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Resume Wisam Faris (1)

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Resume Wisam Faris (1)

  1. 1. Resume Wisam Faris Al- Shaikhli  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wisam-faris-15587365  Address: 43 Newbridge Ave, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada  GSM +1 647-546-6822  Email: wissamfaris83@gmail.com Objective To secure full or part time employment in line with below mentioned qualifications. Qualifications  8+ years of experience in marketing, including 6 years in mobile operator marketing department (Products and services development – Value added services)  Excellent team player.  Ability to manage and tracks numerous projects simultaneously.  Ability to perform all tasks required to completing the job and to meet deadline.  Presentation and negotiation skills.  Proven ability to work effectively and independently on multiple simultaneous tasks.  Excellent organizational and time management skills.  Problem solving skills and organizational ability.  Excellent time management skills including the ability to manage many conflicting priorities.  Deep understanding of the unique requirements for customers.  Ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced, changing working environment.  Ability to learn quickly on the job as needed.  Good skills to using Microsoft programs (Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint)  Written and verbal communication skills.  Language Skill: o Arabic (Mother tongue) o English (Conversation, Writing and reading) o Kurdish (Conversation only)
  2. 2. Wisam Faris Al-Shaikhli  GSM: +1 647-546-6822 2 Work experience and relevant skills Marketing – Products and services development  Supervising vendors and managing services provider's accounts.  Manage and develop more than 1000 value added services.  Manage the advertising and segmented promotion campaign (television, radio, BTL, online and SMS)  Conduct day-to-day commercial correspondence with internal and external partners.  Managing the projects and products launching.  Receiving daily complaints from customer care team and take the necessary actions to solve the problems or to escalate it to related technician departments.  Liaison officer with governmental departments and NGOs to assign new short code for their new projects.  Design the new GSM services and products.  Analysis the data of the services by monitoring the services behavior on daily bases.  Market study in order to analysis and determine the market share and user's demands.  Conduct various and in depth tests for the new services in order to ensure that product attributes are communicated properly, and that product and services are ready for customers.  Analysis and monitor the user's behavior in order to insure maximum user's satisfaction  Managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.  Prepare a regular monthly/weekly reports for services usage and revenues.  Writing daily reports explain the proportion of the progress and achievements for projects that still under construction (Ongoing projects)  Work with procurement on vendor selection process, RFP's and Contracts.  Analyzing potential partner relationships for the product.  Support the related departments to prepare capital requests and assist in business case  Work on varies projects simultaneously, and launch it on time.  Evaluate and negotiate the new offers of the new services that received from vendors and services providers  Provide the necessary support to the new team members including the aggregator team members.
  3. 3. Wisam Faris Al-Shaikhli  GSM: +1 647-546-6822 3  Mange the short codes assignment process (SNA Data Base) to assign new short codes (SC) for the governmental and non-governmental parties. Sales representative – Elevators and Escalators industry.  Visit constructions sites to meet with engineers to demonstrate the usage of products, show samples and take orders.  Review the elevators shafts in order to take the necessary dimensions to calculate and initiate the orders.  Arrange a schedule visits to constructions sites as major potential buyers by contacting people and making appointments.  Develop and update the knowledge of the potential customers about the products technology and features which may involve providing technical descriptions of products and how they may be used.  Prepare contracts and record orders. Work History  Asiacell Telecommunication PJSC ( Oredoo Group) Sulaymaniyah – Iraq 2009 – 2014 Principal Officer - Products and services development (Value Added services) – Marketing Notable Achievements in Asiacell.  Achieve the targeted revenue for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Implement the marketing road map for all the above years by launching all the required projects successfully (approximately 500 services over five years)  Launch many strategic services (Revenue maker services) which significantly improve the premiums service revenue like Asiacell chat, Aloo Chat service and many other premium services.  Working on IQD project which was launched in 2010 and it consider on of the strategic projects in Asiacell (Changing the entire billing system with all the services tariffs from the US dollar to Iraqi Dinar)
  4. 4. Wisam Faris Al-Shaikhli  GSM: +1 647-546-6822 4  Implement the Iraqi national numbering plan (NNP) which published by Iraqi regulator in 2013, the plan was implemented successfully by changing approximately 500 short code related to live services to new short code range familiar with the new regulator instructions without any lose in revenue or any negative impact from users. Note: Related to the above point, in 2013 Iraqi communication and Media commission (CMC) published the Iraqi national numbering Plan (NNP) to arrange and regulate the short code assignment procedure in Iraq, and I was the project manager from commercial side, also I was the focal point between Commercial Dep. In Asiacell and the Iraqi communication and Media commission in order to implement this plan smoothly and on time. The goal of this plan was to regulate the short code usage inside Iraq and to change more than 500 live running SC, Finally earlier in 2014 the plan was implemented successfully on time by changing all Asiacell short codes to new short code.  Fortress Elevators and Escalators Co / Iraq - Sulaymaniyah 2007 Sales Representative  Sigma Elevators and Escalators Co/ Iraq - Sulaymaniyah 2006 Sales Representative Education Information  B.Sc. in software Engineering.  Al- Rafidin University College (Baghdad- Iraq)  Date of Graduated: 2006 Training courses  Non-engineer GSM training course on July- 2012 in Asiacell Telecom training course center (Sulaymaniyah - Iraq)  Advertising Training course- 2012 in Asiacell Telecom training course center (Sulaymaniyah - Iraq)  Mobile service Kiosk on May 2013 in China mobile company (Shenzhen - China)  Mobile SMS manager software on Dec 2013 in Asiacell training course center (Sulaymaniyah - Iraq) Attachments and supportive documents: Certification letter from Asiacell (employment history)