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Here's What to Post on Instagram: 21 Top Post Ideas & Examples

Wondering what to post on Instagram?

Wondering if there's a post template that is guaranteed to be a winner?

You're not alone, though, unfortunately Instagram marketing isn't as easy as pushing a "win" button.

There are, however, a few tried-and-true strategies which other businesses continually tap to find reasonably reliable success.

This article will give you 20 examples of what you should post on Instagram.

Before we get started, one best practice to keep an eye out for in these Instagram posts:

Your Instagram posts should do one of four things: Inspire, Educate, Entertain or Reveal.

See if you can find any which break from the mold...


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Here's What to Post on Instagram: 21 Top Post Ideas & Examples

  1. 1. BEHIND THE SCENES Showing behind-the-scenes at your company is a great way to showcase your personality. CURRENT EVENTS A great way to increase Instagram engagement is to tap into what people are already thinking about. CO-CAMPAIGN All you need is to contact the social media marketer for a brand you love and pitch a creative co-campaign. FUNNY CONTENT An opportunity for your business to get creative and make something which makes your Fans (and prospective fans) smile. HASHTAG CONTEST Hashtag contests, make it easy for Instagram users to engage with your brand, and they incentivize them to do so. HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES High-quality images will soon pay it off with social media engagement and traffic to your website. INFLUENCER CONTENT Influencer marketing can boost your business' reach exponentially, as there are some Instagram users out there with more reach than any business. CAMPAIGN HASHTAGS A good campaign hashtag allows your Fans to see the content they want quickly, easily, and in one place. INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY You can always run a simple Instagram giveaway and promote within a post. LIFESTYLE CONTENT The person that knows you is far more likely to buy from you. PETS People love pets, and if your business can find a way to incorporate them into your Instagram presence, do it. POLLS This used to be one of my leading post recommendations on Facebook, but since they cracked down on asking for Likes or Shares, Poll posts have fallen in popularity. PRODUCT-FOCUSED CONTENT You need to remember that Instagram is also a place where you can showcase your products and encourage people to buy them. SEASONAL CONTENT A great way to connect with Instagram users is to appeal to their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) of the seasons. STORY CONTENT Story posts are a bit of a challenge, and more effectively done by utilizing video, but they're a powerful strategy. POSTS WITH STYLE Anything you can do to stand out from the rest of the Instagram news feed should (at least) be tested. Creativity and style are the best ways to do that. APPRECIATION They love to be a part of something happy, and showing appreciation for something awesome allows them to do just that. TRENDING HASHTAGS This allows you jump onto an already runaway train and take it to the bank. USER-GENERATED CONTENT Create an Instagram post which features user generated content to tap into the network of the person you're featuring. VIDEO If you have the ability, creating video posts on Instagram is a definite Yes. This article will give you 20 examples of what you should post on Instagram. Here's What to Post on Instagram: 21 Top Post Ideas & Examples wishpond .comwishpond