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Customer relationship managment software|Best CRM Software in Bangladesh

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WinWin CRM is a web based, Business to business (B2B) customer relationship management (CRM) software for Marketing & sales team management. Winwin crm is a game changing solution for every industry under the sun.
What makes WinWin CRM ideal for you??
Improve your sales
Boost Teamwork
User Friendly
Low cost & Scalability
Localized Solution
Better Security
Career Support
How WinWin CRM helps marketing and sales team management??
Market mapping and landscape analysis
Opportunity assessment
Purchase committee mapping
Competition analysis
Relationship strategy
Real time personnel tracking
WinWin CRM software to excel you with:
300% improvement in lead conversion rates
41% revenue increase per sales person
27% improvements in customer retention
24% decreased sales cycles
23% decreased sales and marketing cost
WinWin CRM transforms your marketing & sales team from task oriented (Thinks “inside of the box”) to result oriented (Thinks “outside of the box”) what really matters and what creates the actual results.
“We win only when our customers win”
Win-Win CRM Solutions
BFEW Centre(4th Floor)
56/1/b West Panthapath,Dhaka-1205
+880 1613163906
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Customer relationship managment software|Best CRM Software in Bangladesh

  1. 1. WinWin CRM Solutions Web based b2b software for sales and marketing team managment WinWin CRM is a game changing solution for every industry under the sun. 1
  2. 2. How WinWin CRM can Improve your Customer Engagement??? 2
  3. 3. WinWin CRM Software gives you the opportunity to collect your customer’s details; use these details to maintain a relationship with them for a long term engagement, and deliver helpful and relevant information so that you can increase the frequency of purchase. Handling customers is a crucial task every company needs to accomplish. If they try to find a successful journey for its operation. Yet, it is easier said than done, as building up trust and loyalty asks for time, patience and customer engagement management. Thus, bringing us to the need of customer relationship management (CRM) software, that can efficiently assist you to manage your customers, analyze and maneuver your business marketing and sales processes. 3
  4. 4. 4 Identify your customers’ needs Organizing your Employees Engage your prospect/customers
  5. 5. WinWin CRM.COM “We win only when our customers win” 5