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Media music video drake

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Media music video drake

  1. 1. Drake-hold on where going home! music video analysis
  2. 2. The music is hip hop, the name of the song is ‘Hold on were going home’ the main signer/rapper, in the video is drake. • Emotion • Violence • Relationships • Gangs intro
  3. 3. The beginning of the video starts with with a media close up shot of the sea, with the period the music video is meant to be set in. this is to give the video a story line for the music to attract the views. We then see that the scene is set within a club due to the rope access and the security out side. though the muse-en- scene we see that the cars are from a different period of time, as the video is meant to be set in 1985. Again by the layout we can see that it was set in the past also we then notice that there is a discussion between the artists. They have added in well know artists to help promote the video so that the audience recognises them they have added ASAP rocky and prez hilton.
  4. 4. Here we can see them celebrating,some accession as they are raising there classes and drinking expensive Champaign, we can also see that there happy by there facial expressions. There is then shot reverse shot as the image jumps to a girl getting kidnaped, we see this by a zoomed out image of two men grabbling her. In this shot we see the phone getting passed to drake this give the audience the feeling that it could have something to do with the women who was kidnaped. Also by showing us a close up of the phone shows us the importance, also getting the direct message through. There is then a shot reverse shot as the two charters speak on the phone, the fact that she has been kidnaped indicates violence. also we can see that she is upset through her facial expressions.
  5. 5. The beat comes in soft at first while he sings slowly, the base then kicks in when the chores is sung. . by the mise-en-scene we can tell that they are some type of gang as they rush into the house alarmed and angry they also have typical gang like structure when they walk. When they split of we get an extreme close up of drakes face, we notice that he is angry and upset about the situation. Throughout the video there are many mid shots, in one of the shots we can see on the top of his body as there is a close up of drake’s face. this is done that that you can see what emotion he is portraying in his facial expression. The angle then changes again, ending up with him in the room where the girl was taken. the image is zoomed out and we can see that he is staring at the dress on the floor this is juxtaposed as she was meant to wear the dress before she was taken.
  6. 6. The shot then leads to then entering a gun room within the house, the angel of the shot is zoomed out allowing the audience to see the entire room. this also not connives us that they are in a gang, this image is also juxtaposed as they go from walking in a house to entering a gun room. This then gives us the impression there is gong to a shoot out. Contrasting to the privies shot of then getting guns off the wall to then shooting them in a shoot out. the lighting and muse-en- scene of the dark clothing and the darkness of out side is disrupted by smoke after the guns have been fired. Throughout the video there are many mid shots, in one of the shots we can see on the top of his body as there is a close up of drake’s face. here we see that drake has resumed the girl who we now find out is his girlfriend, thought then passionately kissing.