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Negative Credit Ratings for Malaysia

A response to Fitch's negative credit ratings for Malaysia. Fitch Ratings has revised Malaysia’s sovereign credit rating outlook from stable to negative on Monday while affirming Malaysia’s long-term foreign and local currency at ‘A-’ and ‘A’, respectively.

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Negative Credit Ratings for Malaysia

  2. 2. Dear Fitchy, We can do whatever with our money for the people.
  3. 3. But true, we spent too much before the General Election.
  4. 4. Those numbers are astronomical. We will do better next time…promise!
  5. 5. 4.7 % 3.8 %
  6. 6. Because of these…
  7. 7. BUT, we are going to do these…
  8. 8. Government Service Tax RM 27 billion
  9. 9. Rationalizing Subsidies Current situation
  10. 10. How much we will save? RM 44.9 billion in 5 years on fuel RM 8.5 billion in 5 years on basic necessities RM 35.9 billion in 5 years on electricity RM 3.7 billion in 5 years on toll RM 16.3 billion over 5 years on wastages and inefficiencies in agriculture, education, fisheries and health.
  11. 11. Work in Progress 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) 6 Strategic Reform Initiative (SRI)
  12. 12. So far…
  13. 13. Wait until Oct 25, 2013 If you need more information OR Azuan Muda, @AzuanMuda78 azuan.muda@btinternet.com OR http://globalinvestmentstrategies.blogspot.com/