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Solar photovoltaic powerpoint

PV presentation

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Solar photovoltaic powerpoint

  2. 2. Solar & Gas Advisory Service• We are a company providing advice on all forms of Renewable energy and efficiency• We provide energy audits on both domestic and commercial premises• All of our energy engineers are fully certified in renewable energy installations• Every client receives individual consultation on their specific project• We will help you to : Save Energy, Money and the Environment
  3. 3. Why use SGAS?• Fully certified MCS accreditation• REAL Assurance Scheme members • Members of NICEIC • Gas Safe Registered
  4. 4. Solar PVGenerating electricity and an income from the sun
  5. 5. What is Solar PV?• Solar electricity systems capture the sunsenergy using photovoltaic (PV) cells.• The cells convert the sunlight intoelectricity, which can be used to runhousehold appliances and lighting.• PV cells dont need direct sunlight to work- you can still generate some electricity on acloudy day
  6. 6. Key Factors about yourInstallation• The area of your roof willdetermine the size of the system• The orientation of your roofmay increase your output • No planning permission will be needed in most cases
  7. 7. What equipment will we provide?• Solar PV panels• Mounting equipment to suit where the panelsare to be installed – i.e. pitched/flat roof• A solar inverter, which converts solar DC to grid ACelectricity• An Ofgem approved generation meter (to take meterreadings from when claiming your FIT payments)• Cables, isolators and a consumer unit/distributionboard for grid connection (off grid is also possible)
  8. 8. How is a PV system installed? • Solar panels can be mounted on un-shaded roofs, walls or ground using mounting systems• DC cables connect panels in series to form “strings” • These strings then feed back to the inverter usually located inside the building as close to the solar panels as possible • Every kW of electricity will be recorded on your generation meter • A 4kW domestic PV system will usually take 1 day to install
  9. 9. Solar Process
  10. 10. Incentives – Feed In Tariff (FIT)• Solar Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) were launched in theUK on 1st April 2010Feed-in Tariffs for solar PV are: • Tax free (for homeowners) • Index linked to Retail Price Index • Fixed & Guaranteed for 25 years
  11. 11. Incentives – Feed In Tariff (FIT) FITs generate an income in 3 ways:1. You get paid FIT rate for every unit ofsolar electricity you generate2. You get additional payments for anysurplus energy being sold back to the grid3. You save on your electricity bill by usingas much of your solar energy on site aspossible
  12. 12. How much does a PV system cost? UPSOLAR SHARP 4 kw £8,495 £9.695 3 kw £7,495 £8,395 2 kw £6,495 £7,395 1 kw £5,595 £6,195
  13. 13. Solar PhotovoltaicSolar Hot WaterGround Source Heat PumpsAir Source Heat PumpsMicro-CHPHE Condensing Boilers
  14. 14. Choose Renewable Energy Build a better future Protect yourself from rising Fuel costs withSolar & Gas Advisory Service