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Azure Synapse Analytics

  1. Azure Synapse Analytics
  2. Agenda 2 1 Azure Synapse Analytics - Introduction 3 Architecture & Platform Overview 4 Demo 5 Q & A 2 Azure Synapse Analytics - Features
  3. IMAGES WITH TEXTIntroduction – Azure Synapse Analytics Brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics Query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale Provides unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage and serve data for immediate BI and ML needs
  4. IMAGES WITH TEXTIntroduction – Features Limitless scale Powerful insights Unified experience Unmatched security
  5. Azure Synapse - Focus Areas Workload aware Query execution Data Flexibility Developer Productivity Best in class price per performance
  6. Azure Synapse Analytics Architecture SQL Analytics : Complete T-SQL based analytics • SQL pool (pay per DWU provisioned) - GA • SQL on-demand (pay per TB processed) – (Preview) Spark : Deeply integrated Apache Spark (Preview) Data Integration : Hybrid data integration (Preview) Studio : unified user experience. (Preview) Components
  7. Azure Synapse – Platform Integrated data platform for BI, AI and continuous intelligence AI / ML / IOT/ Intelligent Apps / BI
  8. Demo - Azure Synapse Analytics
  9. IMAGES WITH TEXTResources • WinWire blog - • Microsoft Video - Synapse Analytics - • Demo of Azure Synapse Analytics from Ignite 2019 - • Microsoft Video - • Microsoft website -