial invoice free trade india export acu import off shore banking eec dunkel draft balance payment opec inland trade comparative cost advantage absolute cost difference reciprocal demand j s mill’s theory ricardo’s theory adam smith’s theory classical theories of trade domestic trade trade policies currency system international finance india economy world bank asian development bank international finance corporation copyright trip wto unido trim unctad international monetary funds world trade organization international development association international trade centre special drawing rights international economic institutions indo-lanka free trade ecdc indo-eu trade customs union business environment economic cooperations sapta international commodity agreement trade bloc quota agreement nafta integrations agreements restraining forces. vertical supply chain benefits of scm goals of scm portal features portal techniques proxy servers ecommerce advantages ecommerce scope ecommerce workstation ecommerce applications ecommerce lessons ecommerce functions buying and selling ecommerce technologies ecommerce goals wide area network subsets metropolitan area network demand web fulfillment business area network internet presence demand based ebusiness components of internet hosyts nsfnet program categories of networks firewalls intranet access to intranet extranet extranet access intranet usage web browsing it structure b2b supply chain email biometrics aimster security tools classification of intruders unix security community building program cyber victims kerberos authentication process isp information flow ssl-iso reference model managing ecommerce security incidents basic database configuration tips to secure ecommerce security concepts ecommerce india ecommerce transaction on web porter’s competitive force model value added functions value exchange system payment receipts ebiz areas ebusiness applications emanufacturing challenges client server paradigm decision making factors target customers international ecommerce strategy domain name system ecommerce strategy development metadata ecommerce developments targeting strategy ecommerce major modes b2c commerce ecommerce matrix three requestments elements of ebusiness ecommerce efficiency ebusiness planning ecommerce scalability digital nervous system ebusiness determinants ping/pong system client based messaging server based messaging e-enterprise hris policies hris reports functions of hris department web based hris hris practitioners skill hris managers hris department design hris training advantages hris need hr information system planning hris acquisition phases hris life cycle hris strategy hris model computerized hr system hris employee hris administration managerial compensation wage incentive plans factors for salary levels pay commissions wage boards wage incentives indian labor organization profit sharing scanion plan wage incentive schemes bonus salary administration labor turnover external mobility effects and controlling external mobility absenteeism absenteeism rate demotions promotion principles training programs training responsibilities off the job training training fails training evaluation management by objectives career planning motivation theory hygiene factor motivation practices maslows law it tools hardware software local area network it copyrights network computer system information processing cycle it act reciprocal challenges between information system a attributes of modern information system information system for competitive advantage information system categories hrm vs. information system integrating hr and information system strategy strategic information system administrations hrm functions policies people acquisition and development programs core role of hrm hrm definition practices hrm basics hrm systems approach strategic hr management development techniques principle of management development need for management development program electronic mdps objective of management development hrd functions hrd objective hrd manager hrd features characteristics of hrd hrd scopes hrd concept need for hrd hrd framework line manager hrd outcomes hrd techniques organizational strategies vision strategic human resource issues generic strategies sbu strategic business unit objectives mission strategic hrm joint ventures corporate level strategies strategic evaluation control functional level trategies process for hrp external recruitment manpower planning role computer manpower advantages disadvantages hrp manpower structure internal recruitment benefits of hr planning recruitment policy need for hr planning personnel management qualities of personnel manager role of personnel manager managerial functions managing people operative functions scope of hrm introduction to hrm challenges of hrm hrm discretion service delivery process focus service classification service delivery method service acts complacency high octane 1 direct mail free advertisement unique selling scheme high octane marketing endorsement best customers common traits supercharge sales risk factor target marketing value addition no money out of the box marketing profit center sales function evaluation evaluation format consumer products marketing evaluation concept of marketing finance profit centre product features net realization industrial products product distribution investment marketing function evaluation research methodology herber spielgelbug research determinant data collection technique research process steps research study types of research consumer buyer behavior research designs research reports bayesian theory research process information need types of descriptive design descriptive design tracking trends ecs ecommerce evolution demands of ecommerce scope of ecommerce ecommerce technical components two faces ecommerce ecommerce technical architecture defining ecommerce ecommerce meaning performance matrix measuring customer satisfaction word of mouth importance of customer satisfaction statistics for customer satisfaction customer service initiatives referral programs key responsibility performance matrix parameters customer expectations customer loyalty programs customer satisfaction survey crm strategies competitive agility after sales service crm business strategy crm framework operational excellence frontline efficiency sales and service crm objectives guiding customers team culture building blocks of crm customer experience efficiency customer relationship management individual brand names buying brand names semiotics brand audit goodwill endorsements company name brand spectrum mascots ten commandments of strategic design different forms of advertising advertising stages public relation customer advertising & marketing 4p advertising and mass communication mass communication marketing communications functions of advertising brand promotion requirements communication solution assessment requirement documentation knowledge area of business analysis user requirement business requirement requirement types requirement analysis solution validation functional requirements business analyst responsibility business analyst role business analyst skills network applications basic communication media how to create data communication network teleconference microwave communication data communication definition examples of networking transmission bounded media two device system two device communication decoding communication data communication components unbounded media intranet email tele communication system data communication elements advantages of distributed system sender receiver cycle communication model data information difference how to manage e-commerce exploring e-commerce characteristics of e-commerce ecommerce presentation managing e-commerce definition indian economy and e-commerce importance of e-commerce electronic presentation advantages of e-commerce ecommerce ppt key concern for net-banking case study on web sms application in business sms for business robust security ebanking internet banking bank of baroda case study corporate case study push based sms for business components of it structure ebanking equipments idbi ebanking infrastructure best example of ebanking sap case study modern it infrastructure core banking solution web for business tvs motors case study tvs case study idbi bank ebanking process analysis requirements avoid pitfall in ebusiness process analysis problems of ebusiness ebusiness objectives roles of it governance eerp business realization corporate governance history of enterprise solutions escm enterprise solution concept of business solutions enterprise solution components enterprise solutions overview esrm level of compliance advancement of it technology it compliance need for it compliance advancements of it technology use of it compliance definition phase of technology entry business accounting degree of assurance ten step process flow project management ten steps work breakdown structure issue log project management activites status report project management aspects project charter why projects fai gantt charts optimized allocation project life cycle communication plans henry gantt it project overview risks register it project concepts hammer how bpo works business process orientation processes external vendors external service providers mccormack coombs & hull demimg process view davenport and short corporate climate bpo business procees culture reengineering american standard grover introduction to business process outsourcing cirque du soleil how to create blue ocean competition irrelevant blue ocean strategy execution barnum guy laliberte blue ocean strategy blue ocean strategy important for business red ocean cultural exponent end result of blue ocean strategy baily blue ocean pillars of blue ocean strategy blue ocean strategy formulation red ocean vs blue ocean ringing brothers canada cirque blue ocean strategy moves ladder of economic civilization economy symbolic money economic civilization healthy economy roman empire payments credit money free markets barter metallic money commodity money principles of money money history history of banking world banking banking paper money reciprocal exchange insurers assessment mutual insurance stock claims banking functions of organizations stock holders demutualization mutual companies centralized organization mutual functions of insurance functions and organizations of insurance risks appetite simple interest investor public sector bonds debentures compound interest marketing of banking services marketing of financial services disequilibrium free port free trade zone international trade agreement european currency unit balance of trade off-shore banking operations balance of payment methods of foreign trade accouting cost accounting economics mr services ob distribution
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