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World Cup 2014: Social Media Stats and Facts

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The World Cup is over, Germany stands as the world champion.

But who won the social media battle?

Well the results are in, and this presentation will fire them your way faster than Lionel Messi's left boot.

This presentation takes a look at the World Cup's digital footprint. What are the numbers? Who were we talking about? When? What brands won big?

Here's "World Cup 2014: Social Media Stats and Facts" for your viewing pleasure.

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World Cup 2014: Social Media Stats and Facts

  1. World Cup 2014 Social Media Stats and Facts
  2. The World Cup final between Germany and Argentina was the most Facebooked sporting event in Facebook history, with 88 million people around the world engaging in more than 280 million Facebook interactions Up till now, Super Bowl XLVII had held the record with 245 million interactions. #Pfft. How big was it?
  3. Who was talking? The 5 demographics and countries who were most active on social media during the Germany v Argentina match: #1 Men 18-24 #2 Men 25-34 #3 Women 18-24 #4 Women 25-34 #5 Men 35-44 #1 United States #2 Brazil #3 Argentina #4 Germany #5 Indonesia
  4. What were they talking about? 1 2 3 4 5 The final whistle: Germany is declared world champion Götze scores, giving Germany a 1- 0 lead in the 113th minute Lionel Messi rockets a free- kick over the crossbar in extra time (120th minute) Lionel Messi receives the Golden-Ball as the best player in the World Cup Argentinian goal is disallowed for offside (21st minute) The 5 most Facebook’ed moments of the final game:
  5. The most mentioned players of the final game (on Facebook) Lionel Messi (Argentina) Mario Götze (Germany)
  6. How much were they Tweeting? During the final between #GER and #ARG, there were 32.1 million Tweets sent in 120 minutes. That’s 4458.33 Tweets every second
  7. When were they Tweeting? Mario Götze’s goal Final whistle (Germany wins) Lionel Messi receives best player (golden ball) 556,499 tweets-per-minute 618,725 tweets-per-minute 395,773 tweets-per-minute
  8. What did it look like? Geotagged Tweets mentioning key World Cup terms at the 110th minute of the game:
  9. What did it look like? Geotagged Tweets mentioning key World Cup terms after Götze’s goal:
  10. Want to know something ridiculous? @brazuca, a Twitter account (made by Adidas) generated almost 3.5 million fans during the World Cup. @brazuca is the Twitter account of the World Cup ball.
  11. And even more? Estimated growth in sales for Adidas’ brazuca ball were initially 15% over 2010’s World Cup. Those estimates have been revised to at least a 30% increase in sales of the ball.
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